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    [–] My friend thinks he's a gangster. Give him your best! PorkyPickle 1 points ago in RoastMe

    People don't call you Fat Tony because they think your a gangster.

    [–] My mom thinks I’m handsome. Change her mind. PorkyPickle 1 points ago in RoastMe

    When is the retirement party for your hairline?

    [–] Make it funny ;) PorkyPickle 1 points ago in RoastMe

    Your hair and your face are fighting over which direction to look.

    [–] Beautiful day to drive piles. PorkyPickle 3 points ago in Construction

    If any bar deserved to be torn down, it was the Whiskey Priest.

    [–] St. Christopher PorkyPickle 4 points ago in Chris

    In Eastern Orthodox iconography (and sometimes in the Western), Saint Christopher is sometimes represented with the head of a dog. The background to the dog-headed Christopher is laid in the reign of the Emperor Diocletian, when a man named Reprebus, Rebrebus or Reprobus was captured in combat against tribes dwelling to the west of Egypt in Cyrenaica. To the unit of soldiers, according to the hagiographic narrative, was assigned the name numerus Marmaritarum or "Unit of the Marmaritae", which suggests an otherwise-unidentified "Marmaritae" (perhaps the same as the Marmaricae Berber tribe of Cyrenaica). He was reported to be of enormous size, with the head of a dog instead of a man, apparently a characteristic of the Marmaritae. This Byzantine depiction of St. Christopher as dog-headed resulted from their misinterpretation of the Latin term Cananeus (Canaanite) to read canineus (canine).[18] According to the medieval Irish Passion of St. Christopher, "This Christopher was one of the Dog-heads, a race that had the heads of dogs and ate human flesh." [19] It was commonly accepted at the time that there were several types of races, the Cynocephalus, or dog headed people, being one of many believed to populate the world.

    The German bishop and poet Walter of Speyer portrayed St. Christopher as a giant of a cynocephalic species in the land of the Chananeans who ate human flesh and barked. Eventually, Christopher met the Christ child, regretted his former behavior, and received baptism. He, too, was rewarded with a human appearance, whereupon he devoted his life to Christian service and became an athlete of God, one of the soldier-saints.

    [–] This 6-door Chevy Avalanche PorkyPickle 1 points ago in Trucks

    The lines of the window don't match the other windows.

    [–] There was an attempt.... PorkyPickle 8 points ago in Construction

    Way of the road, Bubs. Way of the road.

    [–] 🔥 Floating islands in Norway 🔥 PorkyPickle 35 points ago in NatureIsFuckingLit

    My fear is that the whole island will become so overly populated that it will tip over and capsize.

    [–] My truck, what do ya'll think? PorkyPickle 1 points ago in Trucks

    It looks like it has a moustache.

    [–] Harnesses are overrated. PorkyPickle 1 points ago in OSHA

    Tie off to what?

    [–] I died with him watching this... PorkyPickle 1 points ago in WatchPeopleDieInside

    This happened to me, except in my tighty whities, on a field trip to Washington DC, in junior high school.