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    [–] Plumbing is an honest and demanding job yet everyone shits on their work. Primsun 1 points ago in Showerthoughts

    Maybe, but I wouldn't say it is always honest. Specialist contractors tend to up charge easy fixes a lot.

    [–] Does Hecarim counter Jarvan IV? Primsun 1 points ago in JarvanIVmains

    I'm plat IV and it still seems to work.

    [–] Glass half full from 9 points of view Primsun 1 points ago in funny

    Pfft...we are living in 2020 and EA is living in 2100. Water shortage is real boyz.

    [–] Some Tarly boi Primsun 3 points ago in SamWinsTheThrone

    He got DICKoffed

    [–] Winner of the space race? Primsun 2 points ago in mildlyinteresting

    I think you met China.

    [–] Does Hecarim counter Jarvan IV? Primsun 1 points ago in JarvanIVmains

    Just a heads up that you can beat him if you focus on catching him at scuttle lvl 2/3 and if you ult when he dashes into you. His dash/speed beats EQ and will knock you back. It does not interrupt your unstoppable ult.

    [–] J4 Wits End Primsun 3 points ago * (lasted edited 14 days ago) in JarvanIVmains

    I have been pretty skeptical that Q max (besides lower cdr) significantly increases damage with lethal tempo since you have to hit it and get your attacks in on the same target in under 3 seconds.

    I find Q max is extremely good though if you run it with Hail of Blades to early stack damage in those 3 seconds though. Usually can get out 3 autos+titanic auto reset before they have a chance to dash out if I hit the knock up. This is platish elo though.

    [–] J4 Wits End Primsun 1 points ago in JarvanIVmains

    I will have to try changing up the order. Usually I prefer Titanic because of the strong AA reset burst potential to somewhat balance out the lethal tempo ramp up delay. I could see Wits End being better if you are breaking out into team fights earlier. Going for early MR (besides an early merc treads) will probably hurt your gank potential.

    [–] J4 Wits End Primsun 1 points ago in JarvanIVmains

    You could definitely pick it up earlier if needed or if you didn't pick up a few kills early game. Personally, I have found that I am getting it around the mid game to late game mid ap caster power spike. I also tend to go Mercury Treads in that case so not ignoring MR completely.

    [–] A helping hand Primsun -16 points ago in IdiotsInCars

    In this case, I am unsure if driving between the lanes of stalled traffic is technically legal. Especially 3 cars away from an active intersection.

    [–] His 5th arrest since last May Primsun 2 points ago in funny

    He already had one though. Looks more like a meth problem.

    [–] Don't do math Primsun 1 points ago in funny


    I don't get it. The jokes just not adding up.

    [–] ***Feline Bureau of Investigation*** Primsun 2 points ago in funny

    He's ready to make a feline to any cat-astrophe that may arise.

    [–] This is actually so true Primsun 5 points ago in rickandmorty

    I like this cause it validates my preconceived notions without having to use critical thinking.

    Wait...that isn't what smart people do.

    [–] And she drove off without leaving a note Primsun 25 points ago in IdiotsInCars

    Not really. It's pretty easy to file a report and could be a requirement for insurance purposes.

    Doesn't mean they do anything about it though.