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    [–] Why don’t we look for planets BEHIND earth? ProphetofBakedGoods 17 points ago in NoStupidQuestions

    this question made me think really hard trying to understand it. now i feel stupid

    [–] Worst hu song ProphetofBakedGoods -3 points ago in HollywoodUndead

    if we’re counting turn off the lights then that’s the worst. besides that, i’m not really a fan of War Child

    [–] HEE HEE! ProphetofBakedGoods 1 points ago in LodedDiper

    mannys watching us through the tv!

    [–] Manny's Revenge - Part 10 ProphetofBakedGoods 31 points ago in LodedDiper

    it’s a trick. he’s plotting something

    [–] Good one Manny ProphetofBakedGoods 185 points ago in LodedDiper

    so is he on manny’s side?

    [–] What are hamburgers? ProphetofBakedGoods 3 points ago in HollywoodUndead

    upvoting because i want to know too

    [–] JEFF NO ProphetofBakedGoods 14 points ago in LodedDiper

    he was the chosen one

    [–] Why can I sometimes not see upvotes or downvotes on Reddit? ProphetofBakedGoods 3 points ago in TooAfraidToAsk

    i think the upvotes and downvotes aren’t displayed until a certain amount of time is passed since the comment/post was made.