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    [–] Alfred making sure he's ready to woo the girls QuietCakeBionics 39 points ago * (lasted edited a day ago) in likeus

    Also, what if they recognise themselves but give no cue that they have (that we recognise) or are just not interested in their reflection? Even children up to the age of 6 in some countries don't 'pass' the mirror mark test just because they haven't encountered mirrors before or not had the same experience, they are still self aware though.

    [–] A study has found “strong evidence” that dogs use gestures to communicate with humans. QuietCakeBionics 2 points ago in likeus

    Link to the study:

    Cross-species referential signalling events in domestic dogs


    Referential gestures are used by a signaller to draw a recipient’s attention to a specific object, individual or event in the environment. These gestures have received much research attention in relation to human and non-human primates with great apes being shown to possess impressive gestural repertoires. Domestic dogs (Canis familiaris) meanwhile provide an ideal non-primate candidate for investigating referential signalling due to their unique relationship with humans that centres on non-verbal communication with frequent interaction. Here we observed 37 pet dogs in their own homes. Owners recorded 242 videos containing 47 potential referential gesture events. We analysed those recordings to reveal evidence of 19 referential gestures performed by domestic dogs during everyday communicative bouts with humans, showing that the gestures conform to the five features of referential signalling. Our study exposes impressive gesturing abilities in a non-primate mammal; especially when viewed in the context of the cross-species rather than intraspecific communication.

    [–] Drumming gorilla QuietCakeBionics 3 points ago in likeus

    No he's a young gorilla.

    [–] Beyond Species-ism QuietCakeBionics 2 points ago in StopSpeciesism

    Thanks for all the great posts The_Ebb_and_Flow, working my way through reading them! :)

    [–] New mod introduction QuietCakeBionics 2 points ago in StopSpeciesism

    Welcome to both of you and thank you. :)

    [–] Crow uses cars to crack open a nut QuietCakeBionics 1 points ago in likeus

    Like us isn't supposed to be about 'copycat' human behaviour. It's examples of intelligence, emotion, puzzle solving, play, etc. Some posts are flaired debateable and are even debated amongst the moderators. The sub is for discussion and sharing footage or articles to put up for speculation and discussion.

    [–] Pretty self explanatory- but still amazing. QuietCakeBionics 1 points ago in likeus

    Thank you for your submission however this has been removed as it is a recent repost. It is also reversed footage. Here is the source video:

    Thank you.