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    [–] Official Discussion: Us [SPOILERS] PointMan528491 278 points ago in movies

    Her silent scream that slowly transitioned into maniacal laughter was incredible. Elisabeth Moss is really fucking talented.

    [–] Official Discussion: Us [SPOILERS] PointMan528491 105 points ago in movies

    Ok, so was I hallucinating or, in the scene right before the big twist gets explained to us - when Lupita is driving the ambulance and looks over at the boy - was the boy's reflection in the window that of his double with the white mask?

    [–] LUCY IN THE SKY - Official Teaser | FOX Searchlight PointMan528491 11 points ago in movies

    I, for one, am greatly anticipating the Rocky Raccoon western movie. Come on, Hollywood!

    [–] What's a famous person or event that has never had a movie made about it that you'd like to see done? PointMan528491 10 points ago in movies

    I guess the story's technically not finished since they caught him, but the East Area Rapist story could make a fantastic, Zodiac-style crime thriller.

    [–] U.S. release date PointMan528491 2 points ago in LetterboxdOfficial

    Yeah ¯\(ツ)

    I mean, that's how the Academy handles eligibility, at least to the best of my understanding.

    [–] Kevin Smith Raves About His Experience Visiting 'Star Wars: Episode IX' Set, Singles Out One Amazing Performance PointMan528491 17 points ago in movies

    I mean, Tarantino sang praises about The Lone Ranger and Kick-Ass 2 as two of the best movies of 2013. Dude's not the end-all-be-all of taste either.

    [–] U.S. release date PointMan528491 3 points ago in LetterboxdOfficial

    For English language movies, I go by the U.S. theatrical release date - limited or wide. I do the same for foreign films, I just use the release date of its native country instead of the U.S. date.

    [–] What are some glaring mistakes that stick out to you in otherwise good movies? For me it's clear the director of Wind River has never driven a snowmobile before. PointMan528491 2 points ago in movies

    My family really likes American Sniper and I really can't tell if they know it's a fake baby or not. They've never mentioned it. I almost want to keep holding my tongue to see if they ever finally realize it.

    [–] The /r/movies Top 250 has been updated for 2019! Come see the results! PointMan528491 167 points ago in movies

    The "no recency bias" list is better. Blade Runner 2049 at #3 on the normal list is a little much. And I love that movie.

    [–] Need a movie that will show me something beautiful PointMan528491 1 points ago in movies

    Swiss Army Man. Beyond the "ha ha farting corpse" thing, its actually quite a touching movie.

    [–] How to Come Up with Character Names PointMan528491 2 points ago in Screenwriting

    Name generators, usually. But I'll also pick and choose first and last names from old school yearbooks sometimes.

    [–] Suspiria (re:Make) - re:View PointMan528491 2 points ago in RedLetterMedia

    It's much more plot/character driven than Argento's, which seems to be for the better for some people and for the worse of others. I dislike the original, thought it was a bit shallow, but loved this one.

    [–] Barry Lyndon screening on campus PointMan528491 2 points ago in ucf

    Are they provided, you mean? Professor offered snacks during the intermission when we watched Spartacus (this is part of the FIL3871 class), and Barry Lyndon's really long too, so it's possible.