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    Kid made the ball move, at least

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    !invest 10

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    These memes are getting so relatable that I’m legitimately afraid you all are watching me.

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    To add on to this, dabbing is honestly a very functional dance move.

    It can be hit on about any downbeat, especially when the beat drops. Dabbing can literally work with any time signature, whether it’s 4/4, 3/4, 6/8, or whatever.

    However, flossing, on the other hand, is built for 3/4 timing. If we consider the point where you pull your arms into your body the downbeat, it would take 3 beats (including the downbeat) for you to get to the other side and restart the dance move.

    I’ve seen many people get frustrated because they can’t do the dance, and when they finally get it, they can’t understand why they can’t do it to music. It’s simple music theory—the dance simply cannot work with most songs since they’re all written in 4/4 timing. I mean, if somebody wanted to get jiggy with the waltz, they could perfectly do the floss. I don’t see too many people waltzing though, and when they do, I don’t see them flossing with it.

    tl;dr: Dabbing works with all time signatures, but flossing is in 3/4 timing, which is incompatible with most songs since they’re mostly in 4/4 timing.