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    [–] Natalia Dyer Redrum714 3 points ago in gentlemanboners

    I mean there’s not much to speculate from the pictures.

    [–] Natalia Dyer Redrum714 16 points ago in gentlemanboners

    Not sure if she still is, but she had issues in the past.

    [–] Natalia Dyer Redrum714 83 points ago in gentlemanboners

    Anorexic isn’t normal dipshit

    [–] Keep this in mind everyone Redrum714 2 points ago in fo76

    No... they delivered a terrible game with as little effort possible that very few people like. Simple as that.

    [–] Fun vdeo Redrum714 -41 points ago in comedyheaven


    [–] Trump's tweets about Rex Tillerson in Chronological Order Redrum714 15 points ago in bestof

    Please do the nation a favor and leave politics to the adults.

    [–] Texas road trip starter pack Redrum714 5 points ago in starterpacks

    The middle class is not "literaly evacuating" you moron. Sure some people leave to make more money else where due to the cost of living. But California is still the 5th largest economy in the world and houses some of the biggest companies in the world. Meanwhile California's population has been steadily rising.

    Either way it's definitely a good thing for Texas having educated people move there to fix that shithole state (with the exception of a few places like Austin).

    [–] Texas road trip starter pack Redrum714 11 points ago in starterpacks

    Lmao imagine being so fucking retarded you say this unironically

    [–] Trump’s Cybersecurity Advisor Rudy Giuliani Thinks His Twitter Was Hacked Because Someone Took Advantage of His Typo Redrum714 7 points ago in technology

    That's not a "swipe" you fucking moron. It's common sense because Trump is an absolute idiot for making a senile old man his Cybersecurity Advisor. I swear you people literally eat paint chips.

    [–] Give this man a cookie for being a good boy Redrum714 0 points ago in MurderedByWords

    Lmao oh the irony. Do you seriously not realize how fucking dumb you sound?

    [–] Give this man a cookie for being a good boy Redrum714 1 points ago in MurderedByWords

    Keep on digging that hole ya fucking moron lmao. You Trump supporters are a special kind of stupid.

    [–] Either let us cash it out or allow it to roll over. Redrum714 4 points ago in AdviceAnimals

    Damn.. it’s nice working for a company that isn’t a piece of shit