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    [–] Little friend QuietCakeBionics 1 points ago in foxes

    Did you make this? :)

    [–] Sheep like cuddles too QuietCakeBionics 6 points ago * (lasted edited 2 days ago) in aww

    'that thing'? None, it's a sanctuary.

    Edit: For anyone interested this is a sheep called Samuel at Sheep Ahoy aka Oli's gang sanctuary.

    [–] Pistachio the piglet trying to make friends QuietCakeBionics 3 points ago in aww

    Aw, if you look up a sanctuary called 'Rancho Relaxo' on social media (never sure if I can share social media on /r/aww) there's more little clips of him. :)

    [–] What Books Did You Start or Finish Reading This Week? March 18, 2019 QuietCakeBionics 1 points ago in books

    Started Foe, by Iain Reid and Monstress, by Majorie Liu also picked up Mama's Last Hug, by Frans de Waal

    Finished This is going to hurt, by Adam Kay very eye opening book written by a junior doctor working for the NHS in the UK. I am Gotham, by Tom King and David Finch