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    [–] If you could guarantee a nominee in any category, who/what would you choose? PointMan528491 3 points ago in oscarrace

    Leave No Trace. I'd be fine with any nomination but I'd really want Thomasin McKenzie to get a Best Actress nomination (putting her in Supporting is blatant category fraud)

    [–] FIL 2030 PointMan528491 5 points ago in ucf

    The four quizzes is for the completely online class, I took it last semester and it was still like that. I guess the in-person class is different.

    [–] Your Dream Movie About Kubrick PointMan528491 1 points ago in StanleyKubrick

    Just discovered this sub, but I was actually thinking about this a week ago.

    My dream Kubrick "biopic" is centered around the production of The Shining: I think that production in particular is perhaps his most fascinating. Start from right after Barry Lyndon and end with the release of The Shining, so you get all of the beats: his disagreements with Stephen King, the on-set stress, the prolonged shoot, and so on. Show the "madness," but also find time for family stuff with Christiane and his daughters, and show him as the family man that many people might not know he was. Get Oscar Isaac to play Stanley (he's a little young but looks the part and has the chops; give him some makeup and he could do it); not sure who you get to play Nicholson, Duvall, Crothers, etc. though. Same with director... maybe Damien Chazelle? He can do intense exchanges (Whiplash) and quiet character moments (First Man) alike, and I'm sure he respects the historical importance of Stanley's life.

    [–] The Slug Club PointMan528491 1 points ago in lorde


    [–] Letterboxd Awards '19 - Nominees PointMan528491 1 points ago in LetterboxdOfficial

    Most Overrated Film

    First Man

    The Ballad of Buster Scruggs

    You Were Never Really Here

    I'm triggered. These all made my favorites of 2018 list.

    But I'm agreement that I dislike this kind of category, not because I disagree with the choices but because I dislike the idea of an "award" meant to berate a film(s).

    [–] [SPOILERS] The infamous "dance torture" scene from Suspiria (2018) PointMan528491 295 points ago in movies

    It's crazy that this scene is only 3 minutes long, it felt like forever seeing it in the theater - and I mean that in the best way possible.

    [–] I need suggestions for feel good movies to watch with my wife. PointMan528491 6 points ago in movies

    Little Miss Sunshine

    Stand by Me, though it leans more bittersweet than traditional "feel-good"

    [–] First appearance of each RLM regular? PointMan528491 16 points ago in RedLetterMedia

    I looked him up on IMDb and he's 46, if the birthdate on there is correct. What the fuck.

    [–] How many running projects are you working on? PointMan528491 2 points ago in writing

    One is in the first draft, I've got a couple of ideas floating around in my head I want to take into the outlining stage very soon, plus about a dozen other projects on the backburner.

    [–] Which is better Star Wars or Harry Potter? (Strawpoll) PointMan528491 6 points ago in movies

    Hard to choose. Harry Potter is more consistent in quality I'd say, but Star Wars' highs are far greater than Harry Potter's.

    [–] Where do I go to get my student ID card? PointMan528491 16 points ago in ucf

    UCF Card Services in the John T. Washington Center, aka the breezeway between the library and the student union

    [–] What movie franchise had the greatest disparity between the best film and the worst film in the series? PointMan528491 85 points ago in movies

    This has to be the answer. A film basically unanimously considered one of the greatest of all time and a film basically unanimously considered one of the worst of all time. The separation doesn't get much wider.

    [–] DGA Nominations PointMan528491 3 points ago in oscarrace

    And Granik's last movie had solid success with the major awards, it's just so weird to me. McKenzie deserves the same contention as Jennifer Lawrence IMO.

    [–] DGA Nominations PointMan528491 2 points ago in oscarrace

    I am so upset at how Leave No Trace has been basically shut out outside of critics circles.

    [–] DGA Nominations PointMan528491 7 points ago in oscarrace

    Probably not Chazelle either, First Man's above-the-line chances are basically dead outside of Claire Foy. I think Lanthimos is the only one who missed DGA that could still get into the Oscars.

    I've got Cooper, Cuarón, Lanthimos, Lee, and McKay predicted right now.

    [–] hmm PointMan528491 2 points ago in moviescirclejerk

    Ok Google, how do I delete someone else's Reddit post