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    [–] Is there a sub reddit to ask medical advice? ProphetofBakedGoods 2 points ago in findareddit

    i read this as medieval advice for some reason, that got me interested.

    [–] Any one ever notice how similar the chorus insturmental for Deuce-America and Young are? ProphetofBakedGoods 3 points ago in HollywoodUndead

    the “ we are young, but we have heart” sounds very similar to the “they wanna see blood, they wanna see hate”

    [–] Like Name of the Wind ProphetofBakedGoods 1 points ago in suggestmeabook

    King Rolen's Kin Series by Rowena Cory Daniells

    [–] How do you feel about birds? ProphetofBakedGoods 3 points ago in AskWomen

    Oh, you mean those government surveillance drones? yeah they’re cute.

    [–] Calidi Turbo: Harbinger of Vortices and Seducer of Sky Men ProphetofBakedGoods 5 points ago in Bossfight

    in an age where we must fuck everything, now we are going to fuck the weather

    [–] this one might be close. ProphetofBakedGoods 4 points ago in LodedDiper

    no don’t be mean to the bots, they don’t know any better

    [–] Didn’t rowley do something like this? ProphetofBakedGoods 3 points ago in LodedDiper

    spam her facebook. plagiarism of our man rowley will not be tolerated.