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    [–] ETN is older than you can imagine Rauxy 2 points ago in Electroneum

    That’s the time that all computer clocks count from

    [–] Yeah Rauxy 2 points ago in Drugs

    Drug sprog

    [–] THC pill edibles? Rauxy 17 points ago in saplings

    Just cut it up.l so it’s a size you feel comfortable with. Wait a bit and see what happens. If nothing does, take some more.

    [–] They said he couldn’t, yet Elon Musk delivered again Rauxy 14 points ago in funny

    He should make a deodorant called Elon’s musk

    [–] Best rechargeable and reliable vape pens for oil cartridges Rauxy 2 points ago in saplings

    I've been using a Kandy Slim for a while, and have been enjoying it.

    [–] Are we entering the dip? Rauxy 3 points ago in stocks

    Nothing much, mining is not where nvidia gets a majority of their profits

    [–] What phrase is attached to an accent? Rauxy 1 points ago in AskReddit

    If your not Scottish your crap