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    [–] Boyfriend Wants To Go To A Strip Club PretentiousHole 2 points ago in askgaybros

    it’s not the fact that he’d find the people there attractive, like that’s fine, it’s the fact that when going to a strip club, people pay to have a naked guy give them a lap dance, no? This is where my issue with the whole thing is. I don’t understand how people are okay with their SO doing this? Once again I know he wouldn’t cheat as in have sex with them, but still, would it not make you feel weird knowing this happened?

    [–] Boyfriend Wants To Go To A Strip Club PretentiousHole -7 points ago in askgaybros

    I understand what you’re saying. I do trust him to not have sex with other guys but me. Mostly what my issue is i guess would be a naked guy dancing on him or grinding on him or w/e... this just makes me uncomfortable bc to me i would consider this cheating. I know a lot of people don’t consider it bc it’s just a stripper, but why does the money part make it different than if a random other guy did it? You’re paying someone to make you horny... idk this is my POV

    [–] My first decent base that isn't dead yet PretentiousHole 1 points ago in RimWorld

    Hmmm, i would be wary of infestations, part of your base might be under overhead mountains.

    [–] Good boy PretentiousHole 1 points ago in funny

    my friends to me after i give a presentation where i messed up every other word

    [–] Instant ice? PretentiousHole 0 points ago in blackmagicfuckery

    hmm i’m not sure this is ice i believe this is a super saturated solution of water with salt or some other compound. when it hits the ground, it gives the solute a place to precipitate out

    [–] Parents, when did you realize your kid might be terminally stupid? PretentiousHole 1 points ago in AskReddit

    found one of those small metal washers on the ground of my garage, decided to swallow it and end led up choking on it. luckily my mom was right there and helped me not die

    [–] Bad santa PretentiousHole 2 points ago in funny

    Giver her

    [–] racist girl from my old high school shoves ice cream in a random guys face and screams assault when he pushes her away (sorry for low quality, there was lots of sharing) PretentiousHole 56 points ago in trashy

    The guy pressed charges :)

    also they’re trying to get her fired from her job at Panera (she’s in-training but technically hasn’t done anything inside panera so she can’t be fired even tho everyone wants her to be), and a lot of people want her suspended from her school (but can’t due to the reason above as well)

    No one has liked her ever or her older sister who is the same way so they’re finally getting what they deserve

    [–] How to get a guy: put minimal effort into a greeting followed by an insult PretentiousHole 4 points ago in niceguys

    you’re fine haha, grindr is a world full of people who aren’t the brightest and/or good at taking hints

    [–] How to get a guy: put minimal effort into a greeting followed by an insult PretentiousHole 9 points ago in niceguys

    his bio says “don’t think about messaging me if you don’t have a face pic”

    well, he thought about messaging me without one or sending one so

    [–] The meaning of life PretentiousHole 136 points ago in SuddenlyGay

    tumblr (and a lot of sites) are full of people who post something because their friend or something who is more popular can reply to it to get likes. He was just saying it so the other person could respond