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    [–] To anyone who's hesitant to read The Lord of the Rings, it's worth it! Perditius 2 points ago in books

    I think the dissonance in opinion here is one of world building versus narrative drive.

    Is it interesting that there is some super powerful scary ring that most of the world is fighting over and now you met some guy in the woods who, presumably, is so powerful it's a trifle to him? Yeah, that's interesting, I'd like to know more about Tom, maybe even he gets his own story.

    But is it a good narrative? Ehh, very debatable. It's distracting from the very conflict and urgency you just spent so much care to establish. A more straightforward and less divergent narrative would either not worry about introducing that character (who goes on to have no connection to the rest of the long story you're telling) or using that character as a cautionary tale -- due to his arrogance, even a being THIS POWERFUL somehow fell prey to the Ring or one of those pursuing it.

    It's a matter of preference whether you prefer world building at the cost of narrative structure. I vastly prefer a solid, straight-forward story, which is why I can't even begin to enjoy reading some of Tolkien's other works which read more like Biblical history than character-driven, well-plotted narratives.

    [–] Saudi Arabia denounces U.S. Senate position on Khashoggi Perditius 2 points ago in worldnews

    Oh yeah? Well WE denounce YOUR denouncement of OUR denouncement! What are you gonna do now, HUH?

    [–] Zombicide black plague Amazon 41.99 Perditius 2 points ago in Boardgamedeals

    Yeah, that + sometimes the game just bones you. Had a friend that played it and on the first time the haunt triggered she got trapped behind a wall of fire as soon as the haunt started and it's just like, sorry there's literally nothing you can do, you died.

    Super fun intro to board gaming lol.

    Not to say the game isn't great, but it's just so random that the potential to really turn someone off is there -- better to pick something more consistently fun and safe.

    [–] Zombicide black plague Amazon 41.99 Perditius 2 points ago in Boardgamedeals

    I did it! :D Successfully feel less guilty for buying it, myself lol

    [–] Great Unclean One, first time following a video (C&C?) Perditius 4 points ago in minipainting

    This looks really incredible and vibrant -- I love it! You should be very proud at how well this turned out. The boils and the gums, especially, look absolutely amazing.

    If I were to make any comments, I'd say the teeth in his weird stomach mouth could have a few more layers -- they look a little monotone, whereas it'd be fun to add a little lighter shades / white near the tips and darker brownish shades near the base to show just how filthy they are. The finger and toe nails, too, instead of blending in by being nearly the same color green as the skin, could also be yellowed and disgusting looking.

    The highlights on the green skin and brown antlers look great, but I feel there could be a little more contrast -- maybe taking the overall tone down just a bit, making it slightly darker approaching the shadowy areas.

    [–] Zombicide black plague Amazon 41.99 Perditius 7 points ago in Boardgamedeals

    Thanks for posting! This game wasn't even really on my radar, although I'd heard the name and seen a lot of the minis posted before. With it being at an all time low, I said, sure, why not. Hope I like it!

    [–] Santorini on Android Perditius 1 points ago in boardgames

    Any plans for this on iOS?

    [–] The 10 Boardgamer Archetypes! Which one are you? Perditius 2 points ago in boardgames

    lol @ the article comments flooded with people claiming they're the "Just Happy to Be Here." Is that now the "Nice Guy" of the board gaming world?

    [–] first time trying layering instead of dry brushing. What am i doing wrong? C&C Perditius 1 points ago in minipainting

    Thanks for this! I love sorastro and have looked at so many of his videos but dont own boba fett so i'd never have looked at that one.

    [–] The Void (2016) Perditius -1 points ago in horror

    idk why you're getting downvoted for your opinion. I agree that the effects were good but the acting, story, pacing, and just about everything else were really not good. The cool monster effects in the first 15 minutes and last 15 minutes weren't enough to make up for it, in my opinion.

    Would recommend to fans of gore, but not fans of good movies.

    [–] Witch Hunters for Mordheim Perditius 11 points ago in minipainting

    Uuuuugh GW plz, why you no release new edition of Mordheim???

    Sweet job on the minis, though!

    [–] [Grey Fox Games] 40% off most items and free shipping over $15 - Use code holidayberserkers Perditius 1 points ago in Boardgamedeals

    FYI: Champions of Midgard currently backordered. Didn't notice the note when I was checking out, so my order is now ON HOLD for an undefined amount of time.