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    [–] (UPDATE) AITA for going to my sister’s dream school when she just got rejected? QueenMiaOfDragons 1 points ago in AmItheAsshole

    Go to your TA’s office hours—especially for STEM classes. Sometimes the Prof’s hours are really crowded, so your specific questions might not be addressed. TA’s usually have less crowded hrs and usually do the grading. My Physics prof was always swamped during his office hours. My TA literally helped me and other students go through the homework—practically step by step. He also graded the homework, not the Prof.

    [–] I hate when underwear has a super small crotch area. How do these cover any woman’s vulva?? If I want to floss my pussy I would floss my pussy. QueenMiaOfDragons 1 points ago in TwoXChromosomes

    It’s also a great brand! They don’t photoshop their models, and they sometimes use real customers of different sizes for advertising!

    Plus I have a huge butt, and I can wear larges/medium without discomfort. Their sizes are meant for real people.


    [–] Views from Cathy QueenMiaOfDragons 2 points ago in Pitt

    Not really?? I use those floors because otherwise you might have to deal with professors and navigating the maze that is Cathy. In the honors library you won’t be bothering anyone.

    [–] Ah finally, an accurate representation of bisexual women QueenMiaOfDragons 9 points ago in bisexual

    I currently live with 4 other bi women. 2 are in relationships, and none of us are interested in sex with each other. I really enjoy having them as roommates and I feel that sex would ruin the relationship dynamics.

    [–] Two years ago I went to Nijo Castle. Today my friend surprised me with plane tickets to return! QueenMiaOfDragons 1 points ago in pics

    It’s a beautiful castle in Kyoto. It is surrounded by gardens, and has a fascinating history and beautiful architecture. It used to be an imperial palace! The plane tix are to Kyoto but it’s one of the places I want to revisit in the city.

    [–] advice for incoming freshman? QueenMiaOfDragons 3 points ago in Pitt

    -Avoid Towers A & B dorms if at all possible. -A credit card will save you at least once, but make a monthly budget and stick to it. -Market to go sushi isn’t worth it. Just go to sushi Fuku or literally anywhere else. -It snows and rains a lot here, have a good winter coat and at least 2 umbrellas. -Make a care routine. Even if it’s just putting on moisturizer after you shower, it’ll help your skin. Watch Queer Eye on Netflix if you’re not familiar with this idea at all. -Watch something fun and nostalgic when you’re stressed. If still stressed, talk to someone. If still stressed, check out Pitts mental health resources. -Try to be friendly with your roommates, I recommend exploring some of the eateries on Forbes during the first few weeks of class to see what you like. -Explore campus in general, it’ll be easier to figure out where your classes are, plus you can find study spaces. -The first 3 floors of Cathy are a maze, and where a good portion of your classes will be. Learn how to navigate them. -On Tuesdays at 7 there are dogs in the first floor of Cathy. If you like dogs, go. -Make a weekly hangout plan with friends, if you let you just try to let hangouts be “natural” you’ll get too bogged down in other things and loose them. -No more than 6 shots in an hour, no matter your height weight or sex. It’s not worth it. -Figure yourself out. Be gay, do (soft) drugs, make art, whatever you wanna do to get yourself out of your comfort zone. You get to experiment here, just as long as you don’t do anything that hurts other people and permanently damages yourself. -Write “Fuck Penn State” in the snow at least once.

    Good luck and Hail To Pitt!!!

    [–] Landlords/Landladies to Avoid QueenMiaOfDragons 11 points ago in Pitt

    I’ve been told Lobos Management is awful.

    [–] Help QueenMiaOfDragons 5 points ago in lgbt

    Bisexuality is attraction to 2 or more genders. Pansexuality is attraction to people regardless of gender. There is a lot of overlap, but many pan people find gender irrelevant to attraction, and many bi people tend to be more attracted to one gender over another.

    I know this is outdated and doesn’t include non-gender binary folk, but imagine the Kinsey Scale (a scale from 0 to 6 where 0 is heterosexual and 6 is homosexual). Bi and pan people are anywhere between a 0 and a 6. However many pan people are 3s, and many bi people are in the 1-2 and 4-5 range. Not everyone who identifies as a 3 is pan, and not every person who identifies as pan is a 3. For some people it’s just terminology.

    I hope this helps, I’ll be glad to give more explanation.

    [–] AITA because i'm a picky eater QueenMiaOfDragons 1 points ago in AmItheAsshole

    NAH then. I think you’re doing a good job of being considerate, however I can understand your friend’s frustration of trying to organize an event or dinner party where you don’t eat or won’t eat what’s being served. It can be really frustrating to plan things out only for someone not to participate, but I think it’s good that you’re conscious and considerate.

    [–] AITA because i'm a picky eater QueenMiaOfDragons 1 points ago in AmItheAsshole

    INFO This all really depends on how you react to things you don’t like and how much you’re willing to accommodate. Do you bring your own food to parties? Do you complain about food you dislike to the hosts? At work, are you subtle about your issues with smell or do you make faces or overreact? Does your partner cook, and do they have to constantly work around your diet? Do you cook, and cook more interesting things for your partner so they aren’t always eating the same things? Do you actively try new thing? Do you complain?

    I think at 27 you have to grow up a little and explore (or risk eating the same things for the rest of your life and tiring of them), it can be really fun and I’m sure your friends will support you, but make sure that it’s your choice. Peer pressure isn’t going to expand your horizons, but a positive attitude is.

    [–] AITA For trying to discuss my internalized biphobia with my boyfriend? QueenMiaOfDragons 2 points ago in AmItheAsshole


    I think your biggest issue is the age gap. You expected him to have the same experience as you. He did not. You did not handle this well. He should not be dating an 18 year old (half plus eight rule anyone?) especially not one who has never been in a relationship before. You have different levels of sexual and relationships experience, and this is causing tension. You’re definitely a little biphobic, but I think that’s born out of the other problem in this relationship.