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    [–] Hands made of steel we call it. Reverend_James 1 points ago in Bitcoin

    I had a post removed for this because it was off topic.

    [–] The hero we deserve Reverend_James 1 points ago in pics

    Comrade u/hyfade you are now a member of r/communism. Welcome!

    [–] Does a soft fork require 51% of nodes to update whereas a hard fork all of the nodes to update? Reverend_James 1 points ago in Bitcoin

    A soft fork can be implemented with a few as one node. So long as any transaction output is accepted by other nodes in general whether they are running my modification or not.

    [–] Does a soft fork require 51% of nodes to update whereas a hard fork all of the nodes to update? Reverend_James 3 points ago in Bitcoin

    My understanding is that a soft fork is a modification to the code that results in something that unmodified nodes would still recognize and accept whereas a hard fork produces something that requires other nodes to be modified in order to accept and process. For example: a non-segwit node would still recognize a segwit transaction as being valid. But a Bitcoin node won't recognize a Bcash transaction as valid.

    [–] Are smart locks more secure than traditional locks? I tested Wyze, Kwikset, Yale, and Alfred locks to assess their functionality and security. Reverend_James 38 points ago in homeautomation

    For most homes (and even my home) that would be true. But not for one of my neighbors. His house is one of those cinderblock houses. He built his own exterior doors out of solid 2 inch oak. And I'm not sure what he replaced his windows with, but when a tree in his front yard went down one of the branches should have gone through it but it only took a gouge out of the frame. It sounded like a drum when it hit the window. And that's all inside his 6' tall "privacy" fence with barbed wire on top. It's not so much a house as it is a random fortress in an otherwise ordinary neighborhood.

    [–] Caught my 3yo boy under his car and he said "I need tools" Reverend_James 89 points ago in pics

    forcefully grabs flashlight and redirects it DONT MOVE IT AGAIN!

    [–] 2003 SARS vs 2020 Coronavirus Reverend_James 7 points ago in gifs

    Life. Don't talk to me about life.

    [–] How the Mona Lisa would have looked in 1517 Reverend_James -5 points ago in pics

    That's a completely different painting. Even the eyes are different

    [–] Keep stacking Reverend_James 6 points ago in Bitcoin

    Wait... so you're going to wait until it goes all the way down to 5000 to sell your bitcoin?

    [–] Warren Buffett: Don’t 'buy or sell’ stocks on coronavirus fears Reverend_James 3 points ago in investing

    If the balance of power doesn't change other than him getting elected, I'm sure he could get his bill through the house. Its the Senate that will block him.

    [–] Would You Pay $10K For Mentorship?! Reverend_James 8 points ago in Entrepreneur

    Probably not ponzi, but definitely trying to take advantage and scam you.

    [–] 3 girls and 3 foxes Reverend_James 0 points ago in pics

    Can someone fix this? The colors are off.

    [–] Fjord outside Tromso, Norway Reverend_James 1 points ago in pics

    Slartibartfast truly did an amazing job on those fjords.