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    [–] What’s a survival tip everyone should know? PlainPlainsman 4 points ago in AskReddit

    A belt, pocket knife, and a lighter can make tough situations alot easier.

    [–] Yeaterday on my local news PlainPlainsman 50 points ago in sports


    [–] What are some "guy secrets" girls don't know about? PlainPlainsman 19 points ago in AskReddit

    I've got 5 different music or band related shirts I wear out to the bar, all of them have recieved compliments, yet my wife says I need to wear nicer or newer shirts out. Nahhh, I'm good.

    [–] Elliot's owner shares what he looked like at 4 weeks vs full grown, with his favorite toy PlainPlainsman 1 points ago in aww

    My houlas favorite toy is these little $3 raccoons from walmart. Notice how I remember the price, because i buy a new one every couple weeks, but it only lasts a couple hours, but it's just so damn cute to watch a 4yr old dog lose his shit and return to puppy mode for a moment.

    [–] This kid is on a whole other level PlainPlainsman 11 points ago in Unexpected

    I suppose "butt pound" was already taken?

    [–] American healthcare in a nutshell... PlainPlainsman 24 points ago in LateStageCapitalism

    Why fix the problem and end the flow of money? They limit her to her current condition and money keeps flowing...

    [–] The Chicago Bears have clinched the NFC North PlainPlainsman 1 points ago in nfl

    Fuck that guy. Why couldn't they keep him out of our conference?

    [–] Steve Earle says modern country stars make 'hip hop for people who are afraid of black people' PlainPlainsman 18 points ago in Music

    Fuckin facts. Southeastern is my favorite record, ever. Live Oak makes me feel so alone in the world even when I know I'm not.