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    [–] Urban/ruin explorers of Reddit, what's the most interesting/disturbing/amazing thing you've ever found while exploring? Plainchant 1 points ago in AskReddit

    We once found a Big Boy Statue under very similar circumstances. Someone had written all sorts of numbers all over it in a crayon or marker. It was weird, unsettling, and very out-of-place.

    [–] Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec - The Passenger in Cabin 54 (1896) Plainchant 1 points ago in museum

    This original is in private hands and not on display, but it seems like this is fairly accurate. The posters that were printed using this work (which have text on them) are in much less pristine condition, though, and as a result are far more subdued.

    [–] Succession - 1x03 "Lifeboats" Plainchant 2 points ago in SuccessionTV

    I really like that idea, actually. Imagine! A Roy (well, Hirsch) that's useful! :)

    [–] Is Kendall completely incompetent? Plainchant 2 points ago in SuccessionTV

    signing away a significant part of his power in the company to his father's second wife in exchange for mere assurances

    I think Marcia is actually his third wife! I don't think "primo" Connor shares the same mother as the other three siblings.

    [–] Succession - 1x03 "Lifeboats" Plainchant 4 points ago in SuccessionTV

    What a depressing name to give to his strategy.

    [–] Westworld - 2x09 "Vanishing Point" - Post-Episode Discussion Plainchant 6 points ago in westworld

    When they said that Anthony Hopkins wasn't going to appear much this season, I was disappointed. I'm glad that was a fake-out! He adds so much.

    [–] Westworld - 2x09 "Vanishing Point" - Live Episode Discussion Plainchant 24 points ago in westworld

    I think Ford views Bernard as a partner made in the image of Arnold and Maeve as his actual child. But Ford is a very strange and brilliant man.

    [–] Succession - 1x03 "Lifeboats" Plainchant 11 points ago in SuccessionTV

    Kendall always looks like "less" than his grand surroundings.

    [–] Westworld - 2x09 "Vanishing Point" - Live Episode Discussion Plainchant 3 points ago in westworld

    No doubt. I wonder if some of those characters appear only in flashback.

    [–] Westworld - 2x09 "Vanishing Point" - Live Episode Discussion Plainchant 5 points ago in westworld

    Dolores' talk about how the world outside must really be awful for folks to want to spend time in Westworld seems really accurate right now. It's a powerful form of escapism for the broken people of the "real" world.