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    [–] The podcast guest we are all waiting for Proteon 2 points ago in h3h3productions

    This is TheReportOfTheWeek aka Reviewbrah; he reviews fast food (and stuff) with great care and a vintage vibe. Seems like a great guy.

    [–] New video posted by h3h3productions on Twitch: The H3 Podcast - Bob Saget Proteon 7 points ago in h3h3productions

    I was expecting anecdotes from a man whose been around Hollywood, but mostly it seemed like the charm born of a few drinks chugged on the way over.

    [–] #squadgoals Proteon 3 points ago in h3h3productions

    That'd be Harley Morenstein from Epic Meal Time ya'll. (Not Harley Quinn as another comment points out).

    He's a fairly active redditor in r/ActionFigures.

    [–] Blade knapped from Rainbow Obsidian Proteon 38 points ago in pics

    Makes me think of Raven's knives in Snow Crash.

    [–] Most unfortunate Druid I ever saw Proteon 77 points ago in wow

    I believe the gloves are from EverQuest.

    [–] Moon bridge Proteon 547 points ago in pics

    Photo by Bighi Diego