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    [–] We’re still rooting for you, Val! RagingBlue93 2 points ago in DallasStars

    A nightmare? How is that a nightmare lol

    [–] Insurance company is asking me to pay double their quoted price because they can't tell the difference in models... RagingBlue93 3 points ago in motorcycles

    Go talk to an agent at their office? That’s honestly the only thing I could think of that may work since it seems you’ve tried everything else lol

    [–] Winter Classic logo unveiled RagingBlue93 2 points ago in DallasStars

    No, the entire state of Texas is thought of as a place where its normal to see people riding horses instead of driving, everyone has a boots and cowboy hats and everyone talks with a southern drawl.

    [–] What is something you did that increased your quality of life so much that you wished you would have done it much sooner because it changed your life forever? RagingBlue93 1 points ago in AskReddit

    Started playing Ice Hockey, it’s something I’ve dreamed of doing since I was a kid but growing up in Texas my parents didn’t really want to invest in it because I quit soccer (because soccer sucked). Started learning to play at 23 and now two years later I’m literally living a dream every single time I lace up my skates, it never gets old. Plus playing hockey is great exercise and it’s great for the mind.

    That and quitting smoking, something I wish I had never started to begin with.

    [–] Winter Classic logo unveiled RagingBlue93 5 points ago in DallasStars

    Kind of what Texas is known for

    [–] Lando Norris appreciation thread RagingBlue93 1 points ago in formula1

    No it just means that collectively, as a group we have made it to Q3

    [–] Radulov when he leads the team in assists RagingBlue93 3 points ago in DallasStars

    I’m gonna need another one on Saturday, maybe nuke this time just to get a fire going?

    [–] [Game Thread] Dallas Stars @ Las Vegas Golden Knights (February 25, 2019) RagingBlue93 2 points ago in DallasStars

    Not really his fault though he was where he was supposed to be, Bishop should of never held on to it