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    [–] Movies that made you think... RelaxedImpala 1 points ago in MovieSuggestions

    Man from Earth
    Mr. Nobody

    [–] Sarah Sanders Accused Of Sharing Doctored Infowars Video To Justify Acosta Ban RelaxedImpala 11 points ago in politics

    That's insane. Trump supporters can literally condemn AND support something in one sentence.

    [–] My [24 M] best friend [24 M] texted my girlfriend [25 F] to hook up and she accepted. RelaxedImpala 1 points ago in relationship_advice

    Only playing devil's advocate here, but maybe your friend felt like he was getting flirty vibes from her, or something subtle like that. If so, what's he going to do, tell you he thinks your gf wants him because... ???

    If he didn't feel comfortable going to you with something abstract maybe he thought it'd be better to have something to show you. Invite you to chill so he can immediately show you what's up rather than a "two days ago we were texting and..."

    Again, only playing devil's advocate.

    If, and only if, that was the case I'd have room to forgive him. Otherwise, if he just one day thought "better put her to test, see if she's legit" I'd say OP is out of a gf and a friend.

    [–] Restaurant in Venice Italy RelaxedImpala 2 points ago in WeatherGifs

    No, their addition to the durability versus that water was essentially nothing while being unbelievable dangerous. Not better than nothing.

    [–] What generally well liked celebrity or athlete has/had a dark past that many of us may not know about? RelaxedImpala 1 points ago in AskReddit

    signed by Wes Anderson and Guilermo del Toro

    Noooooooo I like their woooooooooorks.

    “Oh man, but I like chocolate ice cream. I don’t want it to rape.”
    Dave Chapelle

    [–] I got killed 3 times in the play of the game :( RelaxedImpala 8 points ago in Blackops4

    Yeah, MW3 was the last "Infinty Ward" game I played. There was one map, can't remember the name, where two people could work together to force spawns in an area that one guy could watch people pop in and kill them before they could even move. Was super popular and easy, you saw it happen every game.

    [–] Movies like Wanted? RelaxedImpala 4 points ago in MovieSuggestions

    Hardcore Henry is probably the best fit here. Basically non stop over the top action.

    "Akon is a cunt"



    [–] What are some cringy movies and why? RelaxedImpala 1 points ago in MovieSuggestions

    Fist Fight with Charlie Day and Ice Cube.

    The entire movie is based around cringe humor. You'll probably love it or hate it. Not a lot of middleground here.

    [–] Was I supposed to know that the laser doesn't actually point to where I want the bullet to go? RelaxedImpala 10 points ago in Blackops4

    The idiots who don't understand how sighting works and are calling other people idiots seem a little more silly to me.

    [–] I want a horror movie that is psychologically terriying. RelaxedImpala 6 points ago in MovieSuggestions

    Honestly the majority of the violence in this movie is actually pretty underplayed compared to most horror movies. It's the brutal method of filming and portrayal of realism that makes it so stomache turning.

    In one of the saw movies a dude gets his ribcage ripped open on a torture device, and that wasn't nearly as disturbing as the punches in Martyrs. IMHO.

    [–] I want a horror movie that is psychologically terriying. RelaxedImpala 5 points ago in MovieSuggestions

    Had to scroll way too far to find this. Hands down, this movie, more than any other, made incredibly uncomfortable. Terrifying and almost exhausting to watch.

    [–] When I was in 8th grade I got a kid heckled off the school bus in tears RelaxedImpala 13 points ago in confession

    I'd like to think that, but I really doubt being publicly humiliated made fitting in any easier for him. We moved not long after, so I've no idea what became of him.

    [–] Kid bullies a grown man and pays for it RelaxedImpala 26 points ago in PublicFreakout

    You're entirely right, and entirely wasting your time. He thinks a massive social media site has a hivemind with one opinion. It will take a lot more than a well reasoned post to get through to him.