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    [–] Does anyone else get irrationally irritated when people think Vegan means being gluten free? Princess_Trash_Panda 5 points ago in vegan

    I also think it's ridiculous, but she knows zero vegans other than me, no one talks about veganism in her area (conservative area in the southwest), and it's not mainstream at all down there. I can kind of see why she was confused, but it was still not ideal. ☹️

    [–] Does anyone else get irrationally irritated when people think Vegan means being gluten free? Princess_Trash_Panda 11 points ago in vegan

    Oh yeah, I definitely agree about the perception of both being fad diets and therefore interchangeable. I'm vegan for the animals and the environment, not for the sake of it being "trendy", so I feel ya.

    [–] Does anyone else get irrationally irritated when people think Vegan means being gluten free? Princess_Trash_Panda 46 points ago in vegan

    Also! The amount of times I've asked about vegan options at a restaurant and had the server reply something along the lines of, "Oh yes, we do have gluten-free options," is staggering. Womp womp.

    [–] Does anyone else get irrationally irritated when people think Vegan means being gluten free? Princess_Trash_Panda 72 points ago in vegan

    Yes! I stayed with my cousin for a few days recently, and she twice fed me things containing a shit ton of dairy because the package said gluten-free and she thought that it meant vegan as well. I had wondered why I'd been so sick at her house, until her revelation that they were not the same on my last day there. (I'm lactose intolerant on top of being a vegan, so this was a bit of a double whammy.) facepalm

    [–] I messed up last night and hurt my sub. I need help to make sure it never happens again. Princess_Trash_Panda 5 points ago * (lasted edited 9 days ago) in BDSMcommunity

    Try The New Topping Book, and maybe get The New Bottoming Book for your sub. I think both are available in PDF form online. Lots of great insight in both.

    [–] What can I do to beat my internalized misogyny and make my sex life with partner (m) more equal? Princess_Trash_Panda 2 points ago in Feminism

    Okay, fair enough. As a kinky queer lady feminist, I've also struggled with questions like this, and have found both the BDSM community and the feminist community to be helpful, but oftentimes I've found that people in the BDSM community have more experience with the role of feminism/misogyny in sexual power play. That's just my experience though. As I said, best of luck in your quest for insight into the matter.

    [–] A growing group of women concerned about climate change are choosing not to reproduce. Called BirthStrikers, they agree to not bear children β€œdue to the severity of the ecological crisis and the current inaction of governing forces in the face of this existential threat.” Princess_Trash_Panda 4 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago) in Futurology

    I've worked on organic farms for several years. Most of them are small (>20 acres), and most of them practice intensive crop rotation, plant fields with nitrogen-amending cycles for soil remediation, plant pollinator-friendly end rows or row caps, etc. I agree that in large-scale agriculture, monocropping is more prevalent regardless of a farm's organic status, but I do think that the average organic farmer has a more sustainability-minded approach. I disagree that all farmers prioritize soil health. I'm from Virginia and much of the soil there has been absolutely ruined by tobacco farming without sufficient soil remediation. Additionally, of course organic farmers use pesticides. I was not saying that they do t use pesticides, but that they don't use pesticides that are harmful to bees. Organic pesticides are generally derived from natural and usually edible sources (source: I'm an organic hydroponic lettuce farmer, and I use neem oil and bacillus therigienesis to control pests and mildew. Both are harmless to humans and honeybees). Also, I think part of the attraction of buying organic goes hand in hand with buying local. This enables small farms which do have better biodiversity to reach markets and be profitable, while simultaneously reducing pollution and waste caused by transportation of agricultural products over long distances. Also, I agree about the vegan thing: I actually am vegan, for both the environment and the animals. Buying vegan, local, and organic all benefit the planet.

    [–] It's not bragging, but merely a different perspective I hadn't seen before Princess_Trash_Panda 308 points ago in AdviceAnimals

    Glad you're still here, friend. As someone who has been on that brink before, I can tell you it gets better. Feel free to message if you need to talk. ❀️

    [–] When did you realize that you were being, or had been, groomed? Princess_Trash_Panda 6 points ago in AskWomen

    If you don't feel safe telling your family, involve other adults. School counselors, teachers, police. Document everything that he says/does. Please be careful ❀️

    [–] Homemade Flaxseed gel victory! Princess_Trash_Panda 3 points ago in curlyhair

    For me, after I do prayer hands, I flip my hair upside down, leaning forward, then use my hands to scrunch/squish my hair upwards towards my scalp. This helps reshape the curls. 😊

    [–] Cheezy Mac + Bbq Jack Crunchwrap Princess_Trash_Panda 71 points ago in vegan

    It depends. The kind you generally use for cooking is young or green jackfruit, which really doesn't have much of a taste. The reason it's popular as a vegan substitute for pork is that when cooked, it takes on the texture of pulled pork, and since its flavor is so mild, it just takes on the flavor of whatever barbecue sauce you put on it. However, mature jackfruit is sweet and basically tastes like juicy fruit gum.

    [–] So true! πŸ»πŸ’• Princess_Trash_Panda 1 points ago in littlespace

    Not sure, I cross posted from r/wholesomememes and couldn't find the credit there either... If you can find it,let me know and I'll add it!