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    [–] California Gov. signs order banning sale of gasoline-powered cars by 2035 Randolm 1 points ago in Futurology

    I was listening to a conservative talk show that called this an attack on the middle class. That there's no way people will be able to afford $100k Teslas. Last time I looked every major automaker is making electrics with pipeline plans of making evs their main line way earlier than 2035. Not to mention Tesla themselves plan on having an ev that's cheaper to produce than combustibles within 3 years.

    [–] Youtube terminates 10 year old guitar teaching channel that has generated over 100m views due to copyright claims without any info as to what is being claimed. Randolm 1 points ago in videos

    What I don't get is why there isn't some kind of 'common sense board' that reviews top contributors before terminating accounts based on strikes (to confirm the strikes are legit). It's frigging google, it's not like they can't throw some money towards figuring this out.

    [–] What future growth stocks are you looking at for the next ten years ? Randolm 2 points ago in stocks

    FB is actually in pretty good buy territory right now (at least in my dumb opinion). It was trading at ~300 just a couple weeks ago and a lot of analysts really like this stock.

    [–] Dow Falls 500 Points as Fed Warns More Stimulus Needed Randolm 2 points ago in stocks

    If wall street & the economy continues to suffer that will push everyone back to the table. Both parties agree that a package is needed, it's just working out the details (which is the hard part). The $1200 per person check (under like income of $100k or something like that) is something they've both agreed on and will be a nice injection into the economy for the purchase of 'non-essential' stuff... Wal-Mart noted how much this helped in their last earnings.

    [–] Imagine the scrubber you’d need for that bad boy Randolm 22 points ago in ATBGE

    Yep. If you go with the cold water only option it basically takes 15 minutes to fit. If you go with hot & cold it's a bit more cause you have to run a lead from a nearby sink.

    I have the hot/cold version but never use the hot as you have to cycle the water through to heat up... and it's surprisingly not worth it. I detest cold showers and thought this would even be worse, but it's not. I live in the midwest and even when the pipes are super chilled in the winter the cold only option doesn't bother me at all. YRMV.

    [–] Costco co-founder told CEO 'I will kill you' following hot dog combo price hike suggestion Randolm 2 points ago in nottheonion

    I'm sure there was that... I didn't see it much, though. The one thing that does stand out was one particular graffiti in the single stall for men 'Corn in poop is good'. I can't tell you how many times I stared at that message while relieving myself. I'll go to my grave still puzzling over it's philosophical significance.

    [–] How low will Tesla drop to after Battery Day? Randolm 20 points ago in stocks

    Musk essentially said 'our margins are currently thin, but you wouldn't know it based on our valuation' today and pretty much all tech announcements are at least 18 months away from being realized. I certainly wouldn't be a buyer at open... there's little reason to believe it will go up from 396.

    But if you're a holder at a decent price and in it for the long term the news today was very good and will pay off in the long run... there was basically zero possibility of it living up to the hype and at least in the short term I don't see people lining up to buy more at the current valuation.

    [–] Costco co-founder told CEO 'I will kill you' following hot dog combo price hike suggestion Randolm 24 points ago in nottheonion

    Back in my college days there was a local dive-bar that offered free chili-dogs on Tuesdays. The cheapest possible dogs/chili/buns they could find, but it brought in college kids hand over fist to binge on them (there was no limit). Probably cost them 25 cents at most per dog to then have kids lining up the rest of night to buy booze to wash it all down while feeding quarters into the pool tables & juke boxes.

    Cheap/free hotdogs = customers.

    [–] Police bust condom recycling facility in southern Vietnam Randolm 48 points ago in nottheonion

    Still not as gross as the fact that many street food vendors in poor parts of China that use 'recycled' cooking oil. People siphon off discarded cooking oil from regular restaurants that's discarded into what are essentially sewers then it's strained & resold to the vendors because it's so much cheaper. It's commonly called gutter oil if you wish to learn more... Youtube if you dare.

    [–] Thinking about getting this... Y’all think it’s legit? Randolm 1 points ago in xboxone

    This reminds me of back when 360 came out and demand was so ridiculous that people were buying $500 empty boxes on Ebay. The seller would note it as such in 'fine print', but people would see a posting pop of the system that wouldn't be available for likely months and see the price then just click 'BUY NOW'.

    Hopefully the X isn't anything like the shortages seen with 360... if I remember right you couldn't expect to easily find one til like March or so of the next year. I really don't think that will happen, fingers crossed anyways.

    [–] Imagine the scrubber you’d need for that bad boy Randolm 974 points ago in ATBGE

    Yep. As an aside I bought one of those cheap Chinese bidets they sell on Amazon for like $40 five or so years ago and it's maybe the best investment I've ever made. I will never again live in a house without one.

    [–] Elon Musk says Tesla deliveries will rise 30% to 40% in 2020, touts new battery tech Randolm 27 points ago in stocks

    It could fundamentally change the valuation down. It was very good news, but almost none of it will be fully realized til at least 18 months down the road. I swear people were thinking that they were going to unveil that the technology they discussed today was not only 100% ready to go but that there was an already constructed plant ready to go into production on same secret island. I have a feeling that a lot of people are going to take their gains/losses now as they realize they won't double their investment tomorrow or anytime in the near future.

    [–] Tesla battery day Randolm 2 points ago in stocks

    That's the problem. How to keep investors hyped through months & months of incremental improvements/profitability. Investors have incredibly short attention spans.

    [–] Current And Former Ellen Employees Said Her On-Air Apology Missed The Mark Randolm 2 points ago in television

    I personally agree. I've zero dog in this race as I don't watch Ellen (or any daytime TV for that matter). Clapping to her own proposed changes to a virtual studio seemed strange, but mostly the rest was 'fine'.

    [–] NFL fines three head coaches $100K each for not wearing masks on sidelines Randolm 5 points ago in Coronavirus

    Yep. And this will reinforce the leash tightening. I guess my only point was addressing OP's comment... the 100k individual fine for the coaches will almost certainly be 'reimbursed' with a warning.

    [–] Is this a good time to buy Apple stock? Randolm 6 points ago in stocks

    Simple answer is if you don't think they're going anywhere don't buy any.

    Which is why blood lettings should be taken as an opportunity for those in it for the longish haul. AMZN is an example of one that I believe will basically crush it this fall/winter given Covid's going nowhere til at least end of year (and likely not til early-mid next) + cold and flu season is approaching. Online shopping is basically going to own Black Friday & X-mas season. Yet AMZN is still ~15% off the price just a few weeks ago right now.

    [–] NFL fines three head coaches $100K each for not wearing masks on sidelines Randolm 12 points ago in Coronavirus

    They likely won't lose a single a penny when all is said and done. Team owners will increase/provide a 'bonus' to make them full (but of course it won't be labeled as such).

    That being said, the message stands and now that it's known this won't be tolerated I'm guessing the leash will be pulled across the board and future violations won't be so easily forgiven.

    [–] Why do people hate Ready Player One? Randolm 3 points ago in movies

    My personal opinion is that it was 'good'. I think I was actually let down a bit by hoping/holding it to the same 'fun' level I had with RP1. But in retrospect there was definitely enough fun/story that I'm definitely glad I picked it up.

    [–] McDonalds In America Heatmap Randolm 14 points ago in interestingasfuck

    I recently learned that KFC for 'Christmas' is a very popular thing in Japan. It's not a religious thing (very few Christians), apparently it was an advertising campaign in the '70s that took off and has just become a thing.

    [–] Why do people hate Ready Player One? Randolm -8 points ago in movies

    Many/most book snobs make it a sport of picking on the book. I absolutely loved it. Not for being a work of writing genius, but just a whole hell of a lot of fun. Granted I'm an '80s kid so the constant barrage of nostalgia probably played a big role in that.

    [–] Short video but so cute bushbaby. Randolm 17 points ago in aww

    And that's where they should remain. They are monkeys and as such require way more attention and needs than 99.9% of people could ever provide. Not to mention that if you get one it's likely been stolen from the wild as part of the exotic animal trade (or was born in captivity as a result).

    [–] Game Pass is seriously unbeatable Randolm 45 points ago in xboxone

    I think All Access is going to be a game changer in the console wars. People are going to be way more tempted to go with a system for $25 (or $35) a month than laying out several hundred dollars at once. Especially when you look at it that you're essentially just paying $10 a month extra for the console than you'd already be paying for the Ultimate Pass... and that now includes EA Access (which I think was an extra $5 before the recent change).

    I think MSFT was simply tired of coming in second.

    [–] McDonalds In America Heatmap Randolm 72 points ago in interestingasfuck

    I don't think there's anything nefarious here, but this is something used all the time to confuse correlation & causation. E.G. crime rates, etc.

    [–] Primetime Emmy awards show ratings drop to all-time low Randolm 7 points ago in television

    I'm kind of surprised that given the ways they were using to present the awards (visiting/streaming stars from home) it didn't do better from those that normally don't watch but were curious to see this. I haven't watched in years but tuned in for this one.