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    [–] On this day 178 years ago 470 Voortrekkers stood against a Zulu army 20 000 strong at the Battle of Blood River. PvsNP_ZA 1 points ago in southafrica

    Where do you get your numbers from? I had an "old school" history book filled with Afrikaner propaganda and "glory to god" shit, and it estimated the number of Zulus at like 3000 or something.

    [–] Hardline now on sale for PC- $30 PvsNP_ZA -2 points ago in BF_Hardline

    Subscribed since the beta hype. But yeah, instead of letting people voice their opinions, let's downvote and silence until the subreddit is filled with yes-men. Clearly this game is perfect and the majority disagrees with me, hence the vast number of people playing it... oh wait.

    [–] R E 2 B O I S C O N F I R M E D PvsNP_ZA -3 points ago in northernlion

    I was one of those people: so excited for BotW. :( I cannot describe my disappointment that Subnautica robbed us of the opportunity to see NL play BotW.

    [–] Do Unisa students protest at home via correspondence? PvsNP_ZA 0 points ago in southafrica

    That is correct. If the text in a bullet point is not a proper sentence, it need not start with a capital nor end with a full stop. However, if the bullet point is a complete sentence, it must start with a capital letter, and a full stop at the end is the conventional norm, but not a matter of life and death (i.e. you could leave the full stop but it's not recommended to do so).

    [–] Friends, I need your help. The person in the picture is using my identity to open fraudulent accounts. PvsNP_ZA -2 points ago in southafrica

    By the way, you may want to delete this thread, as I think it breaches rediquette:

    Please don't post someone's personal information, or post links to personal information. This includes links to public Facebook pages and screenshots of Facebook pages with the names still legible. We all get outraged by the ignorant things people say and do online, but witch hunts and vigilantism hurt innocent people too often, and such posts or comments will be removed. Users posting personal info are subject to an immediate account deletion. If you see a user posting personal info, please contact the admins.

    [–] Hardline now on sale for PC- $30 PvsNP_ZA -6 points ago in BF_Hardline

    I feel sorry for Visceral, but I'm still not interested in a cops and robbers mod for BF4. Doesn't fit the Battlefield theme and no sale will change my mind about this.

    It's like BFH can't decide what it wants to be. It doesn't want to be army-based, but at the same time police and robbers carry around frag grenades and minigun-equipped helicopters, shooting up the city like there's no tomorrow. They couldn't be Payday and they couldn't be BF4, so they smashed the two together and now we have this identity-confused game.

    I played both the closed and open beta and this game is "meh". It's fine in terms of gameplay, but way more boring than BF4 or Payday. The server scene in South Africa is pretty much dead as well from what I've heard from people who've bought the game.

    [–] How does hashing work? I get the concept but what's the math behind md5 and sha256? PvsNP_ZA -3 points ago in askscience

    I'll try to explain in layman's terms, however that may not be exactly what you're asking. Hash functions are basically one way math functions in which a lot of information is condensed in such a way that it should be basically impossible to reverse.

    Consider, for example, the MD5 hash of the ISO when you download a Linux distribution like Ubuntu. If the ISO has suffered any corruption during the download, the MD5 hash will be completely different, but there's no way to tell from any random MD5 hash what the original contents were. A lot of content was parsed into a small "fingerprint" of the original data.

    Another similar idea (I am speaking in absolute layman's terms here when I say similar) is when you convert a colour photo to a black and white photo (for example: Once you have the black and white picture, it is impossible to revert it to its exact colours, though there are probabilistic algorithms which more or less "guess" the correct colours.

    [–] I may have made a mistake buying the Ultimate Edition PvsNP_ZA -5 points ago * (lasted edited 4 years ago) in BF_Hardline

    PC version? At the time of posting this, there are currently ~800 BFH users online ( vs ~9000 BF4 users ( Actually even BF3 has more people online with ~2.3k (

    You bought a dead game, make use of Origin's returns policy and get your money back.

    [–] New Zealand visa changes: The first of many new visa restrictions for SA immigration? PvsNP_ZA 2 points ago in southafrica

    I agree with the response. If countries have an open border agreement, and one decides to discontinue it, it should be reciprocated.

    It's not like SA's future depends on a tiny country famous for sheep and Lord of the Rings, anyway.

    [–] I am tired of being held hostage by violent protests. PvsNP_ZA -1 points ago in southafrica

    Really? Because while I can't put an exact date on it, education in Brazil seems to have been free in the early 90s already, and yet the country is only experiencing a recession now? I don't think Brazil's free education policy and their recession are linked.

    Plenty of reasons why SA cannot afford it. To make blanket statements saying no third world country can is simply deceitful, when Brazil has been doing it for decades.

    [–] I am tired of being held hostage by violent protests. PvsNP_ZA -2 points ago in southafrica

    Are you saying that free education was the primary cause of the recession?

    [–] Do Unisa students protest at home via correspondence? PvsNP_ZA 1 points ago in southafrica

    You've written a thesis and journal/conference proceedings, yet you're being marked by honours students?

    [–] Do Unisa students protest at home via correspondence? PvsNP_ZA -1 points ago in southafrica

    A ray of sunshine AND an expert on academic writing!

    [–] Neill Blomkamp is doing an AMA over on r/movies PvsNP_ZA -1 points ago in southafrica

    I am reporting every bot I see. Our comments are being flooded with these useless Python scripts.