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    [–] Dual dance Gliscor is a monster Pettankman 1 points ago in pokemonshowdown

    Technically not dance since he’s using rock polish 🤓

    [–] A classic Breloom set saves the day. Pettankman 2 points ago in pokemonshowdown

    I made really bad plays because I was watching videos, but I started getting into it after seeing how behind I was.

    [–] Business professor brought in his dog to class to help calm nerves before the big exam. Pettankman 1 points ago in aww

    It doesn’t make sense grammatically, but I understand what he’s trying to say. “The dogs adorable behavior attracts everyone”

    [–] Hackmons is a lawless wasteland Pettankman 1 points ago in pokemonshowdown

    How DO you stop entrainment gengar?

    [–] Good Game! Pettankman 1 points ago in gifs


    [–] If you're alone this V day have a nice bath and buy yourself a present. Pettankman 3 points ago in gifs

    Back when I was real young (early teens) I listened to this song on lonely valentines:

    It’s silly but a little bit of levity never hurt anyone :) have a good one!

    [–] When you think about it, Shakespeare WAS the result of billions of monkeys trying to write stuff randomly for millions of years. Pettankman 3 points ago in Showerthoughts

    Or like a God Day is like 666,666.666 years.

    Also, I legitimately didn’t make that up. That’s what you get when you divide 4 billion by 6 days, crazy coinkidink.

    [–] What are you sick of trying to explain to people? Pettankman 1 points ago in AskReddit

    In the four for four meal, you get to pick ONE item, and it comes with fries, a drink, and a coke. “Oh, it used to be better” they say. NO. YOU NEVER HAD THE CHANCE TO PICK WILLY NILLY.

    Also, why are you coming to Wendy’s to buy just a drink? Go to McDonald’s. You can buy a large drink for a dollar, our small is like 2 dollars on its own.

    [–] The Superior Ground/Flying Type Pettankman 1 points ago in pokemonshowdown

    What's it mean when you don't use one at all XD

    [–] The roundest crisp I’ve ever laid my fingers on Pettankman 1 points ago in coaxedintoasnafu

    Yeah that post was dumb I’ve seen plenty of round chips before.

    I mean especially if you grow up catholic with all those Eucharists (Euchari?)

    [–] What is something people often brag about that really isn't that impressive? Pettankman 1 points ago in AskReddit

    Usually if I’m tired too I’ll underplay it or I’ll say “same” and that’s satisfying lol

    [–] Batman, Hulk & Superman run a gauntlet vs. Top 25 Most Powerful Anime Protagonists Pettankman 1 points ago in whowouldwin

    Sorry, but this is just full of dung. We don’t do that with Dragon Ball here, you’d know if you’ve been a long time member of this community, because Dragon Ball is really freaking difficult to quantify with no power scaling and just wouldn’t make sense without it.

    There are very few feats in Dragon Ball Super. That’s one of them. Sorry you don’t like it, but energy suppression is a common theme in Dragon Ball go begin with, so there’s little to no reason to believe this is an outlier.

    [–] (DBS) Hit vs Android 17 Pettankman 6 points ago in whowouldwin

    I wonder if 17’s Android Barrier works in time stop/skip? If it does, I’d give 17 a 5/10 chance of winning by simply exhausting Hit. Otherwise, I just don’t get how he wins. Maybe 9/10 since anything is possible lol?