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    [–] How do you confuse a feminist? QwertyKip 6 points ago in Jokes

    Found the feminist

    [–] This guys is going some places QwertyKip 918 points ago in funny

    And then you got the Stokes twins in custody over their “bank robbery prank”

    [–] Handy guide to banana scaling QwertyKip 1 points ago in coolguides

    On mobile you just tap the name and it presents you with both

    [–] Handy guide to banana scaling QwertyKip 5 points ago in coolguides

    There’s just something about Redditors with more post karma than comment karma

    [–] Stripper Fair One QwertyKip -3 points ago in ThunderThots

    📁 here

    [–] So I finally lost my virginity QwertyKip 352 points ago in teenagers

    He was living out our wildest dreams

    [–] Damn that changed the whole scenario... QwertyKip 22 points ago in meme

    “Break it down, down, down”


    [–] Gallow Titty now has a Cabal discord, With Mr Grafo and Susan and the gang. QwertyKip 10 points ago * (lasted edited a day ago) in The_Cabal

    I blocked him a year ago and this is the first time since I’ve heard his name.

    I got into the server, said n8thegr8 and black people in the same sentence and Kabal banned me

    [–] I'll legally change my name to "Daddy" QwertyKip 2699 points ago in teenagers

    And that kids is how I lost my job at the daycare

    [–] Crescent moon, Jupiter and four of its moons QwertyKip 47 points ago in spaceporn

    Op seems to be a mediocre karma whore so I’m going to say with 99.9% certainty this picture is higher resolution on the original post on r/space or this sub.

    [–] Got them hands QwertyKip 13 points ago in fightporn

    I thought r/WatchPeopleDie was banned. Not cool dude...

    [–] Blursed Joker QwertyKip 72 points ago in blursedimages

    THE fuckin Fred Figglehorn

    [–] I like to _____ my wife QwertyKip 7 points ago in AskOuija

    I can’t stop laughing and all I did was read the sub name

    [–] blursed_birb QwertyKip 9 points ago in blursedimages

    No fuckin way I’ve seen this here at least 15 times in the last 2 weeks.