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    [–] Y’all ready to see Daenerys blow a three dragon lead? RedoThrowaway 3 points ago in TheonWinsTheThrone

    Jon’s will kidnap a dragon, the Night King has a dragon and so does Dany. It’s gonna end up in a whole fuckin showdown with everyone literally dead.

    Only survivors are gonna be Yara and Theon and a small handful. I changed my pick yesterday and thinking Theon or Tyrion, nothing in between. Theon was fab yesterday

    [–] Superstore S04E15 Episode Discussion: Salary RedoThrowaway 1 points ago in superstore

    Ty man! I hope the best for my buddy an he’s a good guy and I was just being a baby. Y’all are so nice around here lol

    Edit: duh it’s in the superstore thread hehe

    [–] Superstore S04E15 Episode Discussion: Salary RedoThrowaway 2 points ago in superstore

    Lol thanks! I’m just being a baby, I just took a licensing exam and worried about it! This was really nice of you to say.

    [–] So Not official but I found a title for episode 21...Sandra’s fight! Omg! RedoThrowaway 2 points ago in superstore

    Sandra has actually been running a Fight Club underground as a way to deal with her life. She’s gonna have a bunch of trained fighters and she’s actually a boss ass bitch.

    [–] Superstore S04E15 Episode Discussion: Salary RedoThrowaway 20 points ago in superstore

    Worked as a grocery store bagger in high school at Wegmans, got paid minimum wage with my buddies. We all started together. I left went to school and my buddy stayed.

    He is now the manager and makes 90k with killer vacation, with no debt and really nice hours.

    Edit: plz don’t ask me what my salary is, and yes, yes it is. And yes, I did choose poorly

    [–] Literal FORESHADOWING from Book 1 RedoThrowaway 38 points ago in TyrionWinsTheThrone

    I think Jamie is gonna kill himself right after he kills Cersei

    [–] Don’t get between Becky and her Chardonnay RedoThrowaway 237 points ago in BlackPeopleTwitter

    Don’t get between Becky and her kids’ college

    [–] Best thing I’ve seen all day RedoThrowaway 48 points ago in aww

    And for all a good night.

    [–] PharmD and the title of "Dr."? RedoThrowaway 2 points ago in medicine

    No you’re right. Wow, I’m a little disappointed in myself. We do the whole teach back etc but for the amount of people they see, I’ve never once explicitly asked.

    We always have a team of people like the students,residents, nurse and respiratory therapist when we round for IM but I guess I’m not sure. Wow. I’ve never explicitly asked so thank you for this.

    Like, it’s been a few weeks but I guess you never know until you ask and I never did

    [–] PharmD and the title of "Dr."? RedoThrowaway -9 points ago * (lasted edited 21 days ago) in medicine

    My patients have never been confused by this. But I guess I’m just a 3rd year

    Edit: I’ve never asked so I cant tell if they’ve been confused.

    [–] PharmD and the title of "Dr."? RedoThrowaway -26 points ago in medicine

    No way, you’re a doctor.

    MDs and DOs don’t have a monopoly on the term doctor in hospital settings, in general. I think PA,NPs, PTs, podiatry, DVM etc have the right to call themselves doctors as their degree dictates. They are the doctors of that field.

    No way are my patients unable to distinguish between what I do and what they do.

    [–] [Serious] To M4s who recently filed their taxes, which free, online service did you use?? RedoThrowaway 1 points ago in medicalschool

    Some folks do work study, paid summer internships, research, grants/fundings/scholarships, and savings

    Try contacting your schools financial aid and if they are unhelpful, lol I went to the undergraduate campus financial aid and they walked me through does my taxes for a 30 min appointment and it was free with my student iD

    [–] Religion in Medicine RedoThrowaway 19 points ago in medicine

    I doesn’t matter how you say it, their mind is made up when you walk in the room. It’s not your fault. But I agree with the other posters, I’ve been in the room with clergy man and one imam, and I stay out of respect.

    But my point was usually 99% of them time it’s small talk and they are curious. They back off if I clearly tell them.

    The encounter you’ve had as well as with your attending (who was inappropriate if his reaction was visible like you said) will happen even if you do everything right. It’s not your fault. The patients most likely saw something in you that made them uncomfortable and religion is what they focused on. Not on you and shame on your attending for treating you that way.

    [–] Religion in Medicine RedoThrowaway 136 points ago in medicine

    Op your beliefs are your own.

    Even thought my religion is blatantly obvious, and I have been cornered several times, I always stand my ground. I never ever give in. Example: i wear a Star of David around my neck on occasion, patient asks me what my religion is, my response is always “this is about you. I don’t feel comrtable speaking out my beliefs to you in this setting. Is that oK” they usually back off.

    For the aggressive questioning like they threatened not to answer questions etc “I am so sorry that I put you in this position. A patient should always feel comfortable with their provider, however I think for best care, a provider needs to be in a position absent of uncomfortabilty / awkwardness and I feel if we discuss this it will detract from the main point of your care. I’d be happy to bring on another person on board but I’m not sure who that would be, if you’d like I can leave your care. I just want the best for you” they usually do not back off and my residents usually understand as does the attending

    [–] AITA? Apparently I abandoned her. RedoThrowaway -29 points ago in AmItheAsshole


    You had trouble saying no and she manipulated that fact. She sucks for that reason but you suck for dodging her and not telling her like an adult. It’s hard and you did good, but just talk to her and let her go.

    [–] If you had unlimited funds to create a business, What business would u start and how would u name it? RedoThrowaway 1 points ago in AskReddit

    Water business. Just use the NASA technology they have to turn pee/any liquid within reason to water so basically make sure everyone in the world doesn’t have a problem with water. Including farmers, animals etc

    I’d like to call it water4all, play on waterfall.

    [–] Karma not reflective of up/downvotes? RedoThrowaway 1 points ago in NewToReddit

    I think if you have 1k upvotes, and times it by the percent upvotes which accounts for downvoted, it’s probably closer to 600karma but it usually Doesn’t work out to an exact number