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    [–] ONE QUARTER PORTION Rathwood 1 points ago in SequelMemes

    Gamestops often have to be licensed as pawnbrokers in order to buy used goods, and in many states, there are laws prohibiting pawnbrokers from buying new goods still in their retail packaging.

    So it wouldn't matter whether you brought in three systems or just one game, it's illegal.

    Anyway, I know all this because I worked for a Gamestop for a summer a few years ago and had to be trained on all that. I've actually got some fun stories about meth heads trying to hawk obviously stolen phones in my store. Fun times!

    [–] Problem migrating from Fire Red to Soul Silver. Rathwood 1 points ago in TruePokemon

    Some of these fakes can look really good- it's getting harder and harder to spot them.

    My fake Fire Red and Leaf Green games were virtually identical to real carts. There were no visual differences unless you took it apart and compared the board to photos of legit games.

    There was only only hint that something was weird within the game, and that was when you interacted with a body of water. It would say "The water is dyed a deep blue."

    [–] Problem migrating from Fire Red to Soul Silver. Rathwood 6 points ago * (lasted edited 2 days ago) in TruePokemon

    Had the same problem a couple years back when I first returned to Pokemon. My fake FR and LG cartridges, interestingly, were capable of trading with each other (if I got another GBA and a link cable).

    I reasoned that if two fakes could trade with each other, they could probably trade with a real cartridge.

    So I paid a little extra to get a certified official cartridge of Emerald. There was even an old postgame save on the cart. Ultimately, I saved all the awesome pokemon I had raised up in the fake cartridges by catching a shitload of whismur on Emerald and trading them for my guys. The Emerald cart, of course, played nicely with Soul Silver.

    tl;dr: Get yourself a link cable and another GBA and see if you can save your bois by trading them to the good cart.

    [–] ONE QUARTER PORTION Rathwood 31 points ago in SequelMemes

    Yep. If someone showed up at a gamestop trying to unload that haul, my first assumption is that all of it's hot.

    [–] Megamind Rathwood 1 points ago in funny

    Is there a name for what's wrong with you?

    [–] No Touchy Rathwood 4 points ago in aww

    Nah, fam. That was the famous swish and flick!

    [–] What's up with people hating on Will Smith for playing the genie in Alladin? Rathwood 56 points ago in OutOfTheLoop

    Trailers just usually use early version CGI.

    That sounds like a horrible idea when the point of the trailer is to sell the movie.

    No, this whole thing reeks of bad editorial oversight. Somebody viewed this thing before it was sent out, and that person had the power to cut the last three seconds of the trailer when they saw how awful the genie looked.

    But obviously, they lacked the good sense to do so.

    [–] The truth Rathwood -4 points ago in Borderlands2

    ITT: no one knows cares who Tyler1 is or about League of Legends.


    [–] How do you stop swimming trunks basically enunciating the shape of your dick and balls when coming out of the pool. Rathwood 2 points ago in AskMen

    Do your trunks have that layer of mesh in them? If not, buy yourself a pair of compression shorts and put them on under the trunks.

    If they do have the mesh, you can still do this- maybe you'll have to cut the mesh out with some scissors if it gets too bulky or uncomfortable.

    [–] ... while I stoke up the fire. Rathwood 1 points ago in holdmybeer

    Not really. Every American preschool has been drilling "stop, drop, and roll" into kids since the 80s.

    Proper safety and handling of flammable substances, on the other hand, isn't taught to everyone.

    [–] Everyone's losing their minds over Reddit's new Chinese investors, and this is all I can think about Rathwood 1 points ago in AdviceAnimals

    First of all, thank you. This is the debate we OUGHT to be having. I think that western political discourse gets so muddied anymore by untrustworthy information, fallacious arguments, and hardened partisan views that we don't discuss issues productively anymore. So this is good.

    I would argue back that how much reddit has already censored for the Chinese and how 'notable' that censorship is doesn't matter. The problem is that since we know reddit can and has censored for investors before, the Chinese are able to ask for the same considerstion. And a 5% share is quite enough to ask for this kind of favor.

    The Chinese government has long been okay with chilling free speech, so it seems likely they'd play that card if they could. And we don't know what this may be used to obscure in the future. Having an influence on western communications and media like this would the Chinese the ability to keep international pressure off of them if and when they're caught doing horrific things.

    Reddit may not be in the business of ending human rights abuses, but neither should it be in the business of covering them up. And since, as you pointed out, money is money, it could come from anywhere. So why take it from the authoritarian investors who are likely to ask for unethical favors?

    [–] Everyone's losing their minds over Reddit's new Chinese investors, and this is all I can think about Rathwood 1 points ago in AdviceAnimals

    I think you misunderstood me.

    I pointed out that OP is drawing a false equivalency between those two- he definitely wants people to compare them.

    And we shouldn't be comparing them, because one is significantly and obviously worse than the other.

    Censoring to cover corrupt corporations is one thing, but covering for entities owned by a government that commits human rights abuses is another.

    [–] Everyone's losing their minds over Reddit's new Chinese investors, and this is all I can think about Rathwood 1 points ago in AdviceAnimals

    Look, if you want to criticize the quality of political Reddit's dialectic, I'm not going to disagree with you. It's ugly and stupid in there.

    But that's no reason to ignore a popular post in a major subreddit that addresses a site-wide controversy with a fallacious argument.

    Let's not be easily manipulated fools just because the standards are lower in other parts of this site.

    [–] Everyone's losing their minds over Reddit's new Chinese investors, and this is all I can think about Rathwood 1 points ago in AdviceAnimals

    But one-sidedness isn't the problem. The problem is fallacious logic. OP's argument relies on fallacies to make his point, which means that we should be disregarding what it says, not defending it.

    [–] Everyone's losing their minds over Reddit's new Chinese investors, and this is all I can think about Rathwood 38 points ago in AdviceAnimals

    It's true, but censoring content to cover the asses of Sony or EA or Coca-Cola isn't the same as censoring to cover the ass of investors beholden to a totalitarian government with a long history of human rights abuses. The former is shady, but the latter is outright and overtly unethical.

    Drawing an equivalency between the two is so excessively reductive that it breaches any standard of what is reasonable or accurate.

    Your argument is misleading because it presents people with a false equivalency and a false binary. From the point of view you've mislead people to, there are only two logical conclusions: either that this censorship is no worse than that which we're already living with; or that we should be calling for an end to all of reddit's censorship. The former is an apathetic dead-end and the latter is a futile demand the user base of this website will never see realized for obvious reasons. Thus, another dead-end.

    Either conclusion ends with inaction, which only serves to benefit the status quo and reddit's continuing to cosy up with authoritarian money.

    [–] What part of being an adult were you absolutely not prepared for? Rathwood 3 points ago in AskReddit

    My parents' generation suddenly deciding that they hate my generation.

    I felt loved and protected by most of the adults around me when I was growing up. Now that I'm an adult, they despise and distrust me, and seldom miss an opportunity to criticize or make sardonic light of my cohort and its culture.

    [–] GUNGE THAT PAEDO Rathwood 1 points ago in ScottishPeopleTwitter

    Sir, might I interest you in a red cap that says "Make /r/ScottishPeopleTwitter great again" on it?

    [–] Gonnae blow up IKEA Rathwood 1 points ago in ScottishPeopleTwitter

    Maximum credit for professionalism, but why is she helping him instead of calling the police?

    This is exactly the kind of shit that gets you on a terrorist watch list in the States.