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    [–] [Stuhrling] picked up this guy at a rummage sale. I love watches but am not super well versed in brands/specs. I like that it winds itsself with movement RadSickGnar 6 points ago in Watches

    So as a nurse I can't wear anything super fancy to work (not that it's not allowed but it's just gross there) so I am not a daily fancy watch wearer. It's usually cheap and easily cleanable watches for me. However I love to scroll on this sub and oogle all the amazing watches.

    When I came across this Stuhrling I was obsessed with how it didn't need a battery (simple pleasures lol). Since then I have added another watch to my collection (functional for work but a little nicer than the usual ones I would wear) but this guy will always be my favorite! Not super familiar with the brand or how they hold up but I like the way it looks! Anywho thanks for taking the time to look :)

    [–] My wife makes me so happy :) together for seven years and now married for two. You are the best thing thats ever happened to me. One of my favorite pictures from our wedding RadSickGnar 207 points ago in happy

    It was hard but we had mutual friends and the staff at the dress shop (we coincidentally bought from the same shop) who made sure the dresses weren't the same but complimented each other. It was a wedding day surprise!

    [–] My (27F) family doesnt put in any effort to keep up a relationship with me. Should i give up? RadSickGnar 1 points ago in relationships

    You're right. I guess by "close" I mean we all get along well? There's no reason in my mind why they'd act this way (no feuds or fights, etc)

    [–] Found this cool road bike today for $9.99 at GW RadSickGnar 1 points ago in ThriftStoreHauls

    Sadly it's in Milwaukee! They do love their inflatables 😂