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    [–] A story about cold water Peppyperoni 0 points ago in Jokes

    He uses cold water to clean his balls.

    [–] The Ontario Grinch Peppyperoni 27 points ago in ontario

    In my area some restaurants closed or went to limited hours due to lack of staff after the first raise. My guess is those restaurants have terrible owners and as soon it was possible to survive working else were all the staff did that. All around my area it's the lack of available workers businesses are complaining about, not the wages.

    [–] Now that it's dark for 16 hours/day, I am really noticing how so many vehicles have obnoxiously bright headlights. We need federal legislation to address this problem. Peppyperoni 1 points ago in canada

    I drive a corolla and am part of the problem. I can recognize a corolla a million miles away by the bright AF headlights. Please understand I didn't buy the car for its headlights, and had no clue what they were like until days after we bought the car. So many people flick their highs at me that I now flick mine back. I imagine that sucks but it stops the strobe action from the other lane.

    [–] Delivery "May" be delayed Peppyperoni 1 points ago in TheOCS

    I ordered a saw from Lee valley on Sunday and it said it'd be here Wednesday. And then, and then and then. Now Monday. And then? It's not just reefer.

    [–] Average family to pay $400 more for groceries next year, report estimates Peppyperoni 3 points ago in canada

    You're not wrong, we have it pretty sweet. But I don't feel how bad we used to have it is justification for why it's now okay to make it worse than it was last year. And the 4-6% increase is probably on a package that decreased in size 8-12% in the last couple years. Perhaps we can talk again next year when meat does indeed decrease in price. I'll bet you a broccoli it doesn't happen.

    [–] Average family to pay $400 more for groceries next year, report estimates Peppyperoni 1 points ago in canada

    You're right. I love when my fixed costs increase and my wages stay the same. Better yet when my provincial government renegs on increased wages and does nothing to slow inflation. Not bad at all!

    [–] Giving this deer a second chance. Peppyperoni 6 points ago in gifsthatkeepongiving

    I feel like those guys were on a hunting trip and ended up bringing an elk back to life.

    [–] Giving this deer a second chance. Peppyperoni 1 points ago in gifsthatkeepongiving

    And I need next week off because I'm going elk hunting.

    [–] Peewee hockey game in Neepawa turns ugly as fans hurl racist taunts at First Nations team Peppyperoni -1 points ago in canada

    This same thing just happened in Meaford, Ont just a few weeks ago. The mountain of First Nation hate is the Canadian Shield.

    [–] 3M 4000 Sealant Peppyperoni 1 points ago in boating

    Never used 4000 but 5200 and 4200 yes. A big part of why I like sika flex more.

    [–] Is that a bacon tree I see? Peppyperoni 6 points ago in Jokes

    They're supposed to be Quebecois. With an Acadian accent 'ambush' sounds like 'hambush'. Stereotypically any way.

    [–] Feds ordered to postpone award of $60B warship contract because of ship may not meet requirements Peppyperoni 3 points ago in canada

    And then we've decided it was a bad idea to let it all go. And now we complain it's very time consuming and expensive to create a boat building industry from scratch. Whoops.

    [–] Feds ordered to postpone award of $60B warship contract because of ship may not meet requirements Peppyperoni 10 points ago in canada

    We built ships in Canada till the 80's. In more than one place, even in Ontario. Collingwood was a huge ship yard and there were recreational boat works in almost every town nearby and in many towns there were more than one. I have no clue what happened but it sickens me the knowledge we lost. I work on boats and sometimes get to see in the basements and attics and see pieces of what we've lost. I don't think it's fixable with a couple navy contracts. Boat building isn't exactly an industry you can pick up and put down. You need some very smart and experienced people who will start a new life the instant they get laid off.

    [–] Doug Ford talks GM plant closure after Tory cabinet meeting Peppyperoni 1 points ago in ontario

    We don't have to endorse conservative policies, we'll get them whether we want them or not. I have to drink the Kool-Aid or they won't work? If I drink it do they work betterer?

    [–] [Legit] or just RiFF RAFF Peppyperoni 8 points ago in BoneAppleTea

    Riff Raff is still alive? Good for him.

    [–] Good planning Peppyperoni 1 points ago in funny

    "Flow my tears" said the policeman.

    [–] A joke Royale. Peppyperoni 2 points ago in Skookum

    In Canada for some reason everyone uses Fahrenheit for water temperature. I guess cause 60f sounds better than 15c.

    [–] A joke Royale. Peppyperoni 11 points ago in Skookum

    Go to any hardware store in Canada and ask lumber in metric.

    [–] A joke Royale. Peppyperoni 25 points ago in Skookum

    When I took machine shop in high school I got all the assignments in fractional inches. So we'd convert them to decimal inches but we only had metric calipers so had to convert to metric. We didn't have calculators. I remember staring endlessly at the conversion posters. Its amazing any of us built anything

    [–] School Project Question: AirBnB for Boats? Peppyperoni 2 points ago in boating

    I thought about this when I bought a big boat (29') last year. For about 1 second. Never would I ever let someone take my boat out without me on it, but they could spend the night, right? Do they now about marine shitters? Do they know not to put toilet paper down? Do they know about seacocks and how not to sink the boat? Do they care? Do they know about shorepower and electrical systems om boats? Do they care? Do they know about the culture at the marina and how everyone will hear your drunken conversation? Do they care?

    No. They don't care. Any money I make would never be worth pissing off the marina and my boat neighbours by setting loose some unsupervised ding dongs.

    Just thought of something they would care about, the ungodly amount of spiders populating my boat.