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    [–] Mass shooting plot for SoCal high school thwarted by alert security guard RedRaiderTravis 90 points ago in news

    Yeah, I know it may not be feasible, but it sure would be nice if the media could commonly agree to give mass killers like this virtually no airtime. Barely mention their name, never show a picture, and instead show pictures and use the names of victims.

    Beyond merely reporting the name and a few basics about the killer buried in the text of a long article, they should give him a media blackout. If people knew they likely wouldn't get famous by doing this, maybe it will deter at least a few of them who had such purposes in mind.

    But either way, don't give him what he wants.

    [–] Well, then at least drink your beer RedRaiderTravis 32 points ago in seinfeld

    It's like a creature out of Greek mythology.

    [–] How to prove (philosohpically) that the world we live in is not a simulation? RedRaiderTravis 0 points ago in askphilosophy

    Given Bostrom's Simulation Argument, the real question is how we can deny that the odds that we are living in a simulation are approximately 1/3, as he argues.

    Here's Bostrom's paper:

    Here's a site with a lot of resources on the argument:

    Options are rather limited:

    1. One can deny Substrate Independence, as it is one of Bostrom's presuppositions. However, SI is a fairly weak claim; for it to go through, we need only the bare possibility that computers could have conscious experience like our own.

    2. One could deny the Bland Indifference Principle that Bostrom assumes. It seems pretty plausible, though....

    3. One could argue that one of the other 2 possibilities obtains; namely, either (A) virtually all civilizations become extinct before reaching technological maturity, or (B) that there is convergence among virtually all technologically mature civilizations capable of running simulations such that they all do not run them.

    Note that (A) is a very pessimistic hypothesis from our perspective; it means our species will likely become extinct soon. Further, it appears difficult to argue for (B), at least from my perspective.

    So yeah, the options aren't great for proving that we do not live in a simulation, nor are they especially promising for denying the conclusion that there is approximately a one in three chance of our currently existing in a computer simulation.

    [–] Fact--Obama does not read his intelligence briefings nor does he get briefed in person by the CIA or DOD. Too busy I guess! [1:15 PM - 30 Sep 2014] RedRaiderTravis 197 points ago in TrumpCriticizesTrump

    Guys, guys.... We are arguing about whether the President of the United States can read. Holy shit. Does it matter who is right? The mere fact that we're having this discussion really fucking says something.

    [–] Holistic? RedRaiderTravis 7 points ago in seinfeld

    "Tonsillitis adenoiditis is, in Chinese medical terms, an invasion of heat and wind."

    ("There's some hot air blowing in here...")

    [–] Assman RedRaiderTravis 4 points ago in seinfeld

    Assman? I'll give him assman!

    [–] Initial talks underway about Trump interview in Mueller Russia probe RedRaiderTravis 2 points ago in politics

    One wonders if those 20+ GOP senators who voted for removal due to Bill's blow job lie will remember their spine when it comes time to remove Donald for his Russia lies and obstruction.

    One doesn't really wonder. We know goddamn well they won't.

    [–] Kushner family business got $30M investment from Israeli firm prior to Trump's state visit: report RedRaiderTravis 36 points ago in politics

    The mere fact that this kid with no credentials or experience is in his position is so clearly nepotism that it is a joke. (Same for his wife, whatever the hell she does.) Of course they are corrupt. The corruption is apparent from them having the positions at all. Why would they not do their ill-gotten jobs corruptly? This is by far the most corrupt administration in US history by a mile, and openly so!

    [–] ANIMALS CLOSE-UP WITH A WIDE ANGLE LENS RedRaiderTravis 139 points ago in southpark

    You need to know how important ratings are, Craig. So, I'm going to suspend you from school and request that you have your testicles removed surgically.

    [–] [Homemade] Loaded potato soup RedRaiderTravis 12 points ago in food

    I am not even a big potato soup guy, but my god that looks amazing! And it is cold here.... that would hit the spot!

    [–] I'm in such a stabby mood tonight. RedRaiderTravis 11 points ago in childfree

    Oh yeah, when we start thinking about the capabilities of a person, the "mere age criterion" becomes even more absurd. Is a child of questionable abilities more important than a scientist working on cancer research? What a ridiculous way to decide to value life!

    [–] I'm in such a stabby mood tonight. RedRaiderTravis 130 points ago in childfree

    The claim that the life of a 5-year-old is more valuable than someone who is older is very dubious. The latter surely contributes more to society, has more social connections, would probably be missed by more people, etc. Perhaps if our species were dying off this would make some sense, but we are currently dealing with overpopulation and a lack of resources in many places....

    I wonder how far this person would be willing to go with this "younger is better" premise. What about an infant versus a 10-year-old? What about a chamber of 100 frozen embryos versus an infant, or, perhaps a 50-year-old? Age alone seems to be a rather trivial, arbitrary criterion.

    People are often very irrational. We have to deal with individuals who just don't think things through and it sucks. Maybe console yourself with the fact that not everyone has these sorts of beliefs? That's how this sub helps me: it reminds me that a lot of people have similar beliefs on these issues--even if for very different reasons. And it gives us a place to vent without judgment. :)

    [–] Trump: US could use some ‘good old Global Warming’ to heat up cold states RedRaiderTravis 70 points ago in politics

    This is the old crazy person in your family who thinks he can know better than the best scientists in the world by looking out the goddamned window.

    Except he is the president.

    [–] How many of you would want a childfree restaurant, store, etc. in your area? RedRaiderTravis 61 points ago in childfree

    Isn't it amazing that people take their kids to places like this? I have seen them at breweries, bars, etc.

    Then again, if I had to deal with kids all day, I would be drinking constantly....