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    [–] About the graduate this fall and have no idea what I'm doing RadCentrism 1 points ago in Cornell

    You left masters for a 35k job? Glad you're doing much better now.

    [–] Constructive criticism appreciated RadCentrism 7 points ago in Cornell

    Aren't you like awaiting trial or something?

    [–] Daily Chat Thread - June 01, 2018 RadCentrism 1 points ago in cscareerquestions

    How much professional clothing would be good to bring with me this summer? Intern at IBM Watson, NYC metro area. Was told "wear what you want" but I know there could be events (at work or in area) where I might want more than shorts/T-shirt.

    [–] This is so true, it hurts RadCentrism 1 points ago in memes

    Of course there are insane salaries, but it requires more than "a bit of worK" and it's definitely not for everyone.

    [–] Help, I only got into Stanford, CMU, Berkeley, and MIT, please help me decide between safety schools so my life isn't ruined! RadCentrism 2 points ago in csMajors

    I understand why the mindset exists, I'm a student and see it in my peers often. This user has already graduated and begun work at Amazon, I don't know what more comfort he needs.

    [–] Affirmative action? RadCentrism 22 points ago in neoliberal

    Don't know if there's a "neoliberal position" on this issue but personally don't support its effect on Asian Americans.

    *Disclosure, I'm Asian American myself

    [–] This was ALL OVER my all dorm's bathrooms today. What the fuck. RadCentrism 6 points ago in Cornell

    It sounds like he's afraid to commit to the idea which is why he makes it meme-y and unprofessional.

    [–] Amenities over the summer? RadCentrism 8 points ago in Cornell

    Hours will be different but all of those do operate during summer.

    [–] Is B really bad for engineering? RadCentrism 3 points ago in Cornell

    I think that's advisor for dual-degree? (across two separate colleges). He's probably an asshole; there are many in administration. Some students do need someone to keep them grounded a bit before they are too ambitious with their academic courseload.

    If you are confident in your ability to complete the double major don't let that discourage you.

    [–] Is B really bad for engineering? RadCentrism 3 points ago in Cornell

    Is it your current advisor, or an advisor for the major you wish to add?

    [–] Is B really bad for engineering? RadCentrism 18 points ago in Cornell

    It's completely fine, but not enough to convince someone you could handle an engineering double major.

    [–] As a CS minor, this is kinda bullshit RadCentrism 4 points ago in Cornell

    Not for CS majors generally, they're specifically limiting upper-level courses to affiliated CS majors. Of course the overcrowding in general is a problem, but Cornell with its resources is much better equipped to adjust to overcrowding than state schools like Berkeley or UIUC.

    [–] Opinions on Chicago for a career in CS?? RadCentrism 11 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago) in cscareerquestions

    Seattle <<<< Chicago

    Edit: I guess we shouldn't argue this unless we are talking about the same thing. If some big companies move to Chicago, it'd easily absorb that population growth. If Chicago became next Silicon Valley (unlikely IMO) then sure COL will ramp up a lot.