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    [–] Who is your buddy and why? PointMan528491 3 points ago in pokemongo

    Eevee for A Ripple in Time 4/8. Gonna get the two candies and then evolve into Umbreon, two birds with one stone.

    [–] Is this fair? PointMan528491 1 points ago in ucf

    I suppose this is true. Your example is something that is (presumably) offered in advance though. Reading OP's situation, that may not be the case, which I stand by as being kind of unfair.

    [–] David Fincher should make a sequel to 2010’s The Social Network covering the trial that Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook had earlier this year. It would be a rare instance where a sequel manifests itself through real life events and, if the same cast and crew return, I can see it living up to the first. PointMan528491 178 points ago in movies

    Eh. I see the progression in terms of plot, but I think The Social Network wraps itself up really nicely as a character piece, and I don't know what exploring the next stage of Zuck's story would add to that sense of closure. I suppose it'd be interesting in the kind of way The Big Short or something was, but I don't know, I just feel like something would be missing without that conflict between Mark and Eduardo, and Mark and Erica, both of which drive the entire narrative of The Social Network.

    [–] Is this fair? PointMan528491 17 points ago in ucf

    I've had multiple professors talk about how they can't provide individual extra credit opportunities for a single person because if they do, they have to provide them for the entire class.

    Offering an extra chance for some students but not others is absolutely not fair.

    [–] Looking for two songs from Jonah Hill’s “mid90’s” PointMan528491 1 points ago in NameThatSong

    First song is where they are jumping the gap on top of the school roof and Sunburn falls on the table.

    "Gyöngyhajú lány" by Omega

    [–] Found on Tumblr PointMan528491 25 points ago in mbti

    Brb changing my major to Taco History

    [–] Official Discussion: Overlord [SPOILERS] PointMan528491 2 points ago in movies

    I was so excited to hear that Jacob Anderson was in this movie, and then that happened and I was sad.

    [–] Official Discussion: Overlord [SPOILERS] PointMan528491 6 points ago in movies

    That's gotta be one of my favorite title cards for a movie in a good while

    [–] [Other] A Plausible Detective Pikachu promo tie in. PointMan528491 11 points ago in boxoffice

    I could see them adding a Detective Pikachu to be caught in Pokemon Go for sure, but if I'm reading this tweet right, he's implying it could only be caught during a screening of the movie? That sounds like a nightmare indeed, an invitation to pull out your phone during the movie. Not to mention I have no idea how they would arrange that in-game (gathering showtimes, attributing them to a specific location during only those times, only making Pikachu spawn in that location instead of around town, etc.)

    [–] Stan Lee, Marvel Comics' Real-Life Superhero, Dies at 95 PointMan528491 4 points ago in movies

    Damn. It had to happen eventually, but he led a long and fulfilling life that not many can rival. Thanks for everything, Stan. Rest in peace.

    [–] Travelling to Florida PointMan528491 1 points ago in pokemongo

    I'm on the east side of Orlando and see Heracross almost daily. Carnivine are pretty common too. Shouldn't have much trouble finding either.

    [–] POKÉMON Detective Pikachu - Official Trailer #1 PointMan528491 2 points ago in movies

    Actually looks like a fun little summer movie, but sorry, Ryan Reynolds just isn't doing it for me.

    [–] What are some circlejerks you agree with? PointMan528491 1 points ago in moviescirclejerk

    Uj/ Honestly? A lot of them. But the biggest one is probably the A24 jerk: I am all in on everything they put out at this point. I've seen 22 of their movies (according to some Letterboxd list) and I've only disliked two. And I'd say several rank as some of my favorite movies ever.

    [–] #6 Oklahoma and #11 Kentucky are losing their games. If both teams lose, I believe that undefeated UCF will be in the top 10 of this Tuesday's CFP Rankings. PointMan528491 36 points ago in ucf

    Kentucky's too far gone to win I reckon, but Oklahoma just took back the lead. That's a pretty wild game.

    And even if OU loses, I'm willing to bet they'll find a way to keep us out of the top 10. OU will only drop 3-4 spots, or Syracuse will jump us, or something.

    [–] [Game Thread] Navy @ UCF (12:00PM ET) PointMan528491 7 points ago in CFB

    Congrats on losing to a Florida team that couldn't beat Missouri, and getting shut out by Bama.

    [–] [Game Thread] Navy @ UCF (12:00PM ET) PointMan528491 17 points ago in CFB

    Giving up garbage time TDs, every... single... game...