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    [–] How does one come to terms with the sheer amount of suffering occurring on this earth? Rage_Onyx 1 points ago in Psychonaut

    I suggest you listen to that "Circle of Life" song for perspective.

    Hurting, maiming and suffering are only one half of the experience.

    In the other half, the incredible amounts of joy, freedom, love and happiness are also pointless with no lesson attached.

    [–] Anyone else have a deep intuitive sense that shit is going to hit the fan sometime in our lifetime? Rage_Onyx 1 points ago in Psychonaut

    That feeling is actually pretty normal and happens to people of every era. If you don't believe me, look at how many times people have been claiming it's the "end times" throughout history. You'll see the same claims going back for not just hundreds, but thousands of years.

    I think it's some sort of biological mechanism, like the primal instinct that fears change and death. That light level of paranoia kept our ancestors alive as they peeked behind every bush for a crouching predator, and under each rock for a venemous snake.

    [–] Fresh Squeezed Rage_Onyx 2 points ago in funny

    It's no lie! She's squeezing that bottle pretty good, right there fresh in front of everybody.

    [–] Shrooms have removed any desire I had to "function" in society. Rage_Onyx 1 points ago in Psychonaut

    Are you going to be ok pooping in a bucket and then burying the contents every few days? If so, come visit me for the summer and find out if you're wrong.

    This is my back yard

    And this is the view from my back yard

    [–] I wonder which answer they were going for Rage_Onyx 28 points ago in facepalm

    They left out the best choice:

    O Leaking nuclear power plant

    [–] Falling out with my wife about gender inequality Rage_Onyx 1 points ago in JordanPeterson

    As a woman, all I can tell you is that your wife seems to be denying reality for some reason.

    There is no argument to be had with someone who does this.

    Women who want to play football play football

    Women who want to be CEOs are CEOs

    In the modern "western" world a woman who is capable and determined to do something can do it. The reason that many choose not to do certain things is not "sexist", and often isn't even child-related. A typical woman isn't driven to seek out status and power, nor does she feel the need to prove her physical prowess. That small percentage of women that feel they do is the reason there are female politicians and body builders. This is not an opinion to be argued with, it's just a simple statement of fact.

    [–] How to weed out a fake Rage_Onyx 1 points ago in funny

    You go ahead and keep defending immoral behavior and the shameless people who do it.

    [–] How to weed out a fake Rage_Onyx 1 points ago in funny

    I do have $5 every once in a while

    Then give that money to your local soup kitchen or homeless shelter. Cooking in bulk means that $5 can feed multiple people who actually need it.

    [–] Pent up emotional pain from the past Rage_Onyx 1 points ago in Mindfulness

    Would you be ok if some of those intense memories got deleted?

    Following the old "use it or lose it" adage, memories you don't need tend to get caught up in the brain's housekeeping cycle and get buried or deleted. But if you suddenly remember something and have an intense emotional reaction and then stew over it a little bit... that memory is going to stay put.

    Ahead of time, like even now, select one or three "happy" thoughts that have no attachment to anything. Something like this is ideal; it has to make you feel good. Spend some time enjoying your chosen happy image to ensure it really makes you happy. Then whenever you get hit with one of those gut-wrenching memory moments, use your mindfulness training to stop your wandering thoughts and focus intently on your happy image. Focus on feeling good.

    This isn't a fast process. You have to catch those unruly thoughts and put them in timeout hundreds of times. But eventually your brain will stop throwing those memories in your way, and it might even throw some of them in the delete pile.

    [–] How to weed out a fake Rage_Onyx 1 points ago in funny

    you seem to just assume

    you're the one assuming things. The guy in the little clip was checking to see if it's a scammer, and he was completely justified. If you really want to help the poor homeless people, buy a house and turn it into a shelter.

    [–] Starbucks to close 8,000 stores for racial-bias education on May 29 Rage_Onyx 1 points ago in funny

    Philadelphia law would cover public areas

    OMFG read the law. Here's the non-legalese version that most normal people like a barista would understand. Of particular interest in this case is that

    Under the legislation businesses can be cited for nuisances on their property

    [–] How to weed out a fake Rage_Onyx 1 points ago in funny

    Did you pay attention to the part where the real needy person "Daniel" says that these scammers will literally bully people out of the good spots?

    It's not just a few cases. I still remember back in the 90's when Phil Donohue actually followed around a bunch of these people to see where they live. At the time they were pulling in $70K and not even throwing scraps to the actual poor homeless people.

    [–] Starbucks to close 8,000 stores for racial-bias education on May 29 Rage_Onyx 2 points ago in funny

    they weren't physically resisting

    Didn't you see how long-ass that video was? The cops were standing for over five minutes telling the guys to leave three different times and they refused. They were resisting leaving the place which is why they got arrested.

    as the company policy

    This has nothing to do with company policy. Loitering is against Philadelphia law. Loitering means just hanging around a place without having any business there. It does not matter what color you are. Those dumbasses could have bought a stick of gum or some shit and then they'd be paying customers and the problem would have been over. By refusing to leave when asked by both the workers in the cafe and the police, those guys were officially trespassing.

    [–] Starbucks to close 8,000 stores for racial-bias education on May 29 Rage_Onyx 1 points ago * (lasted edited 3 days ago) in funny

    well you just made that up

    well you're living in a fantasy land.

    Loitering is against PHILADELPHIA policy. This was a manager doing her job exactly as she should. The BLACK POLICE OFFICER on the scene was doing his job too. And the BLACK CHIEF OF POLICE agrees the law was properly enforced.

    that they didn't resist at all

    see for yourself, first-hand

    which part of REFUSED TO LEAVE is not resisting?

    [–] That’s a weird looking dog Rage_Onyx 3 points ago in facepalm

    Leave your dogs behind. (Take your goat instead. )

    Never ever ever share if you agree!

    [–] How to weed out a fake Rage_Onyx -1 points ago in funny

    So you think that earning an executive salary by begging on the street is something that should be encouraged?

    How about $200 per hour?

    It wouldn't be a big deal if these healthy capable people weren't basically taking all that charity money from those who actually need it by bullying them out of "the good spots".

    [–] Starbucks to close 8,000 stores for racial-bias education on May 29 Rage_Onyx 0 points ago in funny

    But this time the "reason" is because they were loitering and then mouthed off to the cops.

    [–] Starbucks to close 8,000 stores for racial-bias education on May 29 Rage_Onyx 1 points ago in funny

    What they were doing is called "loitering" and the cashier acted responsibly.

    [–] Starbucks to close 8,000 stores for racial-bias education on May 29 Rage_Onyx 6 points ago in funny

    the recreationally outraged

    Did you just coin a lovely new phrase? I like it.

    [–] Starbucks to close 8,000 stores for racial-bias education on May 29 Rage_Onyx 4 points ago in funny

    Why is race even involved

    Because the social justice warrior movement (SJW) has taken over all sense and reason.

    What happened was some men were waiting for a friend inside a cafe and did not buy anything. After some time one asked for the restroom key, and the cashier refused because "paying customers only". The men were asked to buy something or leave; they refused. The cashier called the police to remove the "gentlemen" (her word) from the cafe because they were loitering.

    [–] KFC chicken as space shuttle launch smoke. Rage_Onyx 0 points ago in funny

    I can clearly see a wing tip and a drumstick in there. Nice.

    [–] Some dogs are more disciplined than others Rage_Onyx 1 points ago in funny

    My thought too. It looked like some of the food was cake and corn dogs.