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    [–] need to make £1000 fast Qmeieriet 2 points ago in AskRedditAfterDark

    Does not matter if ypu look good, find some gay guys.

    [–] Can someone help to list down all the recreational prescription drugs you can get from hospital and what to tell them to get them? Qmeieriet 4 points ago in Drugs

    You wrote:

    To get around with the medical system.

    Simply buy your drugs of the deepweb man. Doctors will quickly tell if you're drug-seeking as you're more than likely not the first seeker they have encountered.

    It's easier to figure out who is seeking than to learn how to avoid being caught. It could probably work a couple times out of benefit of the doubt but I shit you not, they will catch you and in worst case result in you being blacklisted.

    Don't be dumber than you have to, buy your drugs from the internet and get it in bulk (read: pay less, get more).

    [–] Can someone help to list down all the recreational prescription drugs you can get from hospital and what to tell them to get them? Qmeieriet 8 points ago in Drugs

    1. Sourcing is against the rules, and this falls dead close imo.
    2. Doctors are not dumb and will quickly tell if you're showing signs of drug-seeking behaviour.
    3. Probably the easiest and "cheapest" way to get your drugs are in bulk from the darknet.

    If you really want to score from a doctor, go break a bone. Faking an illness only complicates things more for those who actually need those drugs, don't be a dick.

    [–] How would you feel if your baby daddy didn't want a relationship with your kid, other than to let his daughter pretend to be the mother of your child? Qmeieriet 1 points ago in BreakUps

    Jesus what didI just read? That is a lot to unpack.

    First; Yes, supervised visitation due to suicidality and anger issues.

    Second; This 13 year old should probably have a visit with a psychologist to work on different things, amongst them her "mommy complex" but also her, at least my take on it, daddy issues (re: talking about how "sexy" she is, and wanting to be his "little girl") which honestly sound a little too far out there.

    Note: I'm not a psychologist, I'm not a mother (not even a woman) but anyone with an inch of common sense (althou rare these days) should manage to find at least a couple red flags here.

    [–] Non-Vegans of Reddit, How do you feel about the animals in industrial farms? Are you aware of their living conditions? What do you think should be done about animal welfare in those industrial farms? Qmeieriet 1 points ago in AskReddit

    On phone, grammatical errors might occure

    *How do you feel.. * Well, I normally don't think much about it.

    Are you aware.. Yes, I am aware that there is cruel, disgusting and inhumane living-conditions, animal abuse, etc. And I honestly believe that the people who mistreat animals in any way or form should be punished for their actions. Even though I don't spend a lot of time thinking about it, and the fact that I eat meat does not equal me being pro-animal cruelty.

    What do you think.. I am from Norway where there are stricter regulations than for example in the US. Animal cruelty does happen here, it's not a perfect system but I do believe that rules and regulations should be supervised to ensure animal safety. I like to believe that Norway are doing a better job at than other countries, and I tend to go for "local" products to support "good farms".

    Bottom line is; I eat meat, I have no intentions of stopping.

    Am I contributing to an ongoing problem? Well, probably more than I want to admit for myself.

    Do I generally feel bad for consuming meat? Not really, and I know that there are multiple reasons to.

    Do I care about the wellbeing of the animals? Yes, every living being deserve a cruelty free life.

    Now looking away from the industrial problem. I got a question; What is your thoughts on hunting (for food, not for game)?

    My family (uncle mainly) goes hunting and the way it's done is imo as humane as it can be.

    Animals are treated with respect. We eat what we catch. If shot and wounded will be hunted down (you are obligated to report any wounded animals if not found within a certain amount of hours to the authorities in Norway, this will result in a dispatch to help you find said animal).

    Would you (asuming you don't eat meat) eat it if it's hunted in the wild? Picture someone walking for days/weeks in the wild to catch it, and not some store bought mass-produced meat.

    [–] Please give some advice Qmeieriet 1 points ago in Advice

    Well this sums it up mate. You're young, it's more than likely not the one, and if it is, it'll turn out later in life.

    [–] Can someone please tell me what is considered chronic diarrhea? 29 F Qmeieriet 2 points ago in AskDocs

    I do agree that this sounds more intermittent.

    I get loose stool once a month..

    I'll reference my previous reply "The main symptom of chronic diarrhea is loose or watery stools that persist for weeks." (Emphasis on the last part). Which intended to answer OP's question:

    Can someone tell me what is considered chronic..

    [–] Can someone please tell me what is considered chronic diarrhea? 29 F Qmeieriet -1 points ago in AskDocs

    Not a doctor

    Symptoms of chronic diarrhea

    The main symptom of chronic diarrhea is loose or watery stools that persist for weeks. These stools may or may not be accompanied by a sense of urgency. You may have other symptoms as well, such as:

    •abdominal cramps



    Preventing chronic diarrhea

    Chronic diarrhea caused by an underlying medical condition isn’t always preventable. But you can prevent chronic diarrhea due to infection by taking steps to keep your food and water supply clean. For example:

    •Drink from a clean water source or filter your water.

    •Thoroughly clean meat before cooking.

    •Cook meat thoroughly.

    •Wash your hands after handling food.

    •Clean kitchen surfaces to prevent contamination.

    •Wash fruits and vegetables before consuming them.

    •Wash your hands after using the bathroom, changing a diaper, or attending to a sick person.

    Source: Healthline article

    [–] i hate my sister Qmeieriet 1 points ago in offmychest

    Set boundaries, don't take shit. Be assertive, don't apologise unless you did something wrong, tell them you don't accept the way they treat you, distance yourself from them as much as possible and do not let them get into your head.

    Don't snap back at them, but talk in a firm, calm and polite manner. Deescalate and remove yourself from the situation when it arise.

    [–] Harmless compliment or crossing the line? Qmeieriet 6 points ago in relationship_advice

    Seems she does not care about him or think anything about his compliment, which is a good sign. Sounds like he's fishing imo, but I've been wrong before.

    Is she responding to the texts? If yes, I'd ask her to stop responding and let it die off.

    If she does not respond, it'll die off.

    I get your side, trust me, but insecurity is a bad look.

    [–] My parents have full access to my phone against my will. Qmeieriet 1 points ago in Advice

    Make an account for your device (e.g: apple/samsung account) that is not pre-registrated on your phone, hit reset (you will lose data, but wth), set up phone with your new secure account.

    Resetting removes their account.