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    [–] Florid Police Chief starts free BJJ for local officers! R4G 2 points ago in bjj

    I roll in NormaTecs. If anyone touches my legs I just start inflating myself to safety.

    [–] Your standing game? R4G 1 points ago in bjj

    I'm 6'5", but 200ish

    My whole Gi standup game is from 2 Keenan Online videos.

    First I make sure I have a dominant grip. I use my right hand to to grab a same-side collar(their left side). I use my left hand to grab their same-side sleeve (their right side).

    Usually they try to grab my right collar with their left hand. If I still have the lower grip/inside elbow position, that's fine - I have the dominant grip. If they try to pummel under for a dominant grip, I punch my elbow down and create an angle to block them. If they do get the dominant grip, I grab their left collar with my left hand and use my right arm to reach over their shoulder and grab the back of their belt. Then I'm in a safe position and have even been able to weasel to guys' backs. If they try to gripfight out, I have an opportunity to get back to my dominant grips.

    Let's say I have or have gotten back to that dominant grip position. I'll take a step back with my left foot, so they step forward with their right foot. Then I take my right foot and try to sweep their right foot. When they shift weight to defend, I go for uchi mata. I'll just spam the foot sweep and uchi mata back and forth.

    But I'm just some blue belt on the internet, so definitely don't trust me. Any criticism is 100% welcome from all the judo people having strokes reading my comment.

    [–] Are muay thai metal cups good for bjj R4G 1 points ago in bjj

    1. Roll with people who won't kick you in the nuts.
    2. Don't defend yourself via positioning that'll get you racked.
    3. If you do get nailed in the nuts, suck it up. Dealing with pain is part of a combat sport. You should be prepared for a match where a ref doesn't see a nutshot, or - god-forbid - a self-defense situation.

    Every time I've been hit in the nuts, it's been my fault. No need to buy hardware when you can just improve software.

    [–] Local gyms new vetting process. Discuss pros/cons R4G 1 points ago in bjj

    We had a super sketchy dude train with us, primarily in the striking classes. Talked a lot about his fights in jail. One time he posted a Insta Livestream getting a bullet pulled out of himself after a gang confrontation. I think the coach kicked him out or something after. So there's probably a balance to be struck between country club initiation and letting anyone in.

    I rolled with a really friendly dude at our open mat once. The coach showed up an hour after me, pulled me aside, and explained that the dude had been kicked out of another gym because he was wanted for gruesomely beating his baby momma. So he's banned from our place too. I guess American Top Team will still take him.

    [–] Flexibility - I have none. R4G 2 points ago in bjj

    Just show up. You won't have the motivation to stretch for BJJ until you start and enjoy BJJ.

    Once you're in, Lachlan and Livia Giles are great resources. They both have advanced degrees in physiotherapy and have competed at the highest level of the sport. I've found the stretching routine on their YouTube channel super helpful.

    Jon Thomas - another beloved instructor on r/BJJ - says a few weeks of diligent stretching can improve guard retention as much as a year of training. So it's definitely worth it in the long run.

    [–] Statement by Steve Cohen on Sandy Alderson via Jon Heyman R4G 1 points ago in NewYorkMets

    You realize A-Roid was never in contention for controlling ownership, right? He was just the face for a heavily leveraged deal where at least 3 people would have far larger shares. Dude is rich, but not New York sports franchise rich.

    [–] Statement by Steve Cohen on Sandy Alderson via Jon Heyman R4G 1 points ago in NewYorkMets

    Not to mention the baggage of a heavily leveraged partnership where A-Rod is the face and voice but is actually one of four owners making decisions by committee. Would've been a disaster.

    [–] Mark Hunt cracks Roy Nelson's legendary chin with a short uppercut R4G 4 points ago in MMA

    Recently saw a comment that Hunt was tied with Cormier as the shortest active heavyweights. Always imagined him as taller.

    [–] Friendly reminder HEB curbside and delivery is free till 10/6 R4G 44 points ago in Austin

    Last I checked items have a 3% mark up, so not entirely "free". Still, I find curbside worth it - even with the fee.

    [–] During covid started practicing Gracie University & I feel let down by my previous instructors. R4G 1 points ago in bjj

    There's a balance to be struck. If you spend a year only rolling, you'll be lacking good technique and have lots of bad positions. If you spend a year only drilling instructionals, you won't have the timing or spatial awareness to pull off your techniques when you eventually roll.

    Instructionals are great because most gyms lack a real curriculum. Sure, pretty often it's due to lazy instructors. But it's also impossible to cater to a class of mixed-level students with mixed expectations who don't all show up on the same schedule.

    I have a black belt friend with a garage gym. The fastest progress I make is when I go to his place, we each drill whatever we want from instructionals we've been watching, and then we roll. I think that's the real advantage of GU for you - you're able to select lessons built on your needs instead of whoever the coach is guessing will show up. You won't necessarily get that at a CTC, and you won't be getting Rener and Ryron level instruction - even a blue belt can open a CTC.

    [–] Can I start BJJ at 320lbs R4G 2 points ago in bjj

    This is the best video on starting BJJ overweight. It's a no-bullshit take from a purple belt who was 200lb heavier when he started.

    [–] Erratic truck driver clips rider on the highway. R4G 6 points ago in PublicFreakout

    I never understood how "I didn't see them" was an excuse for running over people.

    [–] A quick word on Flograppling R4G 2 points ago in bjj

    I don't think it's the only video they've done this on. I've never seen this vid and I've definitely heard that watermark on Flo before.

    [–] Austin Burger Chain P. Terry’s Closes Downtown Austin Restaurant R4G 4 points ago in Austin

    Oltorf & Parker always has perfect fries too. Other locations are dicey.

    [–] 'The Bachelor' Romanticizes Toxic Behavior, and It Has Dangerous Outcomes R4G 2 points ago in thebachelor

    Wasn't Reality Steve banned before too?

    I was always confused about who RS was until people DM'd me answers.

    [–] Wholesome video of neighbors helping neighbors R4G 3 points ago in TikTokCringe

    I had a professor from Iran who said etiquette there is to adamantly reject gifts a whole bunch of times, even if you really want what's being given to you.

    [–] -15 for Tyron R4G 78 points ago in ufc

    I would give my left nut for Tyron to have a resurgence as a Sonnen-style trash talker

    [–] Source: Mets to 'clean house' when Steve Cohen arrives, Sandy Alderson would return as advisor - amNewYork R4G 20 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago) in NewYorkMets

    The Mets found a market because New York NL fans didn't want to switch to the Yankees when their teams moved to Cali. The original Mets ownership were minority Giants owners pissed with the move. In case it isn't obvious enough, that's why the Mets' colors are orange and blue. The Mets have inherited the legacy of NL baseball in New York and Jackie Robinson is an incredibly important figure in that legacy. He played in New York, not LA. Forget franchise history, that is American history, New York history. I'm proud to be from the city Jackie played in.

    Maybe the Browns should unretire all their jerseys because those were technically Ravens players...

    [–] Why the NSAC stopped reporting payouts or a brief window into just how much influence the UFC/Zuffa/the Fertitta’s have in Nevada politics. R4G 6 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago) in MMA

    Two easy ways to support fighter pay:

    1. Watch competing promotions so there is a stronger market for fighters' services.

    2. Buy merch directly from fighters.

    No PPV required.

    [–] Why the NSAC stopped reporting payouts or a brief window into just how much influence the UFC/Zuffa/the Fertitta’s have in Nevada politics. R4G 3 points ago in MMA

    What makes you think MMA fighters only work in camp?

    The pros at my gym are training full-time whether they have a fight coming up or not. And they're not even in the UFC.

    [–] Tyron Woodley was just on Instagram Live and said that he has no plans to retire or switch camps following his loss to Colby Covington. R4G 2 points ago in MMA

    I don't understand that either. Why talk to Cowboy and Woodley about retiring? There are higher ranked fighters I'm less likely to tune in for. Hell, Cowboy could be 60 fighting dudes randomly drawn from the audience and I'll still be tuning in.