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    [–] It’s been real Oki. Thanks for the memories. PsychNurse6685 5 points ago in okinawa

    I cried I’d say every few days for 3 years after leaving. I was so very depressed. To this day I feel like I left my soul there. I have to find my way back one day

    [–] What would you do if you weren't afraid? PsychNurse6685 1 points ago in AskWomen

    Quit my job and find another. Break it off with the guy I’m seeing and tell myself it’s ok to be alone forever

    [–] My San Diego Loft [OC] [5184x3456] PsychNurse6685 1 points ago in RoomPorn

    Think I can see my building from your living room. I think :)

    [–] This was a Facebook ad for a breakfast place near me PsychNurse6685 2 points ago in awfuleyebrows

    Ok snooze must have girls with weird eyebrows. There’s a girl here in the San Diego one.... she drew them in... and they were legit tree branches. I’m still confused.

    [–] This is 3:30 am in Sweden rn, sun just wont set. PsychNurse6685 1 points ago in BeAmazed

    Oh you’re in Bergen!!!! I’ve been infatuated with the isdal woman’s story FOR YEARS!!!! Do people there talk about it at all? Is it like a regular thing? Sorry for being weird!!

    [–] Western English teacher in Kokura, Japan beats a Japanese bartender who tried to charge him the 500 yen ($5) he owed for a beer PsychNurse6685 4 points ago in japan

    This is why they hated us when I was stationed in Japan. Dumbasses like this. We had a few guys rob a Japanese taxi driver and then stab him. I don’t blame them for their anger towards us. Of course it’s not everyone behaving this way, but it doesn’t help even if it’s just one person! Let’s not bring us the rapes.... ugh.

    [–] Grandma’s present PsychNurse6685 1 points ago in MadeMeSmile

    Seriously just had tears

    [–] Konichiwa! PsychNurse6685 5 points ago in USMC

    Wow. Haha was in oki for 5 years. This hit home

    [–] The unknown Isdal woman and Switzerland PsychNurse6685 1 points ago in Switzerland

    I’ve been studying this case for a few years myself. I’m always looking to see if there are any new clues. I often wonder if we’re making this bigger than it is but then I get so into the case ... remind myself of all the clues and just think... there’s no way. This was definitely something important