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    [–] The other situation where we should've passed Rayhann 2 points ago in reddevils

    Pogba does need to be more simple. He needs to really improve his decision making. He could have gotten 3 assists today and surpass Kevin DB

    [–] Sir Alex was Right Rayhann 2 points ago in reddevils

    As long as we can use him to get Verratti... I'm fine wiht him being a cunt

    [–] Sanchez replies to Troopz' goodbye message Rayhann 5 points ago in reddevils

    tbf, now it looks like Wenger had to really carry Arsenal and fight against the board's dumbass decision. He's openly talking about transfers rn... which was never done before. Perhaps he's finally getting some control back

    [–] 2meirl4meirl Rayhann 1 points ago in 2meirl4meirl


    Because it's been too long and none of us have ever taken the initiative anymore. And it's always me trying to make plans and the rest not really caring too much... This joke really resonates w me

    [–] 2meirl4meirl Rayhann 1 points ago in 2meirl4meirl

    I have a similar story but I think, for me, it was time and not actually getting to be very close. It's hard for me to make new friends knowing that I won't be a good friend to many people and that it won't last too long... I'm sure my friends like me and miss me but not so much that they contact me whenever I go back home. All my friends are really just old friends from HS. I haven't moved on and established myself in uni. Bit tough

    [–] [Homemade] Crawfish Étouffée Rayhann 1 points ago in food

    Thanks for this Lady Eye, I tried making Gumbo a few times before, following the Munchies video, and quite enjoyed it especially for the winter.

    So can I use Chicken and Andouille sausage for this instead of Crawfish? Would it work using the blond rue you used? Or does it always have to be the dark and super hot rue for land animal meat

    [–] The lads having a bit of fun Rayhann 2 points ago in reddevils

    someone post "triggered" memes but photoshopped with depressed Sournness

    [–] ALEXIS SANCHEZ - MEGATHREAD 3 Rayhann 8 points ago in reddevils

    TIL 'f5' is for refreshing the page for windows

    [–] Let me tell you guys a little about Mkhitaryan. Rayhann 6 points ago in Gunners

    He had only one or two awful games this season. Rest was just anonymous but he was actually still class when he was on the ball. So, yes, the talent is obviously there.

    And he started to become a passenger right when Pogba was injured. In the dark-Pogbaless age, Miki was isolated and he wasn't getting a lot of the ball. And so whenever he got the ball, he panicked and made a bad decision. The decision making got worse and worse. But he was still working hard off the ball, guaranteeing his spot on the team. Eventually, I think, Miki burnt out and was making poor decisions even when he was off the ball. I think Miki was getting more and more frustrated with each passing week.

    Fast forward to the Arsenal game, Pogba has just returned and is lighting up the team again. But by then Miki has been dropped and distrusted by Mou and the fans. People forget that the whole team was crap when we were Pog-less. Mou just goes full bus mode whenever we are Pog-less. And that hindered Miki a lot.

    Wenger just needs more playmakers around Miki. I think Xhaka will help Miki out a lot in the Arsenal side. He is a deeper lying playmaker so he'll be the connective link with Miki. Miki also needs guys like Lemar, Malcom, or Mahrez to play with. And having Auba would help a lot. Chemistry is there already, plus he's the perfect striker for a feeder like Miki.

    [–] Hope the Arsenal fax machine is in good condition. Rayhann 1 points ago in Gunners

    Miki could end up being a solid replacement for Ozil for you guys. But you need to also (at least TRY to) get Lemar and Malcom. Would strengthen the attack with all 3 behind Laca or Auba. You could get the best out of players like Lemar, Malcom, Laca, and Auba surrounding him.

    [–] Hope the Arsenal fax machine is in good condition. Rayhann 11 points ago in Gunners

    If you guys get Miki and Auba, what will your attack look like? Would Laca play? Where would Ozil play? Do you guys also want Lemar and/or Malcom for another winger?

    I think getting Lemar, Auba, Malcom, and Miki would be great for you lot. Replaces all the players you lost. Auba could bench Laca tho

    [–] Manchester United surpass La Liga giants Barcelona and Real Madrid as Europe's biggest earners Rayhann 1 points ago in reddevils

    Might be because they're just getting worse. Barca's still top of the league, but they look worse than before. It's good to see other teams do well but have they actually improved? I've watched Valencia a few times and honestly, they've just been okay. Really looks more like Atletico and Real just underperforming and failign to capitalise in games now

    [–] Aziz Ansari Is Guilty. Of Not Being a Mind Reader. Rayhann -1 points ago in television

    Hmmm I want to hear more from the people who're on Babe's side. Too many people jumping to Aziz's side on Reddit. While there's too many jumping on Babe's side on Twitter.

    What are the arguments against Aziz? What is it that they're trying to argue for?

    [–] these words still haunt me today. Rayhann 1 points ago in cringepics

    yea but not the good kind of cream. This one kinda smells and you don't wanna lick it

    [–] 2-0 Martial Rayhann 1 points ago in reddevils

    he say Pogba was overrated again? O boi...

    [–] 2-0 Martial Rayhann 1 points ago in reddevils

    wot? they wanted martial? gunners thought they could GET Martial?

    fuck are they on?

    [–] OTHER: The Dark Knight Will Return To Theaters For Its 10th Anniversary Rayhann 9 points ago in DC_Cinematic

    The good old days... when DC movies were actually good. One of the best films of the last decade

    [–] All Cosplayers Understand Rayhann 13 points ago in ihavesex

    oh god this is too depressing....

    [–] This subway's stairs have one step a little higher than the rest Rayhann 1 points ago in CrappyDesign

    Ah... NYC Metro, worst subway system in the world... And the N R lines! Ones I have to always take. Stinks of shit