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    [–] Remember only white people can be Muh Racist because leftists have made up a new definition of racism out of thin air that fits their narrative. RedJudas 1 points ago in The_Donald

    Whatever. I would rather he makes movies with the leads he wants than to ruin an existing franchise by trying to force race and gender. We keep telling them to make their own garbage, so let him.

    [–] My [31M] wife [32F] is unreasonably mad at me because I stopped to be a witness to a hit and run. RedJudas -2 points ago in relationship_advice

    I she depressed? Hugh Laurie discovered he was massively depressed when he witnessed a horrible accident and didn't react with any amount of shock or horror.

    [–] Found out my gf was a prostitute RedJudas 1 points ago in relationship_advice

    Oh lord, please tell that to my father.

    [–] LMAOOOO RedJudas 2 points ago in The_Donald

    Maybe Chelsea is trying to atone for having a shitty family while we get to live guilt free?

    [–] LMAOOOO RedJudas 3 points ago in The_Donald

    My family was still living in Germany during WWII and even I'm not related to any Nazis! Hahahahaha

    [–] 9-Year-Old US Citizen Detained for 32 Hours Gave 'Inconsistent Info,' Customs and Border Protection Says RedJudas 1 points ago in nottheonion

    That’s not a joke, though. I’m really struggling to find where the humour would be if this really had been from The Onion. They detained her and then she made things harder for everyone involved. Sounds normal.

    [–] that's called Trauma RedJudas 5 points ago in TumblrInAction

    Who cares? It’s made up for oppression points anyway.

    [–] Just out farming for liberal tears on /r/edacted RedJudas 5 points ago in The_Donald

    "Oh my god, he's actually just going to coast to victory on his own accomplishments like that?"

    [–] 9-Year-Old US Citizen Detained for 32 Hours Gave 'Inconsistent Info,' Customs and Border Protection Says RedJudas 1 points ago in nottheonion

    Usually The Onion does ridiculous satirical headlines that you could laugh at. I don't see how this could be confused for one of their articles. This actually sounds like a pretty normal story. I don't know if any of you have ever spoken to a nine year old, but I work with youth. They're not that smart. It wouldn't be out of the ordinary for a little girl to give inconsistent information that adults struggle to understand.

    [–] Nuclear power company backs Ford government energy plan RedJudas 1 points ago in TheDougFord

    Nuclear energy is the way of the future. It's clean, safe, and efficient, despite all the fearmongering. We could be decades ahead if people weren't so scared. Then there's the issue that environmentalists have about nuclear waste. Thing is, it doesn't produce that much waste, and disposing of it is as simple as putting it back where we found it.

    [–] Another game of Clue RedJudas 19 points ago in HateCrimeHoaxes

    "Trump 2020" was a good touch, so you know they were Trump supporters. It's like when my buddy Mel loudly announced his name was Jerry after taking all the deep fried prawns at the buffet. The real Jerry was in the bathroom.

    [–] What are your most memorable moments in the series? #TES25 RedJudas 1 points ago in ElderScrolls

    Arriving at the gates of Cloud Ruler Temple with Martin Septim.

    [–] that's called Trauma RedJudas 44 points ago in TumblrInAction

    The way these sexualities work is that they take the normal human experience and apply it to some arbitrary orientation. This is in part to people wanting to play the victim by making up their own "marginalized" group for inclusion. Problems arise because they're not marginalized, and at the current rate, basically everyone becomes a member of the LGBT community. Suddenly no one is unique and can claim special victim status.

    Sapiosexuals claim to only be attracted to intelligent people. All it is is holding a standard. But by claiming it's an orientation, they can now play the victim card. Or Demisexual, where they want to have an emotional bond before initiating sex. Great, you're just like 90% of the fucking planet.

    [–] IS..... IS THAT A WALL?? RedJudas 1 points ago in The_Donald

    Anyone else remember the first level of Half-Life 2?

    [–] Think you’re cool? RedJudas 2 points ago in The_Donald

    Anyone else concerned that he keeps that thing loaded?

    [–] James Woods: Tactical Mastermind RedJudas 6 points ago in The_Donald

    Rules for Radicals is surprisingly relevant and can easily be turned the other way. I might actually buy that book. I already use some of those tactics. One of the new ones that I really like is to call any lefty argument a conspiracy theory.

    [–] Shoot him again RedJudas 1 points ago in gaming

    That sounds reasonable, but doesn't match the facts. Microtransactions are being tacked onto already high prices instead of reducing them. It's it's like how the computer was supposed to decrease the work week if we could get our work done faster, but instead it increased the work load.

    [–] TIL polar bears' liver have a vitamin A content so high, its considered poisonous. When hunting them, the livers are buried or burned to prevent the hunter's dogs from eating them. RedJudas 1 points ago in todayilearned

    So a little more detail on the headline, for those that are interested. Arctic explorers heard about the nutritional value of polar bears. You can survive entirely off polar bear meat and be quite healthy. Unlike surviving on something like rabbit meat, where you might think you're eating well but are actually slowly starving to death. But that nutritional value diminishes almost entirely when it's cooked. So you have to eat it raw, which is fine because you probably wouldn't get sick anyway. Unfortunately for the explorers, they didn't know that part, so a lot of them starved to death.

    But before any of you decide to head to the arctic for polar bear meat, think again. It's super illegal to kill them. Even if you kill one in self-defence, you'll be in so much legal hot water that you might as well turn your shotgun on yourself before turning it toward a bear. Unlike other bears, they see you as food and it's really hard to defend yourself physically or legally from them.