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    [–] Whatever it takes. Rauxy 9 points ago in wallstreetbets

    Is this market manipulation?

    [–] A sad sad day to be a stoner Rauxy 7 points ago in saplings

    Is your friend being taken to court as well, or just you?

    [–] Mission impossible! Rauxy 53 points ago in funny

    More mission impawsible

    [–] Cute anime girls Rauxy 1 points ago in Animemes

    The left one. The right one is from a hentai.

    [–] Error 503 Backend fetch failed Rauxy 1 points ago in DarkNetMarketsNoobs

    Da bad times are upon us. Switch markets.

    [–] Iceman Knight Rauxy 3 points ago in RotMG

    Dude go look at r/eyebleach it’s a good thing

    [–] Iceman Knight Rauxy 0 points ago in RotMG

    Belongs in r/eyebleach

    [–] In game purchase problem Rauxy 1 points ago in Nexomon

    Same idk why

    [–] Is it normal to wonder if you’re mentally disabled? Rauxy 1 points ago in TooAfraidToAsk

    Yes, it’s perfectly normal. Whenever I browse r/wallstreetbets I wonder it myself.

    [–] ETN is older than you can imagine Rauxy 2 points ago in Electroneum

    That’s the time that all computer clocks count from