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    [–] WC3 ROC - BNET Onlinr PvsNP_ZA 2 points ago in warcraft3

    Good luck with unofficial servers. You can't connect to them anymore either with the latest updates. Not as easily as before anyway, maybe by editing the hosts file.

    [–] [Official] Twice-Weekly New User Thread - Mon July 08 PvsNP_ZA 2 points ago in fountainpens

    Thank you for the advice! And for pointing out the correct terminology!

    [–] [Official] Twice-Weekly New User Thread - Mon July 08 PvsNP_ZA 6 points ago in fountainpens

    Hello. I had a cheaper Parker fountain pen (the type that uses the cartridge), but I guess I press a bit hard when writing and a small crack developed in the plastic bit that connects the nib to the barrel (?). Sorry if my terminology is off.

    Could anyone recommend an all metal pen, preferably no more than $100 and ideally around the $50 mark? I live in South Africa, so can probably import, or find locally, the more well-known brands. I've always liked Parker pens, so an all metal fountain pen by them would be great.

    [–] What was the Soviet reaction the the Apollo moon landing? PvsNP_ZA 32 points ago in AskHistorians

    One of the many weak parts on moon landing hoax conspiracy theory is that the Soviets didn't question the veracity of the landing, at the time. They'd be best-placed to know if it was fake, and would have a massive propaganda coup if true.

    I tried that line on a conspiracy theorist once. His rebuttal was that Americans and Soviets are all controlled by the Jews (who obviously told the Soviets not to question it, I guess). You can't win.

    [–] Stardew valleys: Confirmed honkers PvsNP_ZA 2 points ago in NLSS

    I think Team Unity could run a pretty decent farm. It's much more straightforward than Terraria, so they won't need to constantly be guided by Austin. It's just farming, it's not like you need to fight Cthulu or anything. Also, the 3 year timer runs out pretty quickly, so they won't be playing forever either.

    I can see the roles already:

    • MALF's trying to calculate the best bang for buck when it comes to crops and seeds. He'll have it all automated by the end of year 1.
    • Austin will be smelting ores and visiting Clint daily to have geodes cracked. By the end, he will be fluent in Dwarfish runes.
    • Dan will probably try and make a beeline for marriage with one of the townswomen. He will be fiercely jealous of anyone else talking to her.
    • NL will be running a chicken farm and collecting eggs every morning. It's only fitting.

    [–] How I passed the NASM CPT exam with only 4-5 weeks of studying PvsNP_ZA 3 points ago in nasm

    Hi there. Unfortunately this subreddit is for discussion of the netwise assembler (NASM) programming language. Sorry if it wasn't clear before.

    I'll leave your post up for a day or two so you can save the text and perhaps repost in a more appropriate subreddit.

    [–] Where can I get mushrooms in PE? PvsNP_ZA 1 points ago in portelizabeth

    You may not use Reddit to solicit or facilitate any transaction or gift involving certain goods and services, including:

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    • Paid services involving physical sexual contact;

    • Stolen goods;

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    • Falsified official documents or currency

    • Fraudulent services

    [–] PA: Looking for an upgrade to my Sennheiser CX300 II (in-ear) PvsNP_ZA 1 points ago in HeadphoneAdvice

    Thanks for the suggestion. They look like a good set, but getting them to South Africa may be a problem. I can't ship from Amazon Germany; I'll shop around, otherwise I may need to look for an alternative.

    [–] What are you guys gonna do when Isaac ends? PvsNP_ZA 31 points ago in northernlion

    Probably never sleep again, since my body is now completely conditioned to only fall asleep to the latest Isaac episodes.

    [–] Taxi to seaview PvsNP_ZA 1 points ago in portelizabeth

    You can use Uber in PE and Seaview is within the coverage area.

    [–] The Nintendo Blockbuster sale PvsNP_ZA 1 points ago in NintendoSwitch

    ZAR + conversion fees from your bank, probably.

    [–] The Nintendo Blockbuster sale PvsNP_ZA 6 points ago in NintendoSwitch

    Yes, you bastards. :p

    [–] I am 2 fast 2 quick. PvsNP_ZA 2 points ago in HumanResourceMachine

    Well done! I thought you may have broken a record with that one, but a 23-step solution already exists. :)