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    [–] Wanting advice on valuing 1982 and 1984 rule boxes Regret92 1 points ago in Warhammer

    Exactly - I had them laying around unused for the better part of 3 decades, so the least I can do is pass them on to a collector.

    I’ll keep them up for a while and see what interest I get. Only 3 of them have actually sold on eBay in the last 3 months, so it may be a while

    [–] Na’n the unstoppable, slayer of dragons and feeder of the unfed grandkids Regret92 2 points ago in Bossfight


    Ngl, this is usually me whenever I try to post and see it was posted 5 seconds earlier

    [–] I love the little mohawk Regret92 2 points ago in tarantulas

    Is the juvie a Sarina by any chance? I had one once, and she was jet black for about 3 days following each moult. Absolute stunner!

    I also love how the Stents get black “stockings” with their colouration on their femurs. They look fantastic.

    In the same boat - until we sell this house and buy one with more rooms, it will be difficult getting anymore haha

    [–] I love the little mohawk Regret92 3 points ago in tarantulas

    Fingers crossed! S/he is a stunner! I have been looking for another phlogius for a while now, but most sellers in Aus at the moment only have Wallace’s and Kotzmans, and I wouldn’t want to raise from a sling, having done so already 😅

    I hope she is a girl for you. If not, I’m sure someone might lease him out for breeding, and give you a share of the slings. Beautiful colouration.

    [–] I love the little mohawk Regret92 3 points ago in tarantulas

    Beautiful! Is she an sp. phlogius?

    [–] Beautiful Selenothulus Kotzman girl. Full of attitude, to say the least! Regret92 2 points ago in tarantulas

    They are all individual, but if I had to say in general,

    Phlogius/ Selenocosmia are surface AND roof/ sides of enclosure active, and can bolt fairly often if left to. They are calm when you are changing/ cleaning the enclosure, but can be fairly defensive if near them. Every phlogius I have had will come and put their legs near the entrance of their hides once I open the enclosure up for feeding or maintenance.

    All the Selenotypus I have had are very docile in comparison to the others. They are much more likely to put their legs over their eyes if they are in the open while I work on their enclosures. If they have a heads up, they will run into their hides or burrows.

    Selenotholus - I have only had experience with Kotzmans, and they are very surface active as far as Aussie Ts go. The girl from my post is out a fault amount of the day, from late afternoon to mid-morning. She is extremely firey when out of her hide, and very cage-defensive. Interestingly, once out of their enclosures and in a catch-cup, I have noticed that Selenothulus are the most docile out of the 3 I have mentioned, and will not hiss or rear up once caught and taken out of their enclosure. I believe this is because they are defensive of their hides, and, once out of their hides, they are less defensive. Just a theory though.

    [–] The face she makes when she hears the cricket enclosure open Regret92 3 points ago in tarantulas

    Fingers crossed! I hope you get the spooder-cat if your dreams soon!

    I do see his logic - I haven’t had any incidents with mine yet (I usually use the cup method when rehoming / doing extensive cleanout) I can imagine there would always be less “incidents” if you are never in the position of risk (handling) but like you said, if you want a spider to handle, then that is not an option in this case haha

    If you do get a handleable species though, I am sure your confidence would help him get past his fear of spiders. I’ve seen first hand (over years) how this can happen, so I’m sure he will come around eventually

    I’m very jealous of you and your handleable species though. I love watching my spiders, but it would be nicer to be able to handle them as easily as I can handle my scorpions!

    [–] The face she makes when she hears the cricket enclosure open Regret92 3 points ago in tarantulas

    Absolutely! My wife was terrified of spiders before moving here (Australia) but after a few years has grown to appreciate them.

    You will have the added bonus (if not also in Australia) of being able to keep New Word species, which are generally much more amiable to handling. I would love to be able to handle my Ts here, but they have a strike first, ask questions later attitude 😅

    I’m very jealous of people being able to keep a larger variety of Ts, but we do have a nice range here as well.

    Fingers crossed the move goes well and he comes round to the idea! Depending on your country’s laws, most properties wouldn’t usually classify inverts as pets, too

    [–] The face she makes when she hears the cricket enclosure open Regret92 2 points ago in tarantulas

    Thankyou - she sure is :D

    They’re so worth it! And they barely take up any space. Very efficient pets