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    [–] What are Plot holes or Power Inconsistencies you would remove ? Pettankman 1 points ago in NarutoFanfiction

    That still doesn’t really line up if you ask me, assuming the brothers were the strongest people there and that’s why they were leading the team m, even 20 people their level and below isn’t impressive. Not to mention, when the brothers caught Darui they were using So6P weaponry, which means they were even STRONGER than when they fought Tobirama. It just makes it seem that someone like Hashirama could mollywhop any special force led by those brothers, and Tobirama is left in the dust

    [–] What's the weirdest pairing you've seen? Pettankman 2 points ago in NarutoFanfiction

    In the Naruto world you can kinda get away with cousin incest, maybe, but sibling and paternal incest is too much for me to swallow (pun intended) and lose any sort of suspension of disbelief lmfao

    [–] SI/OC that's not canon Pettankman 5 points ago in NarutoFanfiction

    I've yet to read a /u/Yojimbra fic I didn't enjoy at least a little, even though NaruSaku is my least favorite ship ;)

    [–] Close one but Garchomp does Garchomp things. Pettankman 3 points ago in pokemonshowdown

    That seems like kind of a dick thing to say, kinda invalidates this guy’s win for no real reason imo

    [–] What's the weirdest pairing you've seen? Pettankman 18 points ago in NarutoFanfiction

    12 year old Sasuke and grown ass Anko.

    Side note, a popular ship since the beginning of Naruto was Kakashi x Sakura, always found that creepy.

    [–] What are Plot holes or Power Inconsistencies you would remove ? Pettankman 2 points ago in NarutoFanfiction

    It was never really implied afaik that the Sharingan "copied' Lee's speed, just his movements afaik. Sasuke trained with Kakashi for the chidori, and needed to build up his speed in order to further make use of it. When Lee first shows off his blistering speed by dropping his weights, Kakashi remarks that it's an old fashioned method, so it's not really hard to believe, at least in my opinion, that in a battle manga a genius character can go leaps and bounds when taught by another genius.

    In my opinion, it would have made more sense if he was Lee's speed before removing the weights, as Lee had been training like that for a while, but yeah. At least when I first read Naruto as a kid, I never made the connection of the Sharingan mimicking speed.

    [–] What are Plot holes or Power Inconsistencies you would remove ? Pettankman 15 points ago in NarutoFanfiction

    I'm gonna provide some arguments for some things I disagree with that you've wrote here.

    1.) I think Naruto gaining the shadow clone jutsu was fine, my biggest issue is that he summons one hundred clones as soon as he learns it, and never does that again. The show was originally going a different direction at that point I think, though it was kinda dumb that Naruto could steal it so easily.

    2.) Sharingan helps you mimic movements and even lends a bit of precognition once you reach the third tomoe. With precognition they can act for something the opponent is going to already do, making them appear faster.

    3.) No arguments here, the fact that half of Kurama could match them is incredibly stupid. If you ask me, they all should have been equals.

    4.) Again, no arguments. Makes no sense that he could even die from illness. Even worse is Tobirama, who died fighting against two ninja that Darui was able to make quick work of...

    5.) This one is SOOOOOO true, Hashirama was able to beat the COMPLETE 9tails WITH Madara's perfect susanoo as armor, and then Hashirama says he's weaker than Juubito, who was having trouble fighting against Half the Kyuubi with Sasuke's imperfect susanoo... like what the fuck. Hashirama should have been stronger than Juubito still.

    6.) Disagree. A punch is a punch. Kaguya can't absorb those and had her hands full with Naruto and Sasuke.

    [–] What are Plot holes or Power Inconsistencies you would remove ? Pettankman 7 points ago in NarutoFanfiction

    It probably would've made a more interesting story if the tailed beasts never spoke/had the ability to speak. Also, the "challenge" Sasuke first faced when he received the curse mark should have been the same struggle Naruto had with the 9-tails. This beast would attempt to seduce him with its power, but Naruto is able to refuse its strength. The power ceiling would've also been more interesting if it peaked at 9-tails. It would've been really cool if Naruto after mastering Sage Mode could dispel the 9 tails, defeat it, and then do the same to the other beasts.

    You could also have the dichotomy between Minato and Naruto still be a factor, hell, you could still have Minato be Naruto's father, but make it so that Uzumaki aren't some super special bloodline. Minato had no bloodline and though he was talented worked up towards his goal. Naruto likewise was a more interesting character when he had no bloodline, and was still seen as the underdog. For me, I started to like Naruto as a character a lot less when he got that random power up against Gaara in part one. Suddenly being able to move faster than Lee and Sasuke was kinda bullshit if you ask me.

    That for me is the idealistic version of Naruto I think could have been interesting.

    [–] This guy OWNS ME (Slavery back in fashion confirmed?) Pettankman 9 points ago in pokemonshowdown

    LOL WHEN YOU TYPED IN !weak MrGold05

    Btw, a heads up if you want to avoid your opponent seeing you search up stats and such use a / instead of a !

    I believe the only difference is that you have to write out /weakness instead of weak, but data should work the same way

    [–] HD just in time for the meme rush Pettankman 1 points ago in gaming

    I think if you’ve been on the Internet long enough then you should know that people are just exaggerating when something annoys them. Nobody is actually getting worked up and sifting in their anger minutes at a time, it’s more like

    “This would have been better if you used the format right”

    [–] Do you agree? Pettankman 4 points ago in Persona5

    I actually don’t think Joker could get in Smash, I just thought that the presumption that a character can’t make it in because they’ve never been on a Nintendo platform doesn’t hold, especially since smash 4.

    If there ever were a representative for SMT anyways, I think it’d be Jack Frost, and probably as an assist trophy, not a playable character. To me, that’s the most plausible scenario if there ever were one :)

    I will admit though, Joker in smash would have a really unique moveset! I’d want him just for that if anything.

    Also, man I came off kinda aggressive in my reply, sorry lol

    [–] Do you agree? Pettankman 11 points ago in Persona5

    ...Cloud? And don’t say “earlier Final Fantasy’s were on Nintendo platforms”, because older MegaTen titles were on Nintendo platforms too lmao

    [–] Joker the wingman Pettankman 13 points ago in Persona5

    Morgana doesn’t bicker, argue, and put you down. He does do that to Ryuji though, which makes it even sweeter if he gets with Ann

    [–] The mural in my office's Smash Bros room is really coming along! Pettankman 7 points ago in smashbros

    This just looks like a nice apartment lmfso I wouldn’t mind living somewhere like that AT ALL

    [–] Joker the wingman Pettankman 95 points ago in Persona5

    Precisely why I didn’t romance her, I also love the idea of Ryuuji cock blocking Morgana lmfso

    [–] Headcanon: Kekkei Genkai that involve the combination of elements can be learned, and aren't necessarily limited by genetics. Pettankman 1 points ago in NarutoFanfiction

    I wanted to mention that too, only issue is that the canonicity of the novels is actually argued, people say that they’re like anime filler for the manga, so like “manga filler”, and other people say they’re supplementary to the series and count.

    Personally, I consider them canon as Kakashi’s purple lightning in the novels carries on to Boruto, and Itachi’s novel was adapted into the original anime (although you could say that was just filler, which is fair.)

    [–] Headcanon: Kekkei Genkai that involve the combination of elements can be learned, and aren't necessarily limited by genetics. Pettankman 1 points ago in NarutoFanfiction

    That’s not how it works... if Kishimoto adds Mickey Mouse and it breaks Naruto rules and he says it’s part of the main series: you don’t have a choice in the matter, it’s canon. It’s not your series, you don’t get to decide what is and isn’t canon. You can say you limit yourself to Naruto only, sure, but that doesn’t discredit anything because that’s basically willful ignorance. As for Sharingan not being able to copy them, that’s a fair point, it’s only bane being that it doesn’t explain how people can learn the dust and lava releases. Still a good argument though

    [–] Headcanon: Kekkei Genkai that involve the combination of elements can be learned, and aren't necessarily limited by genetics. Pettankman 1 points ago in NarutoFanfiction

    I don’t have a problem with your belief that I’m wrong, but your argument doesn’t necessarily disprove the headcanon I’ve proposed. My belief isn’t that Kekkei Genkai don’t stem from genetics, my belief is that they can be learned from people who don’t have those genetics.

    Let me use Dungeons and Dragons as an example. In DnD, if you use a weapon you don’t have Proficiency in, you can’t add your proficiency bonus to attacks with that weapon, making it less likely you land a hit. Now liken elemental Kekkei Genkai to something like that. Someone born with the Kekkei Genkai has that proficiency, and someone who doesn’t, well, doesn’t carry the proficiency, and therefore has a weaker but still working version of the technique.

    I do have one problem with your argument against my theory, though.

    I wouldn’t consider what happened in Boruto with Moegi canon for Naruto (I know this might be controversial)

    What’s wrong with this statement is that you don’t get to decide what was or wasn’t canon. It’s not controversial because there is no argument, Love it or hate it, Boruto is the official continuation of Naruto. Just like Dragon Ball Super is also canon to Dragon Ball Z. Unless you have proof of Kishimoto saying “oh it’s an alternate universe” or anyone else on the writing team confirming it’s lack of canonicity, your conjecture of Boruto being non-canon is headcanon in and of itself. What I’m trying to say is, it’s not a factual argument against this theory.

    In the end, if I’m going to be honest with you, Kekkei Genkai as 100% intended are bloodline limits. That’s Word of God, afaik. That’s why I said this was headcanon, because though there are things within the series that support my headcanon, it was never outright stated and therefore cannot be true, unless we get a definitive statement in the future.

    [–] Me_irl Pettankman 4 points ago in me_irl

    Not edgy, makes fun of an edgy

    [–] Headcanon: Kekkei Genkai that involve the combination of elements can be learned, and aren't necessarily limited by genetics. Pettankman 3 points ago in NarutoFanfiction

    Call it a stretch if you like, I did call it head canon for a reason. However, some counterpoints.

    1.) You seem to have skipped out a canon example of a Kekkei Genkai (nay, step further! Kekkei Tota) which is actually 3 elements, dust release, to be even more difficult to just learn. However, there is no mention of a bloodline relation between Onoki and the second Tsuchikage.

    2.) Why would a talented ninja like Kisame simply be able to learn Wood release? That’s like saying “Why couldn’t Thomas Edison figure out nuclear energy?” Wood Release is a thing that was pretty much thought to be exclusive to Hashirama, but even more valuable than the Wood Release are Hashirama’s cells and own proficiency in the release. Orochimaru experimenting to get results is to gain that Bijuu Sealing, extra durable Trojan Brand Hashirama Wood Release, meanwhile, Moegi might’ve literally have just been lucky. Just like people who make historical discoveries were as well.

    Again, to reiterate, this is my headcanon. I’m making observations based on what I’ve seen from the series, that isn’t explicitly spoken about, so it’s bound to not be everyone’s cup of tea.

    I will concede to the Inuzuka sense of smell, I just recall a character being said to have used it, it may be kakashi now that I think about it. It’s kinda silly to think that you can go from normal smelling to supernatural farts literally cause you pain smelling through sheer training, but crazier things have been done in naruto before. And with chakra, anything is possible.

    [–] Character merging. No, I don't mean "by our powers combined..." Pettankman 1 points ago in NarutoFanfiction

    I'm not OP but I'd like to throw in my 2 cents:

    Don't worry yourself over making characters too over powered, as long as combat stays interesting there's no problem with Susanoo's and shit.

    I would advise you change the name though. I'm not sure where Takeda comes from, but that's no big deal you could still potentially keep that. However, keeping the name Itachi is just a bit jarring.

    I do however, have to agree with the idea that perhaps your character has too many abilities. With this amount, your going to have readers say "well why didn't he just use so and so" and you can try to explain it away by saying it's way too complex, but I wouldn't say that satisfies readers. If they have to ask, there's probably a problem.

    Here's a mini-tip by the way, read a fanfic that utilizes Flying Raijin in a combat scenario, that technique absolutely does NOT lend itself well to a written format... "As I teleport to the tree top, I throw a shuriken directly behind my opponent and teleport behind them, landing a swift kick, consecutives instaneously moving from place to place, landing potshots as best I can", is something I can imagine happening. My big issue with that is that FTG is just kinda too wordy and busted for fanfic writing. If the opponents reflexes are equal to yours, you win. Slower? You win. Faster? You might still win. SIGNIFICANTLY FASTER? Asspull no-jutsu time. Teleportation to me seems like a better ability for a villain. If your hero has it, it's kinda hard to keep things fresh and interesting.

    [–] Which abilities should I just not bother with? Pettankman 2 points ago in stunfisk

    Sceptile has this small but useful niche against Bulu, Koko, and Fini. Aerial Ace actually kinda works out if you get a swords dance out against Bulu, leaf blade against Fini, and normally I carry either rockslide or Earth Quake. I know that’s weird, but back when I was focused on OU half a year ago it almost got me to 1500 :)