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    [–] WIBTA if I reported the tech guy who came onto me in my own home? PerceivedSlight 5 points ago in AmItheAsshole

    I completely agree there are nuances here that men will struggle to understand. Especially hesitating to speak up right away and feeling threatened when he stands between you and the door.
    Those sorts of interactions can go south in an instant and we really stand zero chance.

    [–] What does $1000 get you for your hobby? PerceivedSlight 1 points ago in AskReddit

    A nice dutch oven, a cast iron pan and a large stainless steel pan with a lid.

    [–] AITA for drawing marks on my newborn babies? PerceivedSlight 3 points ago in AmItheAsshole

    You could copy and paste this comment into a good 70% of AITA posts.

    [–] My MIL treats my husband like he’s HER husband. PerceivedSlight 8 points ago in JUSTNOMIL

    Even if he suddenly figured out your serious and cancelled her moving in I would still try a separation. You're right its gotten to an extreme point and its going to take some real serious work to build back up that mutual respect and trust again.
    Also expect her to say she cant stop her house sale and if you kick her out she'll be homeless (boohoohoo)

    [–] Crazy MIL update. PerceivedSlight 5 points ago in JUSTNOMIL

    My family is from a small rural town with a tight community and you'd be completely gobsmacked at the kind of behaviour that can be normalized and cycles of abuse that are accepted. Its some freaky Shirley Jackson's "The Lottery" shit.

    [–] AITA for not shaving my legs for work? PerceivedSlight -33 points ago in AmItheAsshole

    I mean the safer thing for her boss to do would be to look at her KPI/numbers and if shes performing to standard, fine but if shes consistently coming in below average just bring that to her and ice her out if she doesnt clue in. This leg shaving conversation is a liability.

    [–] First time poster. Literally so angry I'm shitting fire! PerceivedSlight 2 points ago in JUSTNOMIL

    Take screen shots of what needs to be saved and email them to yourself for safe keeping

    [–] The Key Steps to Building Self-Confidence [Image] PerceivedSlight 4 points ago in GetMotivated

    Also being humble enough and self-compassionate enough that it's not a huge emotional toll when falling off the wagon. Thats something I still work on a lot.

    [–] The Key Steps to Building Self-Confidence [Image] PerceivedSlight 6 points ago in GetMotivated

    Mark Manson talks about that here he calls the problems "VCR" problems. The problems people sit and stare at and wonder what the answer is when the answer is simply to just try at it.
    But people make it feel more mysterious amd complicated in their heads because they just dont wanna.
    The solution is simple, no one said it was failure-free or easy but that doesnt stop it being the solution.

    [–] WIBTA if I refused to be paired with an Autistic person? PerceivedSlight 2 points ago in AmItheAsshole

    NTA I have been in a similar position more than once in a workplace. Let me give you some advice.
    People get really weird when you bring in the topic of mental disability. They are trying to strike a balance between pragmatism, idealism, and their fear of social backlash and that realllllly muddies the waters. Especially if the family denies any issues.
    You can simplify this issue by bringing focus to the undeniable consequence of your pairing. Leave the reasons out of it. Just tell your teacher, guidance counsellor, program coordinator, chaplain, VP or whomever,

    I am always paired with the same student. His work habits are subpar and he's difficult to work with. I understand in the real world you cant choose your coworkers and need to learn to cooperate, however, this added layer of challenge every single time puts me at a disadvantage and is impacting my marks and my enjoyment of school. I would like to request changing partners, or ideally, we start rotating partners in general so no one else is stuck with an unlucky or incompatible pairing.

    If they say they cant do that for whatever reason cough fearoflawsuit cough ask them what they can do to help or what they propose. Ask them if your partner can have more one on one guidance for example or be held more personally accountable for his contribution.

    [–] WIBTA if I refused to be paired with an Autistic person? PerceivedSlight 1 points ago in AmItheAsshole

    Sorry, how about "not neuro-typical" is that technically correct enough for you?

    [–] TIFU (18F) and now I’m hiding in my boyfriend’s closet. (18M) PerceivedSlight 1 points ago in tifu

    My bfs mom caught us together in the shower when I was a teenager. At first she threatened to tell my mom but she chickened out because she didnt want to be known as the single mother with the party house of sin.

    [–] AITA [25] for telling my sister [19] that being a stay at home mom isn’t a career plan? PerceivedSlight 69 points ago in AmItheAsshole

    YTA Its one thing to be concerned about her welfare and suggest she have a backup plan but I think you harbour a lot of scorn and contempt for your mom and you're projecting it onto your sister.
    There are still people in this world who are perfectly satisfied keeping a home and raising a family. They arent automatically neglectful partiers either.
    Furthermore, her ambitions are personal to her and subject to change as she matures on her own (or not if shes content with them).
    If she totally falls flat on her face and you don't want to help her, then don't.

    [–] MIL moves in and tries to change everything, and also never shuts up! PerceivedSlight 10 points ago in JUSTNOMIL

    Its completely feasible. I share a new 4-bedroom house in a city near a mall and public transport with 3 other tennants and I pay $700/mo. And about $100/mo for power, water, gas, and garbage. I just had to shop around.

    [–] FMIL loves to call me out in front of crowds. I’ve finally had enough. PerceivedSlight 7 points ago in JUSTNOMIL

    I bet your FH has similar feelings of anxiety he cant really explain or cope with which is holding him back despite his best intentions. Maybe you guys could try counselling to help you navigate these feelings so you can both do what you want to do here, stand up for yourselves and each other.

    [–] Come get your legendary loot at Burger Royale! [OC] PerceivedSlight 37 points ago in gaming

    You know she did mention older wizards using chamber pots in book 4 and book 7. But on the other hand the chamber of secrets bathroom was constructed presumably at the founding of Hogwarts.

    [–] This pitbull pulled out his teddy to show it to the dog of the other car. PerceivedSlight 1061 points ago in aww

    My cousins dog will bring you a toy. Then you must very gently hold it and she will release the toy into your custody. Lastly after a single moment has passed you must hand her the toy back. At this point the pact is done and you're now part of the family.