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    [–] first anniversary art books are out for delivery Pokedude12 1 points ago in AzureLane

    Can confirm getting the message too, for the second wave release

    [–] How to debate my Christian friend Pokedude12 1 points ago in DebateAnAtheist

    In addition to the other responder, you have to remember that the Judeo-Christian god has massacred a great number of times in the Bible, such as with the biblical flood. This would include children too young to even comprehend concepts such as good or evil. In this case in particular, this god has committed the act of murder itself--mortals need not apply.

    In addition, you have the book of Exodus, which has the infamous line about this god "hardening the Pharaoh's heart." Contrary to other times this has occurred within the same chapter(s), this god has performed the act of making the Pharaoh cold, whereas the other times, the text notes that the Pharaoh did it himself. There is no need to change the wording unless it's deliberate, in which case, this god has stolen free will from the Pharaoh, thereby contradicting the core themes that your friend preaches.

    The other possibility is that the text is wrong, in which case, everything else is can be brought into question by the Christians' own admission. Incidentally, if your friend deflects this point by arguing that this is merely a metaphor, don't forget that if one thing is a metaphor, anything else can be safely regarded as a metaphor, else what is the standard for determining is a metaphor?

    [–] should i buy apollousa or rising rampage? Pokedude12 17 points ago in yugioh

    Buy her outright. IIRC, there aren't that many money cards in the set to make up for the money spent if you fail to pull her, and ofc, as the others have said, a specific secret in a batch of eight, even if you get two secrets in a box--those are bad odds to gamble on.

    [–] Make out on her bed Pokedude12 4 points ago in Edelgard

    It's okay. There's weird people like me who ship El and Rhea to decimate all that is wholesome and pure in the world

    [–] How most parings are made Pokedude12 -1 points ago in AzureLane

    In fairness, someone else may just take it as opposition to yuri opposers as well.

    the current heated topic was yuri and that's the only reason why it was mentioned in my initial statement.

    Yuri is not everyone's cup of tea

    There are no scenarios where this statement would make any coherent sense being said to a non-yuri fan, except to agree with them, and therefore would not be of opposition to them. Instead, the far likelier explanation would be that it's meant for yuri supporters to tell them not to force their views onto others, which seems to be a running theme with about half of the arguments made against yuri in the sub, despite your saying that the sub has no legitimate reason to hide or delete such content.

    [–] How most parings are made Pokedude12 -1 points ago in AzureLane

    What sparked my response to you in particular was the stance you'd seemingly taken in opposition to yuri supporters, given how you'd specifically noted that not everyone prefers yuri and follow that up with noting how people should respect each other's tastes. I assume these two statements are connected and intend to mean that yuri supporters should be tolerant of non-fans of yuri.

    Else why'd you specifically note that yuri isn't for everyone... in a thread already predominantly opposed to yuri? You could've chosen any number of neutral phrases, yet you chose the one that suggests that yuri support is excessively abundant and overbearing.

    It's easy to get very defensive when you feel like your personal viewpoint is under threat. Often, that threat or the feeling of being threatened is irrational at best.

    Live and let live.

    So given the above, I can only assume that this message is meant for the yuri supporters, especially since the viewpoints most under threat in this post are those of yuri supporters. You can read for yourself the percentage of anti-yuri comments "letting live," as well as the upvote/downvote patterns of comments and responses, on top of the baseless arguments made in opposition to yuri content, then you can tell me that the feeling of being threatened is irrational.

    The ones not being tolerant of others would be of the anti-yuri sentiment.

    [–] Which card represents the best value for money: x3 Nibiru or x3 Evenly Matched? Pokedude12 13 points ago in yugioh

    Not saying this is a solid line for prediction, but between the two, Nibiru has had fewer printings and has had the most recent printing compared to Evenly Matched. Evenly's more likely to be reprinted, if we were to compare dates, and as it's had a reprint already, we know Konami's not going to hold it to a higher pedestal than Nibiru in terms of keeping money cards. In addition, the Gold Sarc tins are more common than Duel Power boxes, which means Nibiru is still more readily available via the primary market, which would give Konami less incentive to reprint Nibiru specifically.

    So I feel Nibiru would be safer, but that ignores the actual playability of both cards in a given format. Also, I should note that these observations are not Word of God, as Konami has had a weird history of reprints, meaning that the above could be thrown out the window on Konami's whimsy alone.

    In terms of playability, however, I think Evenly is more versatile, as it deletes cards without having to rely on your opponent to summon. I'd wait for more studied responses before making a decision though, as I'm not too familiar with the current meta.

    [–] How most parings are made Pokedude12 -3 points ago in AzureLane

    Agreed. As far as I can see in this thread alone, it boils down to shippers throwing yuri down other fans' faces (Hot posts today alone disprove that immediately) and shippers claiming their ships are canon (Blatantly false, as the artists' content do not reflect their view of the canon, but instead their taste, and this is ignoring the myriad of other comics which portray characters wrongly to their canon. Comics that are highly praised here, like the smol Akagi and Kaga comics and the Start Building ones)

    But hey, shippers are the villains here, amirite?

    [–] How most parings are made Pokedude12 6 points ago in AzureLane

    Yuri isn't everyone's cup of tea

    Learn to respect that the interests of others may not always perfectly align with yours.

    Going by this thread alone, methinks it's not the yuri base that's being uncivil, but the instead anti-yuri sentiment, considering most of the yuri detractors seem to be wholly reliant on the "yuri is shoved down our throats" (Disproven by the hot posts today alone) and "yuri is not canon" (Few people are saying the ships are canon--making those fics and art pieces doesn't imply that the writer or artist think it's canon, else we'd have a ton more problems with other fan art and doujins/comics) arguments and often resort to insulting yuri shippers.

    [–] How most parings are made Pokedude12 -5 points ago in AzureLane

    I don't know, man. His first and second paragraphs made a direct comparison to the one point you made about "too much yuri baiting," his being damn well accurate of the sub. His third transitions to his fourth, being a direct response to the last phrases in each of your paragraphs about how yuri is somehow the most predominant content. His next directly calls you out and follows up with a list of popular posts that have nothing to do with yuri.

    You, on the other hand, made a direct response to someone noting the excess yuri in the anime... by parroting the first sentence of the second paragraph, then elaborating as if he said something about wanting more yuri. At least going by the way you followed up with how there's too much yuri in the sub.

    Now, I'm not saying your goal was to offend there in that first post in this chain, but here, you sound kinda hypocritical when you say the person responding to you was just being annoying without presenting any good reasoning. Which he has done, as I'd elaborated above. Then you followed up by saying you're encouraging him to speak his mind... right after saying he's annoying, rude, and blindly discrediting.

    What I'm getting out of this exchange, based on these few posts here, is that you're the one with the problems, especially since you've addressed none of his points and resorted to solely insults, and this is after responding that there's too much yuri to a guy who noted that the yuri shipping in the anime was indeed excessive. But yes, you're the one with the moral high ground. Somehow

    [–] You can choose one servant to be your best friend - who and why? Pokedude12 3 points ago in grandorder


    Can't get into a relationship with them.

    FUCK. Maybe... Blackbeard. Or Shakespeare.

    [–] A small reminder on how great casual Medea look Pokedude12 1 points ago in grandorder

    Yeah, especially considering the number of cliffhangers we get left on O O F

    [–] I truly believe my mother has gone insane Pokedude12 5 points ago in insaneparents

    Eighth dimension, maybe. That's the only thing I can think of atm

    [–] YOU and ME and HER Outshines Doki Doki Literature Club Pokedude12 4 points ago in visualnovels

    something something dating kitchen appliances

    --and a salt shaker.

    [–] The Ol' Goddess Switcheroo Pokedude12 1 points ago in grandorder

    Her playing at being a villain is indeed a mask over her true behavior. Her joy at acceptance right before the fight--and subsequent murderous intent--are real, however. Reading behavior is key to understanding characters. She was rigid when she kept her act up, but her joy was no lie. You forget she has a hard time keeping her emotions in check, and so is easier to get a grasp of over other secretive characters. Therefore, we can assume her joyous bouts are genuine, especially considering those two facets are what Guda use to explain why Eresh was a liar when she called herself a villain. Therefore, we can assume her excitement right before fighting Guda was genuine and that she had intent to kill.

    The original point regarding Quetz and Gorgon was determining why Eresh would kill other humans and not Guda, given that she favors him over other humans. Given what we know, Eresh had an urgency to kill her own people before the other goddesses get to them, and subsequently, Guda. Why? Presumably, it is because she doesn't have a claim to lives taken by the others and therefore cannot accurately tell who dies by underworld soul count alone, else she would take a far more passive stance than she already is. She loves Guda more than her subjects, and she cannot let people die to the other goddesses. These two claims together suggest that she must eventually kill Guda, because otherwise, she would lose access to him, should he die to the others. So quit redirecting by picking a single statement out of context. I was literally giving a possible reason why Eresh did not work with them, not actually suggesting they work together.

    Sure, WoG works--not in making subjective claims and using them as objective fact, however. Do we even know what makes the ultimate tsundere? Do you wanna go ahead and define it for me? Is it the ratio of deredere to tsuntsun? The measure of peak of tsun or the peak of dere? What makes her the best tsundere? Hell, does ultimate refer to being the best? The most consistent in behavior? The kindest? Define it. You can't, because determining that means making assumptions on the conditions on “ultimate tsundere.”

    [–] The Ol' Goddess Switcheroo Pokedude12 1 points ago in grandorder

    You're blatantly ignoring her behavior when Guda gives in to her right before the fight. You're also moving goal posts, as you'd claimed her intent was never killing Guda--the second video I presented showed an immensely strong showing for her desire to kill Guda for the express purpose of claiming him for herself, out of sheer greed, not out of any good will.

    Being stuck in an icy cage for all eternity, with no way to communicate or even do anything at all, is still torment, motives be damned--"I have no mouth, and I must scream," as it were. She considered it to be better than slaughter. Whether or not she can bring the sun down to the underworld with the Grail's power is beyond me, especially after bringing all of humanity down there. Her wants and whether or not she could do it are two different things--and if she knew she couldn't do it, there's no point in talking "wants." If she knew that bringing the sun down was impossible with or without the Grail, then it means she knew she was damning all of humanity for all eternity.

    Yes, we knew that Quetz isn't killing people. Eresh, as far as I know, didn't. If you want to grab material that says otherwise, that's fine. However, we know that the other goddesses' murders don't apply to the underworld, else letting them do all the killing would've brought them in regardless, making Eresh's plans effectively pointless--she would've been better suited directly helping them than taking matters into her own hands. If nothing else, we can assume that she wouldn't know if a soul wandered in because of the others, meaning we'd have to find material that directly states that she knew about Quetz. In addition, this means that not all souls fall into the underworld in FGO's book. Secondly, she knew nothing of the Lahmu at the start of this whole arc. That information is out of bounds, in regards to the argument, as she made her decision far prior to their entry into the story.

    Your narrow take on yandere is not objective fact. Calling something the ultimate tsundere does not make it objective fact, even if it's from character materials. We have arguably stronger contenders in the Avenger-class Servants who love Guda despite their class-specific correction to hate humanity--even Gorgon still feels the urge to literally eat him, despite that. The fact that she must juggle her hate and love on a precarious line daily makes her a stronger tsundere contender than a gloomy girl merely playing at being a villain. Does Eresh have tsundere traits? Sure. Using arbitrary claims from character mats, however, is not a valid argument.

    [–] Would using Gudako in the Babylonia anime make it objectively better? Pokedude12 6 points ago in grandorder

    He fits the typical harem light novel protag category to the tee, I feel.

    Overall nice guy with few flaws. Often praised by his harem--companions. Yes, companions. Gets to be really strong and do cool shit like yelling at goddesses as they throw themselves at his feet or punching out some loser trying to recreate the world, and he's a good guy who always does the right thing, gosh darn. Also juuust lucky enough to avoid catastrophies that incidentally render every other alternative incapable, thereby making him the only suitable option and making him "special." Speaking of, he has no special traits! Just your average everyman. Who everyone gets along with. Everyone. Yup.

    Of course, Fate goes out of its way to explain all this shit and obviously, what I said above is an exaggeration, but it doesn't change the fact that he's, in essence, a rehash of a non-character we've seen hundreds of times though apparently Part 2 shows off some of his PTSD, so yay?. Making Guda a girl wouldn't change that, sure, but it's less common than male LN harem protags, so I can see why at least swapping to Gudako would be less monotonous. Also yuri bait, as you'd noted.

    [–] Oh no! Most of your servants were turned into children after KoGil accidentally slipped his youth potion into the drinking water! While Da Vinci and Gil go about finding a solution, what sort of shenanigans do your own crew go about until they turn back? Pokedude12 7 points ago in grandorder

    Well, Martha's in the My Room 97% of the time, so at least I can count on her to help. On the other hand, her Ruler form... Well, she did mention something about being good at child-rearing. This is probably my best chance at becoming an acceptable waifu in her eyes.

    --if her Ruler self doesn't accidentally kill me before I learn to become a good father figure.

    [–] The Ol' Goddess Switcheroo Pokedude12 1 points ago in grandorder

    47:10: The plan to kill you here hasn't changed. Two more days until Gorgon attacks Uruk. Before that, I will conquer Uruk and seize its Greater Grail. Then, the world of humans will be over! Every last human on the surface will be trapped in the underworld and become my property. (For the hard battle dialogue, which demonstrably shows that Eresh is missing a few screws, considering she's overjoyed enough at Guda's approval that she's going to murderize him before forcing him to listen to her story with no method of input.)

    Yes, her plan was to kill Guda. Why she'd kill a bunch of randoms out of love for humanity, but refuse to kill the one she specifically has chosen out of romantic love, is beyond me. If she does love Guda more than the others, then surely, she would prioritize him over the others. Moreover, she is certain that killing humanity before the others is mandatory--there is no other option in her mind. Therefore, not killing Guda would be the same as letting him fall to the other goddesses. Which doesn't make any sense if she's determined enough that she must kill everyone before any other goddess does.

    Yes, she had four chances to kill Guda. No, I don't know why she waited. I'd have to sift through numerous cutscenes to find out. Maybe killing him would've alerted Gil to her plans and thusly have her targeted by humanity's greatest leader at the time, thereby preventing her from seizing the Grail? Maybe she liked chatting with him more than just cradling his silent cage for all eternity and wanted to make the most of that time before she'd do the deed? Either way, she had plans to kill Guda, and she's already made good on killing her share of humanity, if only her own people.

    Look, you seem to think yandere is solely ax-crazy murderous psychopath or perhaps a mustache-twirling, monocle-wearing, Saturday-morning villain. I assure you, there are as many shades of it as there are of tsundere. Yes, she feels guilt for her actions and knows them to be evil. Yes, she insisted that her time was up after Guda beat her. However, it doesn't change the fact that she considered making her subjects (Guda included) freeze in silent isolation for all eternity was a better alternative to death by Gorgon and Quetz. No sane person would suggest eternal torment as an escape from death. Neither would someone be so overjoyed at acceptance that they'd leap at the opportunity to murder them just so that they could rant at the victim as said victim wordlessly suffers aforementioned eternal torment.

    Now then, I'm assuming Christmas is going to set a scenario that lets Eresh live with Guda and co without any of the issues that the Three Goddess Alliance set into motion. After all, Chaldea has been noted as the ideal base for Heroic Spirits due to its nature and Guda's capacity as a Master. After this, she probably won't have a reason to kill people randomly because Harem Protag EX also includes free therapy for people not named Waver. It doesn't change the fact that she needed that therapy back in Babylonia, however. The thing that changed even Gorgon once she (I assume) merged with Ana. If even Gorgon can fall for Guda enough to save humanity, despite Avenger constantly correcting her level of hatred, then obviously, someone like Eresh will change more easily under Guda's influence.

    [–] guess it's time to admit it: even as a Hololive fan, I still am not enjoying this collab event Pokedude12 3 points ago in AzureLane

    Yeah, even FGO has a large number of reruns and filler events each year. Heck, it was a meme that LB4, the most recent main story arc, was going to be delayed until the heat death of the universe

    [–] Commander, you smell different today (Akagi, Shoukaku) Pokedude12 48 points ago in AzureLane

    Don't worry, Commander. It's not an accident. I just used the entire base as a grill for this goose I found.

    -Akagi, probably