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    [–] A Muslim woman uses her hijab to cover her Jewish neighbour’s yellow star to protect her from persecution in Sarajevo, 1941. Pineapple_Assrape 1 points ago in pics

    I have been of the opinion for a long time now that unlike what others have said this is a much wider issue than has been anticipated by most of not all current and past world leaders who contrary to what you seem to imply have always been of the inclination that for any peaceful coexistence of Abrahamic religions there needs to be a completely separate and different approach that must be discussed in a stronger forum than perhaps any of the current or past world leaders have thought about.

    What is your opinion on that?

    [–] VG247 Anthem Review: BioWare adrift in design by spreadsheet Pineapple_Assrape -4 points ago in Games

    EA is the publisher and you think they had nothing to do with the publishing?

    [–] WARNING: Origin possibly shows your real name on PC Pineapple_Assrape 13 points ago in Games

    Yeah because that’s a situation that’s gonna come up a lot. “I want to add this person on origin presumably to play games with them but I don’t even talk to them enough to ask them their nickname”. Not to forget that there are a ton of people with the same name.

    [–] Anthem - Upper Echelon Gamers - first impressions- What Changed Since the Demo Pineapple_Assrape 0 points ago in Games

    Cause a friend talked me into playing with him, and I like doing things with my friends. See not everything in real life is a simple soap opera script, so without having all the info it might appear as not adding up.

    And yes, it was clear to me from the announcement what this would be.

    [–] Anthem - Upper Echelon Gamers - first impressions- What Changed Since the Demo Pineapple_Assrape -6 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago) in Games

    Yeah captain assumption. I played the beta. But I guess my opinion is invalid because I didn’t like it.

    Edit: Downvoting a minute after posting, like a baby. Well done.

    It’s cool, you play your game until you come to the same realization, I’ll move on and it’s all good.

    [–] Anthem - Upper Echelon Gamers - first impressions- What Changed Since the Demo Pineapple_Assrape -13 points ago in Games

    Yup, and anyone who didn’t see this coming, it’s their own fault. It was clear from the announcement that this is just the exact kind of bullshit that it turned out to be.

    [–] Game workers unite wants Activision Blizzard to fire its CEO Pineapple_Assrape 27 points ago in Games

    Yeah but “want to be” is not an employable skill. Some dumbass who thinks “I could do that” is not the same as a skilled artist, producer or game designer.

    [–] My daughter wanted a toy from an obscure YouTube cartoon that no one knows. 3D printing to the rescue. Pineapple_Assrape 3 points ago in 3Dprinting

    Well that still works. It’s just I’ll advised because then you’ll most likely get tapped on the head with a nightstick or similar.

    [–] The Division 2 Open Beta from March 1 - March 4 Pineapple_Assrape 1 points ago in Games

    The gameplay is just so damn boring, I almost fell asleep.

    [–] Ben Dover Pineapple_Assrape 139 points ago in rimjob_steve

    It’s so funny that we can upload our mental image to someone’s head just through writing. I’m a bit sorry but also not. My man. Have a good evening.

    [–] Ben Dover Pineapple_Assrape 18 points ago in rimjob_steve

    What the fuck haha. Where the pineapple fields at 🍍

    [–] EA: Battlefield V Did Not Meet Sales Expectations Pineapple_Assrape 10 points ago in Games

    The “AI” was non existent, the whole thing was corridors and shooting galleries and every inch of the game screamed “we think you’re a fucking retard and this will be enough to amuse you. Oh look! A helicopter 🚁!! Grab that RPG and shoot it right here to see it go boom boom!”

    [–] EA: Battlefield V Did Not Meet Sales Expectations Pineapple_Assrape 50 points ago in Games

    It was the most awful drivel I pushed myself through. I hated pretty much every second of its bland boring shooting gallery gameplay that felt like there was no respect for the player at all. The awful “story” just added to it. I find it hilarious how people now start to show up talking about what a gem it was. It was a hunk of shit back then and has only gotten worse by comparison.

    [–] German satire show returns from hiatus with scathing Brexit tirade Pineapple_Assrape 19 points ago in europe

    And yet it’s still well on its way to become a shithole country. Make it even worse.

    There’s more to that than median wealth, like the NHS.

    [–] Karma's a bitch alright (unless it comes to reddit of course) Pineapple_Assrape -1 points ago in funny

    The punchline is that dumbasses did shitty thing to people which led to shitty thing being done to them, and without the option of buying the problem away. Some people find irony funny.

    [–] New Rage 2 Gameplay Footage got released today Pineapple_Assrape 16 points ago in Games

    Doubt it, that’s not a high priority issue, it’s not a showstopping bug or anything hindering progress. But I hope for the best.

    [–] Metro: Exodus - Even the creator of the series believes the Epic Store deal is bad Pineapple_Assrape 58 points ago in gaming

    Can’t remember how many games I bought and gifted due to family sharing being an option. It’s a lot.