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    [–] Clever pig Penny asks for scratches QuietCakeBionics 4 points ago in likeus

    Sanctuary workers at The Gentle Barn sanctuary say that Penny does this a lot, she likes being scratched with the rake and started to bring it over to them.

    [–] Rana goes for a swim at Elephant Sanctuary Brazil QuietCakeBionics 2 points ago in Animal_Sanctuary

    'Here is the video we promised yesterday. Scott had run into the habitat on the four-wheeler to collect food buckets from the night before. As he came back around on the other side, Rana was speeding out towards the far end of the habitat. Scott wanted to see if she, like Maia at times, was racing out to go for a swim. Sure enough, she was, and he was able to get some nice video and enjoy seeing how silly she became.

    One of the interesting things is that she would float with both the left and right side up at different times. The hotel had stated that she has a hard time getting up if she lies down on her left side, but it seems it’s not remotely an issue when in the water. Even better than it not being a problem was that she wasn’t remotely scared to try.

    Rana had a blast and was in the pond for at least 30 minutes. For those who may be concerned, at no time was she struggling, that is just the grace of some elephants in the water. She is just being silly, and it’s beautiful to see and to be able to share.'

    [–] Esther and Cornelius keep warm on a snow day QuietCakeBionics 1 points ago in aww

    Hey, I am not their caretaker, Esther is a famous pig on social media. Here is her site:

    [–] Another one I hope Grandma Karen enjoys! QuietCakeBionics 1 points ago in KarensGrandkids

    Thank you GMKaren. 💖

    They should be able to see the post it was crossposted from.

    Thanks again for your amazing kind words! :)

    [–] Rachel Hogan at Ape Action Africa sanctuary holds one of the orphan gorillas in her care QuietCakeBionics 14 points ago in Animal_Sanctuary

    They work with the gorilla orphans every day so they build up a rapport with them. Some of them were very young when they are saved so are habituated to humans.