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    [–] Gamers of reddit, what is your personal favorite soundtrack? RandomOregonian 1 points ago in AskReddit

    Where Lineage 2 lacked in gameplay, it made up for it in amazing music and art. I actually walked down the isle to the song "Knighting Ceremony" at my wedding. Starts at 7:05 in the video pasted above.

    Wish I could have been on the dev team for this game. Some of the classes were overpowered and it was never fixed and the grind yo Max level is unbearable. THEN they sold it to NCSoft and they made it pay to win and took a giant shit on most of the story content. And let's not even mention the joke that is L2Mobile.

    But I mean.... Tera was born because of it. So I can't be too mad.

    [–] A simple guide to internet slang and abbreviations. RandomOregonian 2 points ago in coolguides

    What is ffs? I see it a lot on Reddit and have no clue what it means

    [–] 'Murica in Google RandomOregonian 1 points ago in MapPorn

    AWWW!!! Shucks you guys

    [–] Gamers of reddit, in which game did you reach 100 hours the fastest? RandomOregonian 1 points ago in AskReddit

    The Sims 3

    Building huge custom houses has always been my favorite part. I have way more houses than Sims honestly

    [–] What's the most strangely unique punishment you ever received as a kid? How bad was it? RandomOregonian 1 points ago in AskReddit

    My mom made me wash the inside of the garbage can. You know the one that you set out by the curb every week? I threw up in the yard twice and ultimately asked for a mask. The first part was scraping off everything that was caked on the insides and it smelled like moldy diaper. Then I had to go in with Dawn and a sponge for the real detailing.

    And honestly my grades didn't really get any better.

    [–] For those with pets, how do you get their fur off of your clothes? RandomOregonian 3 points ago in consulting

    This sounds nuts, but it works and I use this in addition to a lint roller.

    A window squeegee will pull up those nasty, wirey, hard to get hairs that seem to weave themselves into your clothes/couch/carpet, everything.

    [–] Umbrella Academy Cast Panel at NYCC Starts about 9:10:00 RandomOregonian 1 points ago in UmbrellaAcademy

    I agree! So many of them had never even been to Comic Con. I bet this show is gonna launch their careers especially being cast among big names like Paige and Blige. That guy who was cast at number 5 was born for that role too, damn. I'm so pumped for Feb 15th EEEEEEEEE!!

    [–] Do you think Gerard is working with the series producers to give them an idea of his plans for Vol 3 and 4? RandomOregonian 1 points ago in UmbrellaAcademy

    I feel like the most perfect example of this was Eragon. Do you remember that train wreck? Besides the terrible screenplay adaption, they completely neglected to put in Katrina only to find out she's a major plot character in the next books.

    I would love for someone to make those books a series of lotr level of effort movies. I would watch the shit out of em.

    [–] Umbrella Academy Cast Panel at NYCC Starts about 9:10:00 RandomOregonian 1 points ago in UmbrellaAcademy

    Those were some lame questions. Which cast member complains the most about the weather? Like really? I was so pumped to watch this and was so bummed to see complete unorganization.

    Regardless, thank you for posting. 😁

    [–] People can be pretty stupid RandomOregonian 1 points ago in WhitePeopleTwitter

    Steve? Luther, I think you mean Diego.

    [–] Attacking a hotel clerk « in the name of Jesus » RandomOregonian 5 points ago in iamatotalpieceofshit

    I told my hyper religious grandmother that Jesus was as brown as spiced apples and she popped me right on the mouth and told me "quit your lyin'!" It's really as Mr. Nicholson once said: Some people can't handle the truth.

    [–] His best friend dressed as a bride RandomOregonian 3 points ago in ContagiousLaughter

    This is my favorite Thor and Loki story!