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    [–] What was a sketchy cheap buy, that ended up being one of your best purchases? Peterparkerstwin 1 points ago in AskReddit

    A friend and I found an amplifier in the dumpster. It was cheap, and had a disco ball on it. It also worked. My friend used it to do open mics with and her production company is named after that piece of garbage. So depending on how far that goes it could literally be turning garbage into gold, in my opinion.

    [–] Ur top 3 most wanted players Peterparkerstwin 2 points ago in MAU3

    • Iceman
    • Squirrel Girl
    • War Machine

    I love these characters and think their play style is unique and gives more diversity to the game.

    [–] Doctor strange solo rift? Peterparkerstwin 7 points ago in MAU3

    If you can find iso 8 that has the "reduces attack interruption", equip it to strange, the higher the better. These iso 8s make it so Dr. S won't drop the rock while you charge it.

    [–] Fawn trusts a baby Peterparkerstwin 129 points ago in aww

    This is why we browse reddit 29 hours a day.

    [–] Fawn trusts a baby Peterparkerstwin 1 points ago in aww

    Fairies are people too!

    [–] Fawn trusts a baby Peterparkerstwin 2 points ago in aww

    The internet has not shown much kindness to black Disney princesses recently.

    [–] This didn't age well Peterparkerstwin 1 points ago in gaming

    What if it ends up being like 50 Pokemon. Can we really complain?

    [–] George R. R. Martin and female characters Peterparkerstwin 223 points ago in books

    Great insight. She freed herself from her chains. She dreamed of capturing the western world. She ended slavery. She starts losing wars. And by the end she is so paranoid of those around her she has to be put down.

    [–] The "quiet please" signs were localized for the World Golf Championships in Memphis Peterparkerstwin 2 points ago in sports

    Localized for Seattle, Washington would be a passive aggressive word or two on a yellow post it note a few days later.

    [–] New motorcycle helmet Peterparkerstwin 1 points ago in funny

    The year is 2039. A man sits in his therapist's office recounting an old trauma from their youth...

    "I was 8 years old, in my mom's car. Traffic had come to a complete stop for 30 minutes. My childish brain used the time to terrorize my siblings. I heard my mom breathe a sigh of relief when traffic started moving again. A few minutes later is when I"

    "What did you see?" Pushing harder, the professional confidant leaned forward in anticipation of the response.

    Trembling the young man softly described the scene his youthful self witnessed, "There was a white blanket on top of a mangled body, except the blanket wasn't big enough to cover the mess." Tears started to pool in his eyes. "I could see his head. It was big and green and... and.... and when I saw it's big lifeless eyes meet mine I... I lost it. I mean, I never was fond of that grouchy son of a bitch, but he didn't deserve THAT. No one does. Getting blindsided by a garbage truck is a sick and ironic death not even a mean muppet deserves."

    [–] Discussion Thread | Robert Mueller testifies before House Judiciary and Intelligence Committees | 8:30am and 12 Noon EDT | Part II Peterparkerstwin 5 points ago in politics

    He didn't want it to be taken by the general public, that he supports charging the president, he's remaining impartial so that Trump's claims of bias can't be used during his future trials.

    [–] Trump asks lawyers if census can be delayed, calls Supreme Court decision ‘totally ridiculous’ Peterparkerstwin 1 points ago in politics

    This is how it starts. This is how a king takes power from a democracy.

    1. Trump got into office using foreign help. This is a fact for public consumption via the Mueller report. He is not close to seeing consequences for that. He's above the law.

    2. Trump declares a national emergency to spend money the way he wants, not the deal worked out by the representatives of the people. Taking the purse away from Congress.

    3. Packs the Supreme Court with unqualified people. Then openly questions their decision and ways to undermine them completely, stopping the 2020 census incomprehensibly irresponsible. This shows that the judicial branch has no power.

    4. Start a war in Iran. Congress is supposed to have this, but who will stop or oppose the commander in chief? Congress is slow and isn't able to pass legislation, thanks to cocaine Mitch. What's the point of Congress? Lets get rid of it.

    Boom, full blown fascist dictatorship and America got played. Trump thinks himself the king, but just a puppet.