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    [–] Do you really need to kill the entire team to climb as dps? 2200 gold soldier vod. 60%+ kill participation Psychoanalicer 1 points ago in OverwatchUniversity

    She didn't even need to die there. She was trapped. And your tank line died because the rest of the team went for ana who could have been left alone.

    [–] What's the funniest thing you've seen someone do that you weren't allowed to laugh at? Psychoanalicer 2 points ago in AskReddit

    Yup, my brother told me about this and I have never looked at escalators the same. By the way this was on one that was not working. Never again will I walk up a stationary escalator.

    [–] Do you really need to kill the entire team to climb as dps? 2200 gold soldier vod. 60%+ kill participation Psychoanalicer 17 points ago in OverwatchUniversity

    anyone who wants to stop automatically jumping, rebind your jump key for a week. your brain will eventually stop expecting jump from the space bar and rewire to jump when you actually want to instead of all the time.

    [–] Do you really need to kill the entire team to climb as dps? 2200 gold soldier vod. 60%+ kill participation Psychoanalicer 3 points ago in OverwatchUniversity

    Every hero has different stats that that heavily impact your sr gains and losses. your ana playing badly doesnt mean you played particularly well. if youre outhealing your ana as zen, consider swapping heros to better enable your team.

    [–] Do you really need to kill the entire team to climb as dps? 2200 gold soldier vod. 60%+ kill participation Psychoanalicer 74 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago) in OverwatchUniversity

    You know, after reading the other comments I'm actually going to go watch these replays for you, but immediately it comes across to me that you're focusing too much on what your team is doing and not enough on your win conditions other than shoot things = win. Will edit after I watch.

    -edit Please note that I am writing as I watch to save myself some time.


    Okay so the first thing I want to ask you is, do you actively think about why you are doing things?

    like why exit spawn from the high ground? What is the reason for your pathing and positioning? and why are you ulting? 2 mins in and it looks like youre playing a point and click adventure with very little thought into what youre trying to do. You use your abilities near on cooldown for no specific reason. Your tunnel visioning quite a bit too, to the point where youre wildly out of position and the only reason youre not getting punished constantly for it is because youre currently in gold, but if you want to climb you need to play better than the rank youre in.

    This interaction at 4:30 with the ana really drives these points home. Your team has won this fight, and capped point. the enemy is backing off and your team is moving it to take space and get picks to set up the next fight. You see an ana way out of position being attacked by your ashe, with no way to escape and attempt to solo ult her while she has plenty of cover from you, not only that but you didnt attempt to set your ult up for anything else (like pre firing on the shield), aside from the fact that you didnt need it in the first place and wasted it on an already won fight. you dont kill the ana after you realise it was a poorly planned ult, attempt to engage the ana after while she has all of her cooldowns and don't even consider trying to bait or dodge them, while using your own cooldowns to no effect, you lose the fight and cause your ana and ashe to pull their attention away from your tank line and mercy to use a res she didnt have to in a fight you didnt need to take. This one decision on fighting this ana who was doing nothing but staggering herself cost your team an ultimate and res and the ability to take the space before the team fight even occurred.

    Now I hope you know this isnt intended to roast you or anything like that, its just a way to point out how taking actions without thinking about why youre doing them has a larger impact than it seems, and remember that it doesnt matter what mistakes your other team mates made during this fight because we're focusing on what you can do to win games. To me it seems the biggest answer here is to stop playing a reactionary game and start planning ahead and thinking actively while you play (where am i going and why, what cooldowns am i using and why, who am i focusing on killing and why, what can i do to help my team and how can i do it effectively). That and the tendency to blame team mates really doesnt help you or anyone else, your hammond didnt even play too badly and swapped after 2? deaths to sombra (i cant be bothered going back again to count). Other large points for you to work on that i can see from this game, learn your strengths, weaknesses and win conditions for 1v1s and how to effectively use your ultimate. I think I saw maybe 1 effective use of your ult in this entire game.


    I'm going to try not to repeat myself too much for this map but i expect a lot to be the same here.

    Try to think about what your job is in any given team comp, this first fight is very hard because you are meant to be the consistent dmg here. genji is obviously not which means you are and the position you chose means your team effectively has very little dps for this fight. to be fair your tank line really fails here and gets walked into. but its something to consider. I would also probably have been smart to die faster so your team didnt end up 5v6 without you (they should regroup and wait but never expect that, take the responsibility and put yourself in the right place).

    I find a few simple rules for dps can really help you make a difference. One dps should be 'consistent dmg', you should try to have a different optimal range to the other dps, and if one is on the flank, the other is with the tank. (it rhymes so it must be true).

    Everything is not your responsibility, the ult through window at 2:50 is a good example. this rein charged right into your whole team, you could easily have just pushed passed him and gone for his unprotected team. ignore him and let your team deal with it.

    Not going to go on about it but just spend 20-30 mins before you play every time doing some aim training (especially with cree) headshots with cree matter a lot.

    Over all, work on using natural cover, you seem to find yourself out in the middle a lot and get shot in the face for it, this is one of your most egregious mistakes.

    So in summary, learn your how, when, where, why and who for ultimate usage, positioning, 1v1s and peel. There are plenty of resources to teach you these. Good luck with your climb!

    [–] I always wave at the end to let them know it's not personal. <3 Psychoanalicer 25 points ago in Overwatch

    I don't play her often, but it's honestly most satisfying with brig. 'hey hey'

    [–] It might just be me, but maybe its a more common phenomenom Psychoanalicer 3 points ago in Overwatch_Memes

    Exactly. I'm an ana main lol. It drives me crazy when people suddenly stand still. I will almost always miss.

    [–] It might just be me, but maybe its a more common phenomenom Psychoanalicer 91 points ago in Overwatch_Memes

    And the ever struggle of you finally get used to them dodging and weaving and then they just stop.... And you miss. So you go to shoot them again, and they take 2 steps to the left. And then kill yourself.

    [–] AITA for ordering pizza to my boyfriend's parents house when they threw me a birthday dinner party with no food I could eat? Psychoanalicer 1 points ago in AmItheAsshole

    It's true you never wash your cast-iron pan. But it's not like they only have one pan right? It's just not hard. And at this point there's no excuse. If they can't deal with it for 1 night on your birthday it's pretty shitty. What did your boyfriend do?

    [–] Cleaning obsidian in ravine for world eater looks interesting Psychoanalicer 14 points ago in Minecraft

    The machine above is called a world eater. It uses flying machines and tnt duping to clear huge areas of land. There's 'attachment machines' for world's eaters called sweepers that clear water and lava but neither machine can move or destroy obsidian and as obsidian is an immovable block it will ruin the flying machines and therefore must be removed by hand. If you're at the point of building world eaters you probably don't need the obsidian.

    [–] Introverts... Psychoanalicer 1 points ago in KarmaRoulette

    Weird huh

    [–] Introverts... Psychoanalicer 0 points ago in KarmaRoulette

    I'm going to stop trying to explain it to you. But honestly wouldn't it then make sense in the inverse stereotype? Perhaps introverts are more likely to be socially skilled as they have a higher capacity for empathy as opposed to their self centred counterparts the extroverts?

    [–] Introverts... Psychoanalicer -1 points ago in KarmaRoulette

    That's still not what introverted means. It has absolutely nothing to do with social skills.

    The difference is very simple, extroverts gain energy by socialising while introverts lose energy socialising and require alone time to recharge. Plenty of introverts love to socialise and suit it very well, and plenty of extroverts are socially inept.

    [–] Introverts... Psychoanalicer 5 points ago in KarmaRoulette

    The only paper you could find is 50 years old? And is a thesis, that you almost certainly didn't read. And for the record, it doesn't even prove your point.