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    [–] Kamala Harris backtracks, now says criminals like Boston bomber ‘should be deprived’ of right to vote PeteOverdrive 1 points ago in politics

    How many poor people do you think there are that can’t afford to take time off to go to a campaign day rally, or cable TV for that matter? How secure is their right to vote, now that we’re playing this game?

    [–] Kamala Harris backtracks, now says criminals like Boston bomber ‘should be deprived’ of right to vote PeteOverdrive 1 points ago in politics

    More accurately, she thought the struggling mother of a child with sickle cell anemia, too sick to go to school for a 20 day stretch, deserved to be arrested and receive a perp walk too.

    The social services offered:

    “She especially balked when the prosecution offered not to pursue the charges if she took parenting classes, thinking, what parenting classes could cure sickle cell?”

    [–] Bernie Sanders says Boston bomber should be able to vote from prison PeteOverdrive 1 points ago in politics

    Well, his policies are a still a threat to people in that tax bracket. The fact that he’s wealthy as well only demonstrates that he’s consistent about it, and is willing to worsen his own economic position for what he sees as the good of the country.

    Also, he’s made money as an author.

    [–] Take your time K Dot.. PeteOverdrive 2 points ago in KendrickLamar

    Some say he’s fixing Wolves to this day

    [–] Persona 5 The Royal Preview PeteOverdrive 1 points ago in Games

    I’d love to see them revisit and revise some (a lot?) of the dungeon puzzles. It’s a good concept to make the dungeons more engaging, but I remember a lot of them being a drag to deal with, and often wishing it was just a randomly generated thing like P4+P3.

    [–] This but unironically PeteOverdrive 1 points ago in ChapoTrapHouse

    Put a pitchfork in someone.

    [–] This but unironically PeteOverdrive 3 points ago in ChapoTrapHouse

    Bernie said felons should be able to vote, then CNN asked “So you’d let the Boston Bomber vote?”

    [–] This but unironically PeteOverdrive 3 points ago in ChapoTrapHouse

    Elections become a battle to see who can inspire their base to no fap the longest

    [–] tbh it would work PeteOverdrive 1 points ago in ChapoTrapHouse

    Wow... actual nationalist socialism

    [–] Take your time K Dot.. PeteOverdrive 84 points ago in KendrickLamar

    What I love about this sub is that the fans don’t seem too angry, actually. We want a new album of course, but nobody’s too bothered by the wait and everyone just appreciates what we’ve already got. <3

    [–] Take your time K Dot.. PeteOverdrive 67 points ago in KendrickLamar

    A lot of people think this is a quote from an interview or something but it’s actually an excerpt from the leaked Miyamoto feature on the next Kendrick single

    [–] oof PeteOverdrive 3 points ago in ChapoTrapHouse

    Which is probably how this starts.

    These guys already feel bullied/isolated, grow this attitude of being extremely fixated on others’ potential expressions of approval/disapproval, then age into high school, get drawn to this incel stuff which validates the lens they look at things through, and exaggerates it (that girl doesn’t just think you’re ugly, she’s sorting you in the incel/chad binary, that guy isn’t just yelling at you for something you did, it’s because he’s alpha and you’re beta)

    [–] How Fortnite’s success led to months of intense crunch at Epic Games PeteOverdrive 3 points ago in Games

    Nobody is forcing anyone to buy games like Shadow of Mordor, or Star Wars Battlefront II, or buy games off of the Epic Game Store if they don’t want to, but this sub still spends a lot of time criticizing the business decisions involved. I don’t see why we can’t expand the same attitude to workers as well as customers.

    Additionally, indie devs have been a huge thing for well over a decade now. People go independent all the time, and the industry still hasn’t seen widespread improvement, for a couple reasons.

    Lots of indies are actually super good about this stuff, despite having fewer resources at hand. Motion Twin, developer of Dead Cells, is a company where everyone gets paid the same, and they made an extremely well received game. I’ve also heard Klei, dev of the incredible Mark of the Ninja and Invisible Inc, is a good place to work.

    But for as much as they’ve succeeded, there’s only so many people teams this small can hire (many of them may also choose not to expand, feeling that fewer people involved stops the creativity from being drained out of their projects).

    You can go completely independent, and make your own company, but that adds even more work that isn’t necessary to work in the business of making games.

    Growth is usually where these shitty practices get involved. Companies get more investment money involved, because they figure more resources means a stronger product, and increasingly the company becomes beholden to people with no connection to the work, the project, or even games in general. Ensuring that they receive a payout becomes more important than the people who do the work getting treated fairly.

    I say all this, because I think a lot of people are concerned that better working conditions means worse games, or more expensive games, etc. And that’s an understandable thought. But again, small devs can be decent places to work, and do great work for cheap, too. Dead Cells is a better buy than most full priced games. A game doesn’t cost what it cost because the price is directly associated with how much the game cost to make. Games are priced based on what business people think the market will accept. They could be cheaper, right now, and publishers would not go out of business. These companies report record profits regularly, that’s money going to investors that could easily be spent being a better place to work, saving customers money, etc. The only reason it doesn’t is that it’s not in the best interest of the people who make the rules.

    [–] How Fortnite’s success led to months of intense crunch at Epic Games PeteOverdrive 9 points ago in Games

    Except this is a broad cultural issue. Most workplaces in the industry have been like this for a while, and the problem has worsened rather than improved. People have tried your solution, and it didn’t work.

    [–] Fortnite devs are reportedly working “100 hour” weeks PeteOverdrive 7 points ago in Games

    I mean that ignores the fact that both those studios have a fuck ton of resources.

    Honestly with conditions like these, people aren’t doing their best work. Lots of games get these kinds of hours and come out flawed. Red Dead 2 was great because a fuck ton of talented people were given 5 years and damn near endless resources. The Witcher III was great because the American dollars you soend of GOG and CDPR fames go a lot further in Poland and they could get great talent.

    The talented Anthem and Andromeda teams worked crazy hours, look how those turned out.

    [–] *spats on genichiro* PeteOverdrive 24 points ago in Sekiro

    He’s minimal in terms of personality, but he does have values (loyalty, a definition of which that evolves), relationships (Kuro, Sculptor, Isshin) that, because Sekiro can talk, feel more realized than say the player’s relationship with Gehrman or The Doll in Bloodborne

    [–] N o r m a l C o u n t r y PeteOverdrive 5 points ago in ChapoTrapHouse

    It’s gonna be the cover of Kendrick Lamar’s next album

    [–] Japanese Delinquent Starter Pack PeteOverdrive 60 points ago in Persona5

    I hear they’re calling Shido “Frightened Inmate #2” these days

    [–] Nintendo is deleting what it deems inappropriate Super Smash Bros. Ultimate stages PeteOverdrive 16 points ago in Games

    Again, not sure how something like the Imperial Flag of Japan (which represented a movement to force a new set of laws on people outside the control of the Japanese government) can be said to not be inherently political. Especially when, apparently, a flag which simply represents a demographic of people, just as a national flag does, is considered inherently political. I mean, Nintendo already uses national flags in their multiplayer games like Mario Kart,m.

    Not sure how it’s whataboutism? The discussion was about what images are political, and remains so.

    [–] Nintendo is deleting what it deems inappropriate Super Smash Bros. Ultimate stages PeteOverdrive 41 points ago in Games

    lol at finding military wartime flags less definitively political than LGBT flags

    Militaries are created to kill and destroy to enforce certain values upon a populace. LGBT people just exist.

    [–] Nintendo is deleting what it deems inappropriate Super Smash Bros. Ultimate stages PeteOverdrive -15 points ago in Games

    Eh, they still shouldn’t do this. If their vision of what should be in the game is so narrow that they can’t allow users spelling harmless words and phrases, creating non-hateful flags, etc. they shouldn’t include a level creator. This coming from a huge Nintendo stan.

    Also, I haven’t seen any full degree of research into this, but I would doubt that they are removing national flags, phrases that aren’t hateful and inappropriate, etc. There’s no reason trans flags and “trans rights” should be treated any differently.