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    [–] I'm Taking Her on a Forced Walk Through the Woods Princess_Trash_Panda 11 points ago in BDSMcommunity

    So yeah, tons of safety concerns but the biggest one to me is that with her arms tied behind her back, if she falls and you don't manage to catch her, she will have no way of breaking her fall and willl just fall face-first into whatever is in front of her. I think it would be a better idea to tie her arms in front of her so she would at least be able to break her fall a bit if that were to happen. I know you'll be next to her the whole time and ideally she won't fall at all, but safety planning for bbsm is all about worst scenario planning.

    [–] A man lied and loitered at a restaurant so he could creepily state as I ate my food, and nobody did anything. Princess_Trash_Panda 2 points ago in TwoXChromosomes

    Hey OP, sorry you're being trolled in the comments. That sounds super uncomfortable and I'm sorry you had to deal with that. To all of the victim-blaming commenters: it is not her job to police/punish/call out/photograph creepers. Doing any of these things can potentially put her in harm's way, and if she's not comfortable doing that, that's okay. This is not on her. She is not responsible for another person's actions.

    [–] PSA: Water free at Wawa Princess_Trash_Panda 18 points ago in philadelphia

    To piggyback on this, most places that sell fast or fast-casual food, like Starbucks, McDonald's, Panera, etc will give you a cup of water if you ask for it. Just walk up to the register and request it and they'll give it to you for free.

    [–] how many of you wear sunscreen daily? Princess_Trash_Panda 1 points ago in AskWomen

    I use 50 spf Australian Gold (tinted) on my face and neck every day, and 30 spf non-tinted Australian Gold on the exposed parts of my body every day. I used to work outside and got in the habit (that or risked awful sunburn) when I was 24, and I'm 29 now with no plans to stop! :)

    [–] It's seal team six training over at CFA Princess_Trash_Panda 98 points ago in BlackPeopleTwitter

    Lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans*, queer. Queer is an umbrella term for other genders/sexualities not included in the rest of the acronym.

    [–] Really don’t know what you have until it’s gone. Princess_Trash_Panda 12 points ago in BlackPeopleTwitter

    Apparently he's against busing, aka the desegregation of schools. Also he's anti-abortion, and he definitely likes sniffing women (and young girls) and kissing them without consent. Yikes.

    [–] tried to cut my own hair, dont know how to continue Princess_Trash_Panda 1 points ago in DIY

    Ignore all these haters, I've been cutting my own hair for years and used to have a haircut that started off just like this. Be brave and try your best, and if it still doesn't work out then you can go to a barber for a quick fix. Honestly it's just hair, and it will grow back. In the meantime check out this video, and YouTube in general is a great source for this kind of do-it-yourself project. Good luck!

    How-to vid:

    [–] a classic double standard Princess_Trash_Panda 5 points ago in TrollXChromosomes

    Maybe it's a reference to her Destiny's Child era lyric, "I ain't gonna diss you on the internet"...? That's all I've got, other than that she is the queen of all things 👑

    [–] When was a time that you felt unsafe just living your life? Princess_Trash_Panda 1 points ago in TwoXChromosomes

    That's what I'm saying, though... There were tons of people there, and they were all to scared to get involved.

    [–] When was a time that you felt unsafe just living your life? Princess_Trash_Panda 2 points ago in TwoXChromosomes

    Also: I've been roofied three times; once while out with my girlfriend. She was roofied too; we both woke up the next day covered in scratches and bruises, with no memory of what happened. I have also been raped twice; once by two strangers after being drugged, and once by a man who I thought was a friend who was supposed to escort me home safely after a party. I've also been followed on the train, followed while walking home from work, ejaculated on by a homeless man on a subway, and once a man tried to stab me because I wouldn't give him a cigarette (I was 15 and didn't even smoke!). The list is honestly endless.

    [–] When was a time that you felt unsafe just living your life? Princess_Trash_Panda 2 points ago in TwoXChromosomes

    I was taking the subway to a friend's house, and the escalator out of the station was out of service so I had to take an elevator. There were a ton of people, so we were all queued up waiting for our turn. Some guy behind me grabbed my ass hard enough to bruise (like, grabbed hard and twisted). I turned around and told him that was completely unacceptable, and he proceeded to scream in my face, threatening to kill me, spewing profanities. He was at least 6'2", and I am a 5'5" slender woman. He was looming over me, shouting so hard that spit was flying in my face. I was surrounded by people, dozens of them, all silently watching from the corners of their eyes. My turn came for the elevator and he got in with me. It was so crowded that we were all touching, and he continued to scream and threaten me (examples include "you stupid bitch, I could kill you right here with my bare fucking hands, you're lucky I don't have my knife 'cause I'd stab you in the fucking stomach". Still, no one did anything. The elevator stopped, I ran, he briefly chased me before I lost him. I was terrified not only by him, but by the fact that dozens of people did and said nothing. He probably could have actually killed me with no one stepping in to stop him.

    [–] What’s the most intrusive/out of line question you’ve been asked on a first date? Princess_Trash_Panda 9 points ago in AskWomen

    Not stupid at all! It's basically a gross emotionally manipulative dating "technique" that some people use to try to undermine their date's confidence in order to get laid (???). From the wiki:

    "Negging is an act of emotional manipulation whereby a person makes a deliberate backhanded compliment or otherwise flirtatious remark to another person to undermine their confidence and increase their need of the manipulator's approval.[1] The term was coined and prescribed by the pickup artist community,[1]several of whose members have proposed it as an effective method to build attraction.[2]"

    [–] Help for staffing Princess_Trash_Panda 1 points ago in OrganicFarming

    Great, hope it helps!

    [–] Help for staffing Princess_Trash_Panda 1 points ago in OrganicFarming

    You could try posting on