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    [–] Big oof ProccessingUnit 10 points ago in marchingband

    UDB is great

    [–] it really maybe gonna be like that ProccessingUnit 49 points ago in dankmemes

    Everyone seems to forget that the people who’ve wanted to raid Area 51 for years — the ones with fucking guns — are also gonna show up

    [–] Not sure I like these clouds anymore. ProccessingUnit 1 points ago in marchingband

    It was supposed to rain in Hewitt yesterday... the storm literally went around us in a circle

    [–] we all bombed it ProccessingUnit -1 points ago in APStudents

    Ha. 92 on my first one

    [–] I fell for it ProccessingUnit 13 points ago in YouFellForItFool

    Fuck I fell for that

    [–] Cursed_Family ProccessingUnit 21 points ago in cursedcomments

    Insert here that you’re a vulgar term

    [–] warm and toasty ProccessingUnit 11 points ago in marchingband

    Why is there a 3x3 grid on this image?

    [–] Well the 96% are correct ProccessingUnit 5 points ago in Tendies

    I’m a fuckin’ dude, bro

    [–] My teacher put a meme on our test ProccessingUnit 3 points ago in teenagers

    My biology teacher used science cat everywhere...

    [–] Well the 96% are correct ProccessingUnit 16 points ago in Tendies

    M’badboy this is an edgy sub, not a homophobic one

    [–] Mmmm ProccessingUnit 10 points ago in dankmemes

    If I cut my own leg off can I legally eat it

    [–] Thanks, I hate minecraft watermelon ProccessingUnit -1 points ago in TIHI

    Think about it... this is how the melons grow. Meaning there must be some being that goes around at light speed cutting melons with extreme accuracy every time they grow

    [–] @EveryFreshmanEver ProccessingUnit 7 points ago in marchingband

    Hello fellow section leader

    [–] @EveryFreshmanEver ProccessingUnit 17 points ago in marchingband

    As a baritone section leader, practice, please.