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    [–] Mmmmmmmhhhhhh this doesn't look fishy at all!!!! PotentiallyNotSatan 2 points ago * (lasted edited a day ago) in gaming

    Bit misleading, they made the J2ME mobile versions

    [–] Yup..pingunes.. PotentiallyNotSatan 1 points ago in funny

    Neh though neither this or the above source actually provide citations so it's all conjecture; no studies done into this at all

    [–] Found growing wild in my back garden! Such a lovely surprise - anyone know in which stage this appears to be? Rainy season ended last month so it would have been getting lots of sun these past few weeks. It's really small but damn pretty! PotentiallyNotSatan 2 points ago in microgrowery

    If you want to play it safe it's possible to first scratch up the stem and apply some local rooting hormones; I'd then cover that part up with something to protect it, then retrieve it a few days later after the roots have grown. Cut it below the new roots and plant it in some nice soil, being careful not to shred the new roots as you do so. If you're wanting to preserve it you'll need to take it out of flower with a vegging light cycle.

    [–] Italy bridge designer warned in 1979 of risk of corrosion PotentiallyNotSatan 3 points ago in worldnews

    Did you even read the article you keep posting? How does it support what you're saying? That article contradicts you, you dense motherfucker.

    [–] Looked great on paper PotentiallyNotSatan 1 points ago in microgrowery

    No problem friend, good luck with the grow

    [–] Looked great on paper PotentiallyNotSatan 1 points ago in microgrowery

    It's not necessarily due to light burn/bleaching, that tends to be a lot more even and starts from the tops. Are you monitoring the pH? Could be a nutrient deficiency, like iron (my guess) or nitrogen, and that doesn't mean you need to give them more but possibly that something is inhibiting the uptake. If a plant needs nutrients and it can't take it up from the roots then it starts taking it from the leaves, which looks like what we see here. Unfortunately, cannabis will pretty much grow fine in anything while it's vegging but it's rather temperamental during flowering so you don't get a heads up before the emergency. You need to be monitoring the soil pH, if it's off then she'll have trouble taking up nutrients, or worse. Other things to look for: poor drainage, humidity (never mist these things, especially not in flower) and temperature.

    [–] 20 minute Diablo setup, still an awesome game PotentiallyNotSatan 5 points ago in battlestations

    Wtf I played Diablo 1 with a near identical set up back in the day, same shitty desk and all haha be careful not to kick to leg ;)

    [–] TABG possibly causing circut to overload??? PotentiallyNotSatan 2 points ago in TABG

    Mmm yeah that's either crappy wiring or the wrong rating for that breaker, what amperage is it? 5, 10, 15?

    [–] TABG possibly causing circut to overload??? PotentiallyNotSatan 1 points ago in TABG

    How are you getting power back on after it goes out? Resetting the breaker or does it not flip that? Really weird if it's not flipping the breaker yeah get an electrician out there ASAP or you can say goodbye to noodlegrounds

    [–] TABG possibly causing circut to overload??? PotentiallyNotSatan 3 points ago in TABG

    Oi just be happy you found out this way and not in a worse situation :) could be something simple like using the wrong rated fuse (you can try this yourself, go find the fuse/breaker for the outlet you use and switch it out with something with a higher amperage, guessing you use breakers though so a bit more expensive to switch out) or a floating neutral but then your water would be giving you electric shocks... Needs to be checked out, try switching the breaker first though and then get an electrician out there if that doesn't work