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    [–] Computer Virus Public_Fucking_Media 2 points ago in funny

    I know, I was joking about how they don't really fit into "life" yet are undoubtedly pathogenic.

    There are actually genetic prion disorders where the host itself produces the misfolded proteins, which would technically be "native"...

    [–] Computer Virus Public_Fucking_Media 3 points ago in funny

    I was being flippant because prions do not really fit into any category of life we have, they are "just" misfolded proteins...

    [–] I HAVE ASCENDED Public_Fucking_Media 1 points ago in sysadmin

    I'm diving into DevOps as we speak, woo.

    [–] Ruth Bader Ginsburg plans to resume workouts next week Public_Fucking_Media 2 points ago in politics

    My heart skipped a few beats as I read that title...

    "RBG plans to re...."

    [–] Life Without Snow Tires Public_Fucking_Media 4 points ago in Minneapolis

    It's not like its "wrong this doesn't work", its that you are trying to do the exact same thing as what ABS does (release brake pressure to make sure your wheels don't lock up) and the ABS system is better than you at it and thus applies more braking power.

    You're basically reducing the efficiency of your brakes when they are needed most.

    [–] Life Without Snow Tires Public_Fucking_Media 2 points ago in Minneapolis

    FWIW, that's the exact wrong thing to do in a car with anti-lock brakes... ABS does that automatically.

    [–] Made my own Carrot Habanero hot sauce! Public_Fucking_Media 1 points ago in spicy

    Oh wow that sounds good - are you a fan of Marie Sharps?

    [–] Got this years ago (2006)while working at bestbuy. Corporate wanted it thrown away but my manager was awesome and let me keep it. Its 6ft tall. Public_Fucking_Media 8 points ago in halo

    I mean, you could easily make the argument that online gaming is much, much more like Halo 2 now than it was in the pre-Halo 2 days - matchmaking, persistent rankings, etc that really didn't exist in 90's PC gaming

    [–] Democrats received 12 million more votes than Republicans despite losing the Senate. Public_Fucking_Media 373 points ago * (lasted edited 11 days ago) in politics

    I don't think this is an honest accounting of what happened - of the 35 Senate seats that were up for reelection, the Democrats won a strong majority of them (22? 23?), because of these 12 million votes...

    They just weren't in important states like Texas and Florida that would determine OVERALL Senate control - but as far as 2018-elected Senators, Dems did win...