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    [–] I don't want things to go back to normal. Reporter_Complex 1 points ago in unpopularopinion

    Im about 40% deaf, especially in loud settings I rely about 50% of my communication skills to lip reading. Luckily I live in australia, and masks aren't required here.

    [–] What’s a form non-sexual affection that you crave or secretly want? Reporter_Complex 6 points ago in AskMen

    I have a 2 year old mastiff, she follows me around nosing at the back of my legs to sit on the couch for a cuddle.

    She sleeps with me, (naughty shit, worked out that I dont wake up during the night, starts in her bed on the floor, and jumps into bed when im asleep lol) and she lays behind me and hangs her head over my neck. I'm a side sleeper, so her nose rests on my cheek

    Shes the only dog I've had that is like this though, my old lab has 3 head scratches and he's done lol

    [–] Is therapy actually worth it when you have so many problems to tackle at once? I don’t even know where to start. Reporter_Complex 3 points ago in FemaleLevelUpStrategy

    I think you'll find that all of your problems now, stem from something that happened before.

    A good therapist will help you find that thing, and work through it with you, to help you overcome the issue that you suppressed for so long.

    You might actually find that all of your problems come from one problem, and once you fix that, everything else will fall into place. Mental health is like cancer, can start in one place/problem and develop into all kinds of other damn things...

    At least, thats what happened with me... it was an impressive moment of self awareness that I won't forget lol like "oh shit, all this crap stemmed from my ex calling me a anorexic ugly bitch all those years ago!"

    Good luck, I hope you find a therapist who is good with you, and you bond well, and you get on the path to loving yourself- you deserve the world, and you can have everything if you work on yourself 💕 (also, the fact that you want to fix yourself/life says mountains about your personality, I dont think you could be ugly at all )

    [–] AITA for being mad at my husband for not giving our daughter the same/similar gift he gave our sons? Reporter_Complex 8 points ago * (lasted edited 2 days ago) in AmItheAsshole


    I would also do something awesome for the daughter as well, dad got the boys something, so mum got the daughter something.

    Not even to stir the pot, just to show that she is appreciated as well - mum could probably come up with something more female centred too, sure a watch is nice, but how about a beautiful locket with a picture of the family (or whatever else) in it, to show that those you love are always near the heart

    Edited to add- OP NTA at all. Dad is on a road that is nothing but rocky and horrible with his daughter - and he should be having a good talking with her about all of this to mend his own bridge.

    I am in no way trying to say that "you get her something so that he's off the hook"....

    [–] AITA for not insisting my children hug grandparents? Reporter_Complex 6 points ago in AmItheAsshole

    My niece is 2, my sister (her mum) always says "okay, we're going now, hugs goodbye?"

    Then its up to her what she wants to do, hug, hug and kiss, knuckles, yell from the door - it doesn't matter.

    My sister is trying to teach her that physical affection when saying goodbye is acceptable, but not a necessity - and for 2 years old, she gets it completely. None of us (me, our parents) get mad about it. Shes a little person, shes not just a cute kid, or a baby - she is a little person, I feel like so many people forget this fact lol.

    [–] Just starting to read Harry Potter as a 30 year old! Reporter_Complex 14 points ago in harrypotter

    I work with a guy who's watching the movies for the first time!!

    I get so excited when he comes to work saying "OMG WHAT ABOUT WHEN THIS HAPPENED?! CRAZY!"

    It honestly makes me so happy!

    [–] Dear male lurkers: FDS is coming for your girlfriends. Reporter_Complex 25 points ago in FemaleDatingStrategy

    Even 5 years ago.... my ass could have used this 5-7 years ago lmao

    (Probably has been around, but I only came last year)

    [–] i am not trans! Reporter_Complex 49 points ago in TrueOffMyChest

    Dude I had someone argue with me on here, that I was bisexual because I can appreciate a woman's beauty.

    No, appreciating beauty and sexual attraction are two different things.

    If someone is good to look at, of course ill appreciate it, Jennifer Aniston for example, shes beautiful, but I wouldnt ever sleep with her lmao

    [–] Is it normal to want to disappear one day and leave no trace of your whereabouts? Reporter_Complex 2 points ago in confessions

    Honestly, I just felt safe enough to go back to home. He ended up in jail for a while for unrelated crap.

    But yes, I missed them alot.

    [–] What do you find attractive in other people that--from your perspective--95% of other women don't? Reporter_Complex 6 points ago in AskWomen

    Im down for a bit of squish as well. I've always been tall and very skinny, so I tend to go for guys who have a bit of what I'm missing - squishy bits 😂 i love it! And its brilliant using them as a pillow on the couch watching movies 👌

    [–] Is it normal to want to disappear one day and leave no trace of your whereabouts? Reporter_Complex 107 points ago in confessions

    I ran from domestic violence.

    Over night, I let my parents, sister and best friend know that I was leaving, and I was gone.

    I had $500 and a full tank. I drove until I needed fuel again, booked a hotel room for the night and went to the servo and asked if they knew of any work going. I went to a suggestion he gave me, and told them why I was there, and what I was getting away from - i picked fruit for 6 months. They put me in a room and fed me and took a little cut from my pay check each week for it.

    Best 6 months of my life, I had no social media, a new phone number, and only 5 people in the world from my old life knew where I was. The peace was amazing!

    Its lonely though, maybe because I was too scared to speak to anyone in case someone recognised me and gave me up. But still, best 6 month ever. I regret nothing.

    Just make sure you do it the right way, let someone you trust know that youre leaving and that you arent in trouble, or dead, as "missing person" will terrorize the people who love you, even those that you dont know well. Theres nothing worse then the unanswered, and not to mention the wasted resources emergency services will use yo try and find you - those resources could be the life or death of another person.

    [–] I Look Around My Home and Feel Accomplished. Anyone Else? Reporter_Complex 2 points ago in FemaleLevelUpStrategy

    What? You're kidding? Where in the world are you? Lol 4ply is a thing in australia 😂 its about 7 times more expensive then the rest tho

    My apologies if this was a joke that went over my head 😂

    [–] AITA for threatening to make my girlfriend's little brother leave? Reporter_Complex 63 points ago in AmItheAsshole

    You can drive a damn car at 16.....

    He's waaaaay old enough to know better. Shame on the family for babying his terrible behaviour for so long.

    NTA, make sure you follow through if you need to.

    [–] Realization About Snape Reporter_Complex 3 points ago in harrypotter

    If I remember correctly, dumbledore created the whomping willow passage for lupin when he turned as a student, they did their business in the streaking shack - certain events in the book point to dumbledore knowing that sirus was innocent.

    If dumbledore was the only current person at the school, (Snape maybe as well, from trying to follow them as children) then maybe dumbledore left it unsupervised for a reason?

    Just a thought train :)

    [–] I Look Around My Home and Feel Accomplished. Anyone Else? Reporter_Complex 16 points ago in FemaleLevelUpStrategy

    This is a weird one - bit I didn't feel successful until I was able to buy good socks and not have to budget the money out.

    You know, buy socks for the 20 or so dollars and not have to find the $20 by skipping on some kind of food item.

    I appreciate my socks. They were my "well shit, ive made it" thing 😂

    [–] At what point did you realize that you weren't conventionally attractive? Reporter_Complex 2 points ago in AskMen

    Mostly the same in australia, if you lock eyes with someone, you'll either get a smile, or an awkward "oh shit, look away quickly so that I dont look like a creep" look lmao

    Hell, in the small towns, people will start a conversation with you about nothing. Almost anyone will ask you "hows going?" when passing

    Either way, happiness is in the streets here :)

    [–] Do people eat American cheese outside of America? Reporter_Complex 9 points ago in NoStupidQuestions

    People spread it like Nutella or something the first time they try it - man, Aussies don't even do that, if they do theyre a rare sort lol.

    More butter (or margarine, cause aussies mostly call them both butter lol) then Vegemite! <- this is the golden rule

    [–] Do people eat American cheese outside of America? Reporter_Complex 1 points ago in NoStupidQuestions

    Its "plastic cheese" at our house in Australia. Almost all my friends call it plastic cheese too lol

    [–] Unless a hoodie can replace my coat...there is literally no reason they should be like $60+ Reporter_Complex 1 points ago in unpopularopinion

    Lol I finished year 12 (17/18 years old, whatever year in school that equates to where you are lol), 10 years ago, and got bullied so bad for wearing those champion parachute type tracksuit pants lol

    Man times have changed (im 28 for reference)