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    [–] What did another person do that accidentally turned you on? Pettankman 1 points ago in AskReddit

    So I personally am turned on accidentally by a lot of things, like when my girlfriend flatters me in any sort of way I’ll just get turned on. When she really needs to pee, I get REALLY turned on not letting her go.

    [–] Spider-Man (Marvel 616) vs Jolyne Cujoh (Jojo's Bizarre Adventure) Pettankman 5 points ago in whowouldwin

    Jolyne biggest weakness is she's not quite as fast as Spider-Man. Stone Free most likely is, but if I recall if you don't have a stand you can't hurt a stand.

    I feel over time Stone Free defeats Spider-Man at 7.5/10 Spidey can't see Stone Free, can't hurt Stone Free, and in character would not instantly K.O her. But he could possibly immobilize her with his comparable wits, superior strength and reflexes, and webbing. I don't think Jolyne can control his webs.

    However, if Spider-Man can see and hurt Stone Free, I don't see Stone Free's ability working against his reflexes, nor do I see Stone Free overpowering him what's so ever. The number flips 7.5/10 in favor of Spider-Man this time.

    Both Bloodlusted? Spider-Man wins minimum 9.5/10. He could punch a hole through a human.

    [–] Hit from Dragon Ball Super vs Dio Brando Pettankman 21 points ago in whowouldwin

    Hit literally wouldn't even need to stop time... Hit is massively FTL scaling off Goku, he is literally strong enough to overpower a UNIVERSE buster, and he is strong enough to TAKE PUNCHES from said universe buster. Dio wouldn't even be able to make Hit feel his attacks.

    [–] Infinity War with unexpected allies Pettankman 16 points ago in whowouldwin

    Idk yes I’d say that was a pretty good reaction to a surprise attack but in terms of strength he grabbed a character with some of the most impressive strength feats and manhandled him like a child. Like Hulk looked like a 10 year old getting bullied by his teenage brother Thanos

    [–] You vs. All the crushes you had during highschool Pettankman 1 points ago in whowouldwin

    I've never been rejected, and since we're talking highschool, I basically just have to fight my SO of 4 years... I mean i wouldnt want to beat her up cause she's on the flimsier side...

    Sorry if you see this :*

    [–] Infinity War with unexpected allies Pettankman 19 points ago in whowouldwin

    Not saying Kratos can't fight MCU thanos, but is that feat significantly better than hulk stopping that giant snake creature thing? I mean, it's definitely more, but is the difference enough to compare to say when thanos in the beginning of the movie effortlessly pushes Hulks hands away like he's a little kid?

    [–] For real. Best ending to a game Pettankman 1 points ago in gaming

    This is the lowest common denominator of content. This legitimately felt like I just scrolled through a damn Instagram “gamer” page.

    “Life is u got the evil ending in infamous 2! }:)”

    Also. Put the damn name of the game in the title. Even if it’s popular.

    GTA V

    [–] Me irl Pettankman 7 points ago in meirl

    This was literally a conversation I had today. Maybe my texting sounds hostile lol

    [–] Assassin Spider-Man vs Deathstroke Pettankman 2 points ago in whowouldwin

    Conversely, Spider-Man also routinely faces off meta humans. Assassin Spider-Man is basically a Spider-Man who’s willing to kill and has basically honed his Spider-Sense to the point that it’s almost greater than precognition. It’s been described as “knowing what he enemy is going to do even before they know they’ll do it.”

    I’d say that he at least takes rounds one and two

    [–] Every person you’ve ever gotten into an internet argument with is coming to your location to kill you. Can you survive? Pettankman 44 points ago in whowouldwin

    Yeah, that’s not surprising to me. Reddit has a boner for abortion. I consider myself proabortion but you reach a point in pregnancy where that might not be what you want to do lol

    [–] How does Quicksilver stack up against Dragon Ball Z characters? Pettankman 5 points ago in whowouldwin

    I agree with you, and I'm a huge dragon ball fan. People say he's light speed due to the solar flare feat, but that's a massive outlier.

    [–] What's a bad trait of yours you're aware of, but can't seem to change? Pettankman 9 points ago in AskReddit

    I have a very similar circumstance, I much rather stay home and just fuck around on my phone or tablet, maybe play games but sometimes I'm even too lazy for that, or just watch tv over going on a walk to the park or something. Something has to make me EXCITED for me to not be lazy. Hell, I can even work out just fine because the idea of me having a fit body entertains me, until it doesn't, and that's when I go back to being a blob

    [–] What do you guys hear ? Pettankman 1 points ago in blackmagicfuckery

    I can hear both at will, not joking. Yanny sounds like a female computer voice and Laurel sounds like a male computer voice.

    [–] Teachers of Reddit, what is the biggest holy-shit-red-flag of any kind you’ve seen from a student? [NSFW] Pettankman 4 points ago in AskReddit

    When I was in kindergarten, I had a bully who was like a year and a half older due to starting late, and child me didn't know how to process someone wants to hurt me, so one time I stabbed my hand with a pencil. I told the teacher he did it and for some reason I never saw him again... it was so long ago I can't remember if he was kicked out, switched, or just told to not talk to me. Worst part is the teachers believed me AND the kid was staring at me as I stabbed myself since we were partnered up for something.

    I actually still have a tiny red dot from where I stabbed myself lol. Super small though

    [–] Cheers, love! The drama's here! Three /r/Overwatch OPs defend their points on sexism in gaming. These users will never stop fighting for what they believe in! Pettankman 13 points ago in SubredditDrama

    Lmao got em. This is just a classic case of people on the internet taking shit too personally. A loud vocal minority finds its voice on the internet, and there’s no doubt they’re over exaggerating the whole “I hate be1ng called misogynist!” as an opportunity to even HAVE something to argue about.

    In the real world, when someone like me sees this post, I just continue to treat everyone I meet online the same.

    [–] New year wishes [Original] Pettankman 3 points ago in ZettaiRyouiki

    She’s not wearing underpants and if petals are falling than it must be breezy. Poor girl

    [–] Using this random superhero generator, who is the strongest character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe that you can defeat? Pettankman 1 points ago in whowouldwin

    Weird MD is able to sculpt and mold all wood with a thought. He has the power to steal the physical attributes of his rivals and use it against them and he has a reputation for a bewildering constitution. Weird MD possesses the power to transform any frog into a child and he attacks using a dangerous pistol that can force assailants to tell the truth. Additionally, he is known for his staggering speed and he can spin like a whirlwind. Weird MD has been known to create air out of thin air. Lamentably, Weird MD suffers from being clumsy.

    I can create air out of thin air bro... I'm so powerful. Maybe I can create so much air in someone's belly they low up or suffocate? Spoilers:

    Maybe Thor's new axe can be manipulated by my wood ability and maybe remove it. Definitely can instakill groot. If I can steal physical attributes, I can probably take down Hulk by using Thanos' physicals.

    [–] Can we go deeper than this? Pettankman 1 points ago in BlackPeopleTwitter

    I'll unfortunately never know what it's like to have fully or even half there grandparents.

    [–] You have all the fan made MC stands from 7th Stand User. Who is the strongest non-cosmic characters you can defeat? Pettankman 1 points ago in whowouldwin

    Well even with all the powers I find it dubious you even could kill a cosmic being. However, I do think you can kill some high tier beings IF you get the drop on them. Assuming someone without a stand can’t see stands, all I really need is Joy Killer who’s power is that his axe can cut through anything. So let’s say I’ve encountered Superman, and I greet him like a fan, Joykiller could slice his head off and he wouldn’t even sense it. But that’s too circumstantial, in a straight fight, I’d say you’re a very powerful street tier character.

    We don’t have many speed feats for Red Garland, but since he’s a fast puncher I’d have him in front of me at all times, the swarm type stands guarding my back, and ride howling wolf with deep purple, sonic youth, and the support stands in my inner circle. Wild hearts would be allowed to do his own thing, and Napalm Death, Quicksilver, And that healing gun would be on my person as a last resort. Ocean Blue is the primary ranged attacker.

    All street tiers lose to deep purple, as his oxygen explosions are ridiculous and poisoning someone through the air is pretty unavoidable. Spider-Man is the strongest who could get within range in street tier, but if Red Garland is really stronger than star platinum I think one punch from him is curtains. A lucky shot from Joykiller is a K.O too.

    Strongest I’d say is most 100+ tonners who aren’t FTL. Thor from MCU, MCU Hulk, The Thing, etc. Also characters like Venom and Carmage would lose to Howling wolf and Sonic Youth with their sound moves.

    [–] This is my favorite sub Pettankman 3 points ago in PointlessStories

    Dude thanks I’ll keep an eye out, I’m a really big fan of botanical drinks. People describe it as like a mediciney flavor and if that’s the case i suppose I love that xD