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    [–] This can of paint looks like a cat. Regn 1 points ago in mildlyinteresting

    It looks like an esophagram of a cat!

    [–] [OC] Can you hear the rattle? Regn 1 points ago in PixelArt

    Like a glissando on a Xylophone!

    [–] When you get your pencil stuck in the ceiling right before a test Regn 1 points ago in gaming

    Reminds me a lot of this other comical VR mishap that I saw a while ago.

    The grenade drawer!

    [–] Teknikmagasinets prisklasser Regn 6 points ago in sweden

    Som alla firas arbetandes i kolgruvorna

    [–] This absolute monstrosity of a sailfish belongs here 100% Regn 10 points ago in TheDepthsBelow

    But how do you know it's a regular fish without seeing a banana, huh?

    [–] Tenacious D at the White House today. Regn 1 points ago in pics

    Oofta? Is that a thing you say in Minnesota? It sounds like Ofta, which is a Swedish exclamation for "No way?!"

    [–] All of the above, and all the times in between. Regn 1 points ago in comics

    Congratulations, you now know enough to blend in!

    [–] All of the above, and all the times in between. Regn 2 points ago in comics

    Nope, and now I want your source on that.

    [–] Can you believe this is in a London Park?! Regn 1 points ago in gifs

    Kea might be able to survive up in Hammerfest. I've seen them in very similar environment down in New Zealand.

    [–] What is the most surprising thing you’ve seen on a film/scan? Regn 17 points ago in Radiology

    We found a shit ton of broken off sewing needles all over the body of a teen with severe mental illness during fluoroscopy. They were under his skin, all pretty shallow, but we could barely find any entry wounds for them so they had probably been there a while. I remember my radiologist freaking out, but the patient was calm as a clam when I asked him about the "foreign objects".

    [–] Utställning på mina fågelmålningar i Uppsala. Välkommen på fika. Hälsningar eran fågelmålare. Regn 75 points ago in sweden

    Åh jösses Amalia, hur länge kommer dem hänga uppe? Jag måste försöka hinna förbi efter jobbet någon dag!

    [–] Okulturella svin Regn 1 points ago in sweden

    Jag är din bäste vän ♪♫

    [–] Skatan utanför mitt fönster_ivl Regn 0 points ago in sweden

    Lite väl brutalt kanske? Köp ett airsoftvapen istället, det bara skrämmer bort fågeln utan att döda den. Det räckte för min polare som hade problem med fasaner som satt och gal under hans rönnbärsträd hela tiden.

    [–] Började nästan gråta i kön på hemköp... Regn 32 points ago in sweden

    Det var det finaste jag hört sen jag konfirmerades.

    Vi borde skicka ett fikon till OP!