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    [–] Me Watching r/Columbia Get Brigaded RadCentrism 4 points ago in Cornell

    Which website? I saw he'd written some papers

    [–] Me Watching r/Columbia Get Brigaded RadCentrism 4 points ago in Cornell

    Sad how someone can be so smart at physics and ignorant of history.

    [–] I legitimately hate Cornell. RadCentrism 1 points ago in Cornell

    That's why I said not even making six figures lol. And almost as many CS people end up in New York as in Silicon valley.

    [–] I legitimately hate Cornell. RadCentrism 10 points ago in Cornell

    No. It's unrepresentative but it is one person's experience. I think OP does have a grievance that Cornell can feel very alienating if you don't come from a wealthy background.

    [–] I legitimately hate Cornell. RadCentrism 156 points ago in Cornell

    landing a 90k soulless financial analyst job at Goldman Sachs

    Imagine slaving away all day and not even making six figures

    This meme brought to you by CS gang

    [–] Hotel RadCentrism 15 points ago in Cornell


    [–] What the heck, Wikipedia RadCentrism 70 points ago in Cornell

    To be fair most hotelies fictionally attend school.

    [–] Where can I get a beer on campus?! RadCentrism 3 points ago in Cornell

    Most US universities won't be in the business of serving alcohol. My advice would be rullof's and then studying up in ehub or duff.

    [–] IBM Finish Line everything you need to know. RadCentrism 1 points ago in cscareerquestions

    The San Jose offers are a little low. 89K for Upstate NY, 88K for Minnesota, and 111K for North Carolina are very good.

    [–] American Reserve: cancelled Red Wing orders RadCentrism 24 points ago in frugalmalefashion

    A Subway franchise is much cheaper to operate than other fast food places so they're everywhere.

    [–] Can somehow explain how meal plans aren't an absolute scam? RadCentrism 4 points ago in Cornell

    Calculations for 45/semester ($717)

    Best case

    (45+4)*14.65 + 150 = 867.85 -> 150 saved, equivalently 17% discount

    With avg 3 meals a week might as well use all on dinner. It's only open to students who live off-campus. Probably they give more competitive pricing to off-campus students because they know we could just as easily get our meals in ctown.

    [–] How Viral College Acceptance Videos Masked a Louisiana Prep School’s Scam | The New York Times RadCentrism 39 points ago in Cornell

    He goads black and white students to compete against one another because that is how the real world works, he said.

    Oh that's healthy

    [–] CS majors: how valuable are hackathons RadCentrism 2 points ago in Cornell

    It's a good way to force yourself to get experience in some technology/framework, but I don't think hackathons specifically are critical. You should get some experience working on a project outside of your classes, but I think a side project over winter break would be much better.

    [–] Securing suite as a sophomore RadCentrism 2 points ago in Cornell

    Ouch who's person #6?

    I don't know if it's better probability but the Bethe suites are pretty nice and I believe they're all 5 person.

    [–] To diss myspace RadCentrism 2 points ago in therewasanattempt

    Many companies consider using Google Drive and GMail a security risk.

    [–] IBM Backend Developer? RadCentrism 5 points ago in cscareerquestions

    Oh ok. I disagree that it's a terrible system. For the largest software companies, I think they can find good developers of all backgrounds, because somewhere in the company there is a team that uses their skillset.