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    [–] Tree braced by pillar. Spotted at hotel in Arizona. PorkyPickle 1 points ago in OSHA

    I think they are cantilevered. The blocks are solid. They aren't pieced in around a solid column.

    [–] Put he lunch sign up PorkyPickle 1 points ago in NotMyJob

    That's a good deal.

    [–] Farther time take the L PorkyPickle 6 points ago in Patriots

    "Konk, I have taught you about...our customs, the beliefs which we value. According to a tradition, I must take my life, after suffering this kind of injury. But I have decided to break with tradition. I have decided to live."


    [–] Another one I restored. This ones an '83. PorkyPickle 0 points ago in Trucks

    Is it really a restoration if you lift it? I know this sub creams it's jeans for lifted trucks, but I think the lift detracts from the truck.

    [–] From the Globe today PorkyPickle 1 points ago in boston

    They meant eleventh birthday deniers.

    [–] This Sprite can I found in the ceiling of an old mall. PorkyPickle 3 points ago in mildlyinteresting

    It was a tumultuous time for our nation. The clear beverage craze gave us all a reason to live.