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    [–] Am I doing it Dad? Am I really swimming? PracticalTie 4 points ago in Greyhounds

    It’s MAGGIE!!!!!!! She is doing a great job 👍

    [–] What’s the best(worst) public relations stunt you’ve seen? PracticalTie 2 points ago in AskReddit

    If you want it to get even worse. The avengers controller is adapted tech intended for ppl with disabilities. Paul is shutting on someone who has a physical disabilities AND he knows it. Total shit stain.

    [–] Did you know this is literally ALL women? PracticalTie 2 points ago in IncelTears

    I think in part it’s because of there are two movies* out about Ted Bundy and both emphasise how charming he was. Some people recently tweeted that they thought Bundy was hot, therefore incels think all women are attracted to serial killers.

    E* movie and a documentary.

    [–] The best snuggler PracticalTie 5 points ago in Greyhounds

    Neither. Just lie awkwardly sideways and take up half the bad.

    [–] If you ever see a dead possum on the side of the road, check if it’s a momma with a pouch full of babies pls PracticalTie 26 points ago * (lasted edited 10 days ago) in tinyanimalsonfingers

    PDF from Wildlife Victoriahas a picture guide. Basically just open the pouch VERY carefully and check. Sometimes they can be tricky to remove so if you can see a baby in the pouch and you’re close to a vet/wildlife centre you can just wrap the whole animal and take it. (This is less ideal with a big roo)

    [–] Using your dead child to forward your agenda PracticalTie 3760 points ago in iamatotalpieceofshit

    My guess is that there was no vaccine. She lied to get her family off her back and is trying to make them feel bad/deflect guilt

    (assuming this is real. Which it probably isn’t)

    [–] Vaccine murder with a side of r/quityourbullshit PracticalTie 43 points ago in MurderedByWords

    I’m gonna assume Mum didn’t tell the dr about the measles. Or the vaccine story was bs to keep the family quiet while the oils worked their ‘magic’.

    [–] Epic fight going on cat sub. Grab the popcorn, fellas (sorry some comments are deleted but there's alot still there) PracticalTie 1 points ago in SubredditDrama

    This conversation happens pretty regularly in Au too. TNR works in urban & suburban areas with strays (and we have several agencies that do TNR) but the issue is that our rural areas are so freaking massive and so sparsely populated that TNR isn’t a feasible option for managing feral cats.

    E: link from the RSPCA and it links to their report on TNR in AU and the US.

    [–] Forbidden Sundae PracticalTie 74 points ago in forbiddensnacks


    [–] This analysis by /u/jarrheadd0 of a fishy post PracticalTie 1 points ago * (lasted edited 12 days ago) in bestof

    A “final solution to the juice problem.”

    E: I meant to reply to u/MiDusa

    E: Can I ramble off topic for a minute? In AU we have a politician who called for “a final solution to the immigration problem” during his first speech in parliament. He claimed he didn’t know it was a Nazi phrase. Last month Mr Anning attended an alt-right rally (using taxpayer $$) but said he didn’t know it was organised by neo Nazis (despite the Nazi salutes and symbols on display). I’m so disgusted with the world right now, how do you even deal with this bullshit from your representatives?