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    [–] Phoenix child punched for not being good enough lookout for shoplifting grandma PretendDGAF 3 points ago in phoenix

    I'd much rather have a future where people don't steal because they don't need to

    You think most of these thefts are people stealing because they're starving to death? No. The amount of makeup stolen from a Target on a given day is insane.

    [–] Found on sofa PretendDGAF 1 points ago in whatsthisbug

    Carpet beetle

    [–] Maricopa County is fastest-growing county in the U.S. for second year PretendDGAF 6 points ago in phoenix

    Traffic has gotten so much worse over the last 20 years. It's absolutely a different city.

    [–] San Francisco in perfect weather PretendDGAF 10 points ago in CityPorn


    [–] Ant bite in slow-mo PretendDGAF 5 points ago in natureismetal

    Yeah, hot climate

    [–] Ant bite in slow-mo PretendDGAF 9 points ago in natureismetal

    Can an ant do this continuously over and over or do they have to "recharge"? I was at a lake a few weeks ago and was bit to hell on my ankle. I wondered if one ant could manage all those bites

    [–] DriveTime PretendDGAF 2 points ago in ZonaEnts

    I doubt they do on-site drug screening. They'll just give you a form to bring to a place that does UA's and say have it done by a certain time.

    [–] 6 charged with spreading New Zealand mosque shooting video online PretendDGAF -7 points ago in news

    Right? Obama didn't even touch guns. I asked republicans about bump stocks and they just shrug their shoulders. Idiots.

    [–] A Kinky View of the Manhattan Skyline PretendDGAF 2 points ago in CityPorn

    What building is that that looks crooked?

    [–] Anti three strike law propaganda. USA, 2010s. PretendDGAF -5 points ago in PropagandaPosters

    If only violent crime resulted in a felony, the 3 strike thing wouldn't be a bad idea